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Rev Up the Fun: Top Car Games for Kids to Keep Them Entertained on the Road!

Traveling with kids can turn any car ride into an adventure… but not always the kind of adventure you’d like! However, with the right games to play in the car, you can make the miles fly by.

Whether you’re driving across town or across the country, these car games for kids are the perfect way to keep little ones entertained!


Car Games for Kids

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Looking for inspiration on what might keep your kids entertained during your next long-haul road trip? Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to turn to podcasts or iPads to ward off the endless, “are we there yet?” lines of questioning. You just need to get creative!

Here are some fun (and free!) car games for kids.

I Spy

Starting with the classics, “I Spy” is a game that never gets old. One person picks something they see and says, “I spy with my little eye, something that is…” and then describes the color or gives a clue. Everyone else takes turns guessing what it might be. It’s simple, fun, and can be played by kids of all ages.

State License Plate Hunt

This is a great game for longer trips. Keep an eye out for license plates from different states. Whoever spots the most wins! It’s not just fun; it’s educational, as kids learn about different states and geography.

I’m Going on a Picnic

This memory game starts with one person saying, “I’m going on a picnic and I’m bringing…” followed by something that starts with the letter A. The next person repeats the phrase, including the A item and adds something that starts with B. This continues through the alphabet. It’s a great game for concentration and memory skills.

Alphabet Hunt

Search for each letter of the alphabet, in order, on signs, license plates, or anywhere outside the car. The first one to reach ‘Z’ wins. It encourages quick thinking and sharp eyesight.

Spot the Car Model

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This game is perfect for the budding car enthusiast! Name a car model, and the first person to spot it gets a point. The one with the most points at the end of the drive wins. This can also be a great way to introduce kids to different car brands and models.

Would You Rather?

Ask questions like “Would you rather have the ability to fly or be invisible?” Each person takes turns answering and explaining their choice. It’s a fantastic way to get to know each other’s preferences and imagination.

Twenty Questions

One player thinks of an object, and the other players have up to twenty questions to guess what it is. The answer can only be “yes” or “no.” This game is excellent for deductive reasoning.

Word Follow Up

Start with one word, and each person has to say a word that is associated with the previous word. For example, if someone says “car,” the next person might say “road,” and so on. It’s a simple game that can lead to some creative and funny associations.

Scavenger Hunt

Prepare a list of common things you might see on a road trip (cows, a red car, a billboard). Kids get points for each item they spot first. This keeps everyone on the lookout and engaged with their surroundings.

The Off-Limits Game

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Choose a common word that everyone must avoid saying. If someone uses the word, they get a point against them. The person with the fewest points wins. This game is hilarious and challenges everyone to think before they speak.

Once Upon a Time

One person starts a story with “Once upon a time,” and each person adds a sentence to the story. It’s a creative and collaborative way to tell a tale and see where your imaginations can take you.


Think of questions related to a topic everyone enjoys or use a trivia app to find questions. This can be educational and entertain everyone for hours.

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Name The Song

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Whistle or hum a song and have others guess the song. It’s a fun way to share your favorite music and discover new songs. You can also take turns being the leader and choosing songs to hum or whistle.

License Plate Acronyms

Make up acronyms using the letters on a license plate. For example, if a license plate reads “ABC 123,” players can come up with phrases like “Always Be Cool” or “Awesome Boys Club.” This game is great for older kids!


Pick a category, like animals or fruits, and take turns naming an item in that category. If you repeat an item or can’t think of one, you’re out. The last person standing wins.

Animal Name Game

Say an animal name. The next person has to think of an animal whose name starts with the last letter of the previous animal named. It’s educational and helps with vocabulary.


One person whispers a message to the person next to them, and the message is whispered down the line. The last person says the message out loud. It’s often different from the original, leading to lots of laughs.

Tic Tac Toe

Bring a notebook or use a tablet for a quick game of tic-tac-toe. It’s a classic game that’s perfect for two players and can be played quickly between stops.

Racing to a Restaurant

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Spot a restaurant sign and guess the distance until you reach it. The closest guess wins. It’s a fun way to anticipate meal breaks.

Counting Deer (or Cows)

Count how many animals you see on your side of the car. Whoever counts the most by the end of the trip wins. It’s a relaxing way to enjoy the scenery.

Cloud Watching

On long road trips, when you’re searching for a change of pace, Cloud Watching offers a serene and engaging activity. Encourage kids to look out the window and describe the shapes and forms they see in the clouds.

Players can share their imaginative interpretations or even create stories based on the cloud shapes. This relaxing game fosters creativity and gives everyone a chance to unwind while appreciating the beauty of nature.

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Fun Games to Play in the Car with Friends

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These games are sure to entertain all of your good friends—no matter their age!


Create bingo cards with items you might see on your road trip (like a motorcycle, billboard, or yellow cars). First one to get a bingo wins a prize!

License Plate Poker

License Plate Poker is a creative twist on traditional poker but uses license plates instead of cards. Each player examines the license plates of passing vehicles, using the letters and numbers to form the best possible poker hand.

For example, a license plate with the sequence “A23B456” could contribute to a straight or a pair, depending on how you interpret the letters and numbers. This game is great for older kids and adults, providing a fun challenge that tests both luck and creativity. It’s a fantastic way to keep the whole family engaged during long drives.

The Counting Game

Count aloud collectively, but you’re out if you say a number with ‘7’ in it or a multiple of 7. It’s harder than it sounds! Even the driver can enjoy this one.

Rhyme Time

Rhyme Time is another simple yet entertaining game perfect for all ages. One player starts by saying a word, and the next player must come up with a word that rhymes with it. The game continues with each participant providing a rhyming word until someone is stumped.

Words should be simple to start, but as the game progresses, players can use more complex and challenging rhymes. This game not only passes the time but also helps children’s vocabulary and language skills.

Secret Place Race

One person thinks of a place, and everyone asks yes or no questions to guess where it is. It’s a geography lesson disguised as a game.

Theme Song Game

One person hums the theme song of a popular TV show or movie, and everyone else tries to guess what it is. It’s a great way to mix nostalgia and fun.

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Games to Play in the Car with Family

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Want games that the whole family can enjoy together? Here are our top picks.

While You Were Sleeping

Make up a story about something that happened while someone was sleeping. It’s a creative way to pass the time and get a few laughs.

Change a Letter

Pick a movie, TV show, or book title, change one letter of it, and everyone else tries to guess the original title. It’s a clever twist on trivia.

Did You Hear That…

Base this game on current events or family news. Someone makes a statement like, “Did you hear that…”, and everyone else has to decide if it’s true or false.


Start a story with a fortunate event, and then the next person adds an unfortunate event. Alternate between fortunate and unfortunate events to see how the story unfolds.

Regional Food Master

Talk about different foods from places you’re driving through or visiting—then, up the ante by trying to find those foods when you stop at restaurants or gas stations. It’s a tasty way to learn about regional cuisine.

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Keeping the Peace on Long Car Rides

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Car games not only keep the boredom at bay but also create lasting memories. They can transform a mundane drive into an engaging, entertaining, and educational experience for kids and adults alike.

Next time you’re on the road, try these games to keep spirits high and make the miles fly by.

Remember, the best part about road trips isn’t just arriving at your destination, but enjoying the journey along the way. With a little creativity and these fun car games, you can make sure everyone has a blast—even without phone service.

Safe travels!


driving game


What’s a game you can play in the car?

Try classics like “I Spy,” “20 Questions,” or “I’m Going on a Picnic” for timeless entertainment.

What is the 20 questions car game?

One person thinks of something, and the others have up to 20 questions to guess what it is. Only yes or no answers allowed!

What to do when bored in a car?

Playing games like “Alphabet Hunt” or “State License Plate Hunt” can turn boredom into fun, even without phone access.

What do you play in a long car ride?

Long car rides are perfect for games like “Once Upon a Time” or “The Off-Limits Game” to keep everyone engaged and laughing.

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