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Show Your Appreciation: Best Teacher Gifts for Christmas

It’s that time of year again! When you’re putting together your list of who to buy for, don’t forget to add teacher gifts for Christmas. It’s easy for this particular task to get overlooked in all the excitement, so we’ve got a guide that’ll make choosing the best gift a breeze.


Personalized Gifts

This option is a great way to show your kid’s teachers just how much they’re appreciated. Any of these beautiful personalized ideas are sure to make their day!

Personalized “Welcome to the Classroom” Sign

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Cute, vibrant, and thoughtful, this colorful sign can be personalized by adding the teacher’s name. Not only will your child’s teacher love receiving this gift, but they’ll enjoy displaying it in the classroom when the new school semester starts.

Personalized Tote Bag

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Show your appreciation to your child’s teacher with this practical large canvas tote bag. It’s perfect for carrying school supplies! The bag is made from natural cotton canvas and boasts a built-in zipper pocket and magnetic snap fastening.

Personalized Lesson Plan Notebook

christmas gifts for teacher

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A lesson plan notebook that can be personalized with the teacher’s name is a great way to help them stay organized in October, November, December…and all through the year! As well as adding their name, you can also choose the color of the notebook, and opt for it to be sent in a gift box if you like.

Personalized Engraved Silver Whistle

great teacher gifts for christmas

Credit: etsy

Looking for a gift for your child’s PE teacher? This silver whistle, which can be engraved with the teacher’s name and the words “Best PE Teacher,” could be just the ticket! You can add further personalization by choosing an icon to be engraved, and the color of the string.

Personalized Desk Organizer

Credit: amazon

This solid wood desk organizer is a smart take on a personalized teacher’s gift. The teacher’s name will appear in attractive cursive, with a cute little apple icon beneath it. Durable and sturdy, choose this option in black walnut or bamboo.

Personalized Initial Bracelet

Credit: amazon

As well as being thrilled that their initials appear on this beaded bracelet, your child’s teacher will also love the additional bracelet adorned with an apple charm that comes with it. The set comes in a stylish box atop some meaningful words and the phrase “Thank you for helping me grow.”

Most Popular Gift Cards

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Another great option for a teacher’s Christmas offering is a gift card. Make this as personal as possible. If you know, for example, that your child’s teacher loves coffee, then a Starbucks gift card is the answer. And for the industrial arts (or “shop”) teacher? Check out the gift cards available from your local DIY store outlets.

Other gift cards that are sure to delight are, for example, Amazon, Walmart, Etsy, iTunes, Wayfair, Target, Best Buy, or Home Depot.

Cute Gifts for Teachers to Use at Home

Want to give a gift that your child’s teacher can use at home all through the year? How about one of these lovely options!

Before School Mug and After School Glass

Credit: amazon

As well as being a fab gift, this is sure to give your child’s teacher a giggle. The gift set comprises a mug with the words “Before School” and a glass featuring the text, “After School.” There’s also a cute silver-colored keychain with the phrase: “It takes a big heart to shape little minds.” 

Thank You Teacher Candle

Credit: etsy

Help your kid’s teacher relax and unwind at home after a busy day in the classroom with this cute scented soy candle. You can personalize the candle with the teacher’s name, and choose from a range of gorgeous fragrances, including Christmas, Spiced Orchard, and Tranquility.

Teacher Gift Pack

Credit: amazon

If you really want to give your kid’s teacher the very best start to the holiday season, plump for this deluxe pack of goodies. The set includes a handy insulated tumbler, a pretty ceramic pen holder, a bracelet, a pouch cosmetic bag, and a mug.

What if There Were No Teachers? Book

Credit: walmart

This sweetly illustrated poem is a wonderful gift for teachers of younger kids. The book celebrates teachers, and the profound impact they have on our lives, and is a lovely way to show your true appreciation of all they do.

Cute Faux Leather Journal

Credit: amazon

Teacher gifts don’t come much cuter than this faux leather journal with a cartoon bee on the front along with the words “Best Teacher Ever.” The retro design and color options, high-quality lined paper, and elastic straps make this journal as practical as it is sweet.

Bookmarks with Meaningful Messages

Credit: amazon

This pack of three bookmarks is perfect if you’re shopping for multiple teacher gifts. Each one features an engraved slogan (such as “Thank You for Helping Me Grow and Learn”) and a pretty charm. Made from stainless steel, these bookmarks won’t tarnish, rust, or fade.

Sweet Art Pallet Earrings

Credit: amazon

Add these gorgeous earrings to the list if you’re seeking a gift for your kid’s art teacher. These sweet earrings are eco-friendly and hypoallergenic and are sure to be adored by the recipient, who’ll be left in no doubt what a great teacher you think they are.

Gifts for School Use

Often, a teacher’s favorite gifts are the ones they can make use of, every day, in the classroom. Like these!

Teacher Notepad

Credit: amazon

Practical and fun, this handy notepad is a great way to help even the busiest of teachers to stay organized. Each sheet of the pad, which is made from premium paper, features four customizable sections. This is a gift that will definitely be appreciated.

Personalized Glittery Stapler Set

Credit: amazon

If you’ve got several teachers to buy for, a multi-pack of gifts is likely to be a cost-effective option. This set of six glittery staplers could be the option. Personalization can be added, so there’s no risk of a stapler being swiped!

Handmade “Stationery” Coasters

gifts for teacher for christmas

Credit: etsy

And for something a little bit different? How about buying one of these gorgeous handmade coasters for each of your child’s teachers? The resin coasters are both super unusual and can be personalized with the teacher’s name if required.

Personalized Parker Pen

christmas gifts for a teacher

Credit: etsy

A beautiful, high-quality Parker pen is perfect for use in the classroom, and your child’s teacher will love this thoughtful gift. It can be personalized with the teacher’s name and comes presented in a stylish gift box.

Stainless Steel “Super Teacher” Tumbler

Credit: walmart

Any teacher is sure to appreciate this handy and generously sized stainless steel tumbler emblazoned with the phrase “Super Teacher.” The vacuum-insulated nature of this option will keep the teacher’s coffee warm (or cold drink cool), and the tumbler features a non-slip base and a convenient slide-close lid.

Perpetual Desk Calendar

Credit: amazon

This double-sided desk calendar offers daily encouragement throughout the year, to help a teacher get through even the most stressful of days! The coordinating dark teal box that the calendar is presented in makes this an especially attractive gift.

Ballpoint Pen Set with Pen Holder

cute teacher gifts for christmas

Credit: walmart

Bring a bit of bling to the classroom with this glittery pink and rose gold stationery set! The set comprises eight pens in four distinct designs, and a matching holder to keep them all organized, and add some fabulousness to any teacher’s desk!

Stay Safe with the Findmykids App

The Christmas holidays are a magical time—and an exceptionally busy one. With so much going on, so many visits to pay, and all the events to attend, keeping track of where your kids are is even more tricky. This is where the Findmykids app come in.

The app offers invaluable tools to monitor your child’s movements—via GPS tracking their device, for example—and set up “safe zones.” Additional features include an SOS button, a “listen in” option, and the ability to monitor what your kid gets up to online.


What are the best teacher gifts?

While there’s no “one size fits all” answer to this question, in general, the best teacher gifts are thoughtful options, such as a personalized gift, or one that reflects the teacher’s interests or preferences.

How much should I spend on a teacher’s gift?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question and will depend on the giver’s budget. There should be no pressure to spend more than you can afford—meaningful teacher gifts can be purchased for as little as a few dollars.

Is it okay to give a gift card as a teacher’s gift?

Absolutely! Gift cards are great options as a token of appreciation for your child’s teacher at Christmas.

What are the best ways to save money when buying teachers’ gifts?

Buying multi-pack gifts can be a great way to save. For example, buying a three-pack of bookmarks may work out significantly cheaper than buying three individual options.

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