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The Best Gift Ideas for Father’s Day 2024

Father’s day is a wonderful occasion to say thank you to your dad for all his hard work and support over the years. And the best way to make your dad’s day special is to get him a great gift. Not sure which father’s day gifts to choose? This list will cover the best father’s day gifts for every kind of dad.


When Is Father’s Day 2024?

when is fathers day


Father’s Day in 2024 falls on Sunday, 16 June.

Best Gifts from Amazon

Mens Slippers with Arch Support $39.99

father's day gifts

Mens Slippers/

Every dad needs a good pair of slippers, and these slippers are an ideal choice to present to your father. Available in a wide range of colors, they’re super comfortable, with a soft velvet lining, anti-skid sole, and serious arch support to help your dad get around, even as he gets older.

Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker $26.99

best father's day gifts

Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker/

Is your dad a big breakfast lover? If so, he’ll absolutely adore this amazing device. It can create an entire breakfast sandwich, all by itself. It’s capable of frying eggs, heating muffins, frying bacon, and so much more. Dads will have tons of fun making their own custom sandwiches with this handy device.

Stainless Steel Dad Bod Tumbler $26.95


Macorner Gifts For Dad/

If you’re looking for a funny Amazon gift to get your dad this Father’s Day, how about this hilarious steel tumbler? It’s decorated with a hilarious message on one side and a picture of a beer-guzzling bear on the other, making it a fine choice for your very own Papa Bear.

KODAK Step Wireless Mobile Photo Mini Printer $69.99


KODAK Step Wireless Mobile Photo Mini Printer/

Is your dad a fan of photography? If so, he’ll love this mini printer. It’s perfectly portable, ready to be brought along on all of your dad’s outdoor adventures and camping trips, and it can instantly print off high quality color photos straight from his mobile device.

Massage Gun Deep Tissue Percussion Muscle Massager $29.99


Massage Gun/

The Massage Gun Deep Tissue Percussion Muscle Massager is a super gadget for dads who like to be as comfortable and cozy as possible. This gun-shaped massager is easy to use and comes with a bunch of attachments, ideal for soothing any aches or pains your dad might have around his neck, shoulders, back, and other areas.

LED Flashlight Gloves $16.99


LED Flashlight Glove/

Your dad will feel like Iron Man when he puts on these amazing LED flashlight gloves. These fingerless gloves actually have LED lights built in over the index fingers, letting your dad light up anything that he points at. They’re super useful for outdoor adventurers, DIY experts, fishermen, and dads in many other situations, too.

Unique Gifts

Mini Arcade Machines From $15


Arcade Classics – Ms Pac-Man Mini/

If your dad is a gamer who always talks about the arcade classics of the past like Pac-Man and Galaga, you’ll surely brighten up his day with one of these fun little arcade machines. They’re stylized to look just like the real thing, but small enough to fit in your pocket.

Grooming Solutions Beard Oil $30


Grooming Solutions Nourishing Beard Grooming Oil/

This is a great gift for a dad who takes pride in his facial hair. It’s a special kind of grooming oil that your dad can massage into his beard to make it feel softer and smoother, as well as nourishing the skin beneath. So it not only helps your dad’s beard, but also his face.

Luxury Watch Subscription Card From $50


Gift a World of Watches/

Does your dad love to collect beautiful old watches, or maybe he’s always had an interest in quality timepieces? If so, you could get him a gift card to sign up for his very own luxury watch subscription, with top quality timepieces delivered directly to his door on a regular basis.

Pet Friendly Plant Subscription $55/month


Pet Friendly Plant Subscription/

Here’s a really unusual gift that your dad may not be expecting, but is sure to put a smile on his face. It’s a subscription to a plant service, with pet-friendly potted plants delivered to your dad’s home or office space on a regular basis. You can pick from different sizes and gift the subscription to your dad with ease.

Carver Luxe Digital Photo Frame $179


Carver Luxe/

If your dad is a sentimental sort of person, but also a guy who loves gadgets and technology, this wonderful digital photo frame is sure to blow him away. It features a full HD 10.1″ screen that can be customized to display individual or pairs of photos side-by-side in a rolling slideshow, giving your dad something new and different to look at every time.

Levi’s Trucker Jacket $98



Available in a range of colors and all sizes from XS to 3XL, this trucker jacket is one of the top products from one of America’s most beloved brands: Levi’s. It’s super stylish and sure to add some class and elegance to your dad’s wardrobe. This is a top quality gift to share with dads who love to look good.

Japanese Wagyu Steak From $69



If you’re looking for something truly unique to give to your dad this Father’s Day, how about a steak he’ll never forget? Japanese Wagyu steaks are some of the most legendary, famed for their incredible texture and flavor. They’re a guaranteed hit with dads who love to grill or serious meat-eaters.

Northern Brewer Beer Making Kits From $69

Anze Furlan/

Is your dad a beer guy? Well, imagine how much fun he could have making his very own beer! With a beer brewing kit, this dream can become reality. These kits come with all your dad needs to get started making his own homebrew, and it’s a great way to inspire him to start a whole new hobby or to give him a fun thing to do in his free time.

Cheap Gifts

Carhartt Deluxe Dual Compartment Cooler Bag $25



Available in a range of colors, this 10″ x 9″ x 7″ cooler bag is a cheap but useful choice for a Father’s Day gift. It’s a great option for dads who take packed lunches to work, as it will keep all of your dad’s food and drink items cool and fresh. Plus, there’s a surprising amount of space on the inside.

Philips Norelco OneBlade $37.99


Philips Norelco OneBlade/

Here’s another affordable gift that your dad can use for grooming. It’s a hybrid trimmer and shaver, useful for trimming or shaving any of your dad’s facial hair, and it comes with an array of attachments for different kinds of trimming and different levels of hair length.

Huron Hair Duo $26


Hair Duo/

If your dad still has a good head of hair, this shampoo and conditioner will help him keep it that way. The Hair Duo set from Huron offers exceptional quality to nourish and revitalize your dad’s locks, leaving his head smelling fresh and pleasant with a mixture of citrus and menthol scents.

American Crew Forming Cream $18.50


Forming Cream/

Here’s another good gift for dads who look after their locks. This forming cream can be rubbed into your dad’s hair to help him style it and fix it in position. It also has the added benefits of conditioning and moisturizing the hair with every use, so it’s great for hair health, as well as aesthetics.

RAK Magnetic Wristband $19.99


RAK Magnetic Wristband/

Here’s a super gift for dads who love DIY! This magnetic wristband can be placed around your dad’s wrist while he works. He can stick nuts, bolts, screws, and other little bits of metal onto the wristband and use them as needed, saving time and making every job a whole lot easier.

What I Love About Dad Book From $10.69


Knock Knock What I Love about Dad/

Here’s a simple and affordable gift you can give your dad that is filled with love and meaning. It’s a book that arrives blank for you to fill in with all the things you love the most about your dad. It comes with various prints like “We have the best time when we ___ together” and you have to fill in the blanks. Very thoughtful present from daughter or son.

Meaningful Father’s Day Gifts

Dad I Want to Hear Your Story $6.99

Dad I Want to Hear Your Story/

Dad I Want to Hear Your Story is a lovely little journal that you and your dad can share together. It’s a book that your dad can fill in. There’re prompts and questions for him to respond to. As he fills it in, the story of his life will fill the pages, and he can then share it with you once it’s done so that you can learn more about him. It’s a great gift for bringing fathers closer to their children.

Log Design Hanging Plaque $14.99


Log Design Hanging Plaque Enesco-Log/

If you’re looking for a gift that is both beautiful and filled with meaning for your dad this Father’s Day, look no further. This amazing plaque has a lovely, heartwarming description engraved across it and can be hung in various places, like your dad’s office, workshop, or bedroom to remind him of how important he is to you, each and every day.

Engraved Leather Men’s Wallet $25.99


Engraved Leather Men’s Wallet/

Next up, we have this lovely wallet, which is a great gift to give to your father on Father’s Day. You can have it printed with a lovely message instead that tells your dad how much you love him, so every single time he reaches inside, he’s reminded of you and the special bond that the pair of you will always share.

Stepped Up Dad Rustic Wood Sign $28


Moblade Stepped Up Dad Rustic Wood Sign/

Here’s another lovely and meaningful Father’s Day gift that is especially for step-dads. It’s a rustic wood sign with a “Stepped Up Dad” message to tell your step-dad how great he is and how much he is valued. The message talks about step-dads who step up to provide for their families, thanking them for the gifts they’ve given to the children who have entered their lives.

Watercolor Family Portrait From $17.91


Watercolor Family Portrait/

Photos are great for preserving memories and looking back on precious moments, but imagine having your very own watercolor picture of a special memory between a father and his child or children? Well, that’s exactly what you get with this gift! All you have to do is send in a photo and the designer will turn it into a fabulous custom watercolor just for you.

First Father’s Day Picture Frame $30


First Father’s Day Picture Frame/

Here’s a great gift to give a daddy on his very first Father’s Day. It’s a “First Father’s Day Picture Frame” with a message on one side to honor the occasion and a blank space on the left where you can insert a lovely photo of the father and his child. The message can also be customized according to the name of your baby to make it extra special.

Gifts for the Grandpa

Baseball Stadium Blueprints $185


Baseball Stadium Blueprints/

Is your grandpa a big baseball fan? If so, he’ll absolutely adore these gorgeous stadium blueprints! You can pick from a range of famous stadiums, like National Park and Dodgers Stadium, and get a wonderful, detailed and framed blueprint of each one for your grandpa to hang on his wall and admire.

Rove R2-4K Dash Cam $119.99

Rove R2-4K Dash Cam/

Give your grandpa an awesome gadget in the form of this dash cam from Rove. With built-in Wi-Fi and GPS technology, 2160P recording, a 2.4″ LCD screen and a 150 degree wide angle lens, it’s got all the features it needs for smooth, crisp capture, great for older drivers who want to stay safe on the roads and record their journeys.

Uncommon People: The Rise and Fall of the Rock Stars $13.50


Uncommon People: The Rise and Fall of The Rock Stars/

Is your grandpa a big rock and roll fan? Did he grow up with the likes of Elvis, Chuck Berry, and David Bowie? If so, he’ll find a lot to love in this fascinating book: The Rise and Fall of The Rock Stars. The book talks all about famous rock legends through history and the effect they had on pop culture throughout the years.

Counterman Oil-Free Face Lotion $32


Counterman Oil-Free Face Lotion/

Does your grandpa like to look after his skin? If so, this oil-free face lotion from Counterman is a great choice. It’s designed to fight the signs of aging, providing much-needed moisture and nourishment to your grandpa’s skin, without any excess oil or greasiness.

Grilling Apron $39.95


Grilling Adult & Kid’s Aprons/

Here’s a great gift for grandpas who are still masters of the grill! This classic cooking apron can give your grandpa the protection he needs when cooking up a storm in the backyard. It’s got handy pockets on the front for all of his grilling tools and accessories, and you can pick from three different colors – charcoal, brown, or navy.

Whiskey Lovers Set $99.95


Whiskey Lovers Set/

Here’s a super gift for grandpas who appreciate the finer things in life, like a good quality bottle of aged whiskey. It’s a set filled with items that will allow your grandpa to get even more pleasure out of every sip, containing a colossal cube, a whiskey cube, and a set of four old-fashioned glasses, all at a great price and handcrafted in Turkey by some of the world’s leading experts.

Gifts for the Father-in-Law

The Churchill Seersucker Shirt/

  1. VIKTOR JURGEN Shiatsu Deep Kneading Shoulder Back and Foot Massager.
  2. If Papa Can’t Fix It We’re All Screwed Funny T-Shirt.
  3. Burt’s Bees Gift Set with 6 Classic Products, including Cuticle Cream and Lip Balm.
  4. BesTrix Phone Mount for Car Dashboard, Windshield and Air Vent.
  5. The Churchill Seersucker Shirt.

Gifts for the Dad Who Has Everything


Ooni Koda Outdoor Pizza Oven/

  1. LARQ Bottle PureVis.
  2. Ooni Koda Outdoor Pizza Oven.
  3. MasterClass Gift Card.
  4. SKLZ Accelerator Pro Indoor Putting Green.
  5. Rabbit Freezable Whiskey Glasses.

Custom Gifts


Moody Cat Mug – I’ll Be Here, Watching You Work/

  1. Custom printed mouse mats for your dad’s office.
  2. Custom mugs for dads who love drinking coffee and tea.
  3. Custom prints for your dad to hang on the wall or display on his desk.
  4. A customized wallet for storing your dad’s cards and cash.
  5. A custom cutting board for dads who love spending time in the kitchen.

Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas


Marshmallow Roasting Sticks/

  1. Signature Hammock from Yellow Leaf.
  2. Bath & Beach Towels from L. L. Bean.
  3. Rollga Foam Roller for Back Pain.
  4. Zulay 32″ Marshmallow Roasting Sticks.
  5. COSORI Food Dehydrator with a Recipe Book.

Pick the Perfect Gift for Your Dad

Picking Father’s Day presents isn’t always easy, especially if your dad is a tough person to buy for and doesn’t give you many hints or ideas about what he wants. Hopefully, this guide has given you some ideas and inspiration to find the right gift and make the next Father’s Day one to remember! Be sure to share it around so that your friends and family members can get some useful ideas, as well.

Picture on the front page: 4 PM production/

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