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What to give your child on September 1st?

Many children wait for the Day of Knowledge with excitement and anxiety. This is especially true for first-graders: for them, 1 September is not just a holiday, but the day they enter a new life. To cheer up and support the child, parents wondering – what to give on September 1st? When choosing a surprise, it is better to take into account the interests and age of the child. After all, what will appeal to a first-grader, may not be suitable, for example, a sixth-grader.

Here are a few ideas of gifts for the first of September, which will delight the child.


First-grader’s gift

A gift for a kid who is going to school for the first time should be carefully selected. The child crosses the threshold of a new life, where he or she will learn to take responsibility and commitment. A Day of Knowledge for a first-grader is like a Birthday – a child acquires a new status in society. And at this exciting moment, kid needs the support or the parents.

How to choose a first-grader’s gift:


  1. Special approach – consider the preferences and interests of your child.
  2. Individuality – do not give your child a thing that can be used by another person. Let the gift belongs exclusively to the «hero of the occasion».
  3. The right accent – emphasize with your surprise the new status of the child. He or she is not just a kid anymore, but a real schooler.
  4. Low cost – the future first-grader will definitely want to show your gift to friends and classmates. Therefore, do not spend too much money in order not to control the use of the donated thing.

Gift ideas on the first of September:

  1. Modern gadgets – a mobile phone, a small netbook or tablet, a player with headphones or a console for your computer.
  2. School theme – a globe with lighting, an original table lamp, a new comfortable chair.
  3. Memorable gifts – a good pen, cufflinks for school uniforms, watch with engraving.
  4. Toys – an educational games, kits for home experiments, a constructor or a puzzle. You can always choose a soft toy, but then you should give special emphasis to the present – to say that it is a talisman for good grades and successful studies.
  5. Clothes, not usual, but special – bright t-shirt or bomber, stylish sneakers, elegant dress for girls, fashionable jeans for boys.
  6. Separately highlighted the gifts made with your own hands – hat, scarf or gloves; photo frame or exclusive photo album.

The best gift for a first-grader



A watch with GPS function is not just a good gift, but also an indispensable thing for any parent. With them, you can be calm for your child, while giving him freedom.

A smart watch with GPS tracker will be the best gift due to many advantages:

  • emergency call function – sending SOS signal from a watch is easier and more convenient than sending it from a smartphone;
  • reliable fastening will not allow the child to break, lose or leave the device somewhere;
  • the convenience of the location (on the hand in front of the eyes) will not allow kid to miss a call or message from the parent;
  • the restriction on the choice of applications will not allow the child to be constantly distracted in the classroom. Instead of entertaining content, smartwatches have built-in educational programs, mathematical and logical games.

With the help of a smart gadget, parents can exercise full control over the child:

  • monitor location and movement;
  • listen to the kid’s surroundings;
  • establish «safe zones» for the child;
  • send text and voice messages, make calls.

How to choose a GPS watch for your child?

children watch phone


The variety of the model range allows you to choose a device for every taste and budget:

  • water-resistant watch, which is not afraid of rain, snow and other «disasters»;
  • low-cost models no more than 150-200$;
  • watches equipped with additional functions (camera, pedometer, flashlight).

The most popular models of smart watches include: Smart Baby Watch Q50, LEXAND Kids Radar, Hiper BabyGuard and others. A detailed review of each model can be found in our blog.

Delighted parents reviews will help you decide on the right gift for September 1st.

Always know where kid is and what he’s doing – so great! The main purpose of the acquisition of smart watches for my 5-year-old son – wiretapping of what is happening in the kindergarten. Watch deal with it with a bang! We use them for 4 months and now I am calm for my child, wherever he is.

  • Kate, 36 years old.

After the purchase of these watches I stopped worrying about my daughter – I always know where she is, what is happening around, and if necessary, I can contact her at the time. For little money, parents now have the opportunity not just to control, but to protect their child. Magic watch!

  • Ashley, 38 years old.

Decide on a gift – half the battle. It is equally important to correctly present it to a newly-made schooler. Don’t do it in a hurry. It is better to lay the table, gather the whole family and solemnly congratulate the baby with a significant event.

Gifts for the first of September for any age

how to talk to kids about sex


School-themed gifts are the most popular. However, it is worth remembering that the pencil case, stationery and notebooks will not cause a stormy positive reaction. If you donate the items needed for the school, then choose the original stuff. For example:

  • illuminated zoogeographic globe;
  • overlay on the desk with your favorite cartoon characters;
  • bright spinning stationery organizer;
  • stand for textbooks and books;
  • large encyclopedic dictionary about animals or history and geography with colorful images;
  • magnetic board complete with markers and sponge;
  • smart diary with tasks and tests for every day;
  • set for a young tester in the field of chemistry or physics, so that the child conducts experiments at home.

If the child has a certain hobby, you can give a useful gift for this: an album for drawing or embroidery, tools for modeling or beading.

Board games will be useful – they will not only entertain kid, but also develop his logical thinking, reaction and agility: chess, backgammon, bingo, strategy games.

Gift to the girl on September 1st


Little girls are naturally softer and more sentimental than boys. Despite the fact that they will also be pleased to receive a board game or an interactive map as a gift, it is better to pay attention to more «girlish» presents:

  • doll, set of clothes for it or doll house with interior decoration;
  • soft toy – big bear, cat, etc. Perhaps, this surprise is the most versatile – it will please the girl in any age category;
  • inexpensive jewelry of good quality – earrings, pendant with zodiac sign or name;
  • original box for storing valuables.

Gift to a boy on September 1st

Reflecting on a gift for a boy, a parent can choose from school-related things or dwell on more abstract, but no less interesting options:

  • constructor, LEGO or puzzles;
  • a set of illusionist that will entertain, surprise and develop intelligence;
  • binoculars and microscope – things unknown to the child will cause a doubly vivid reaction;
  • sports equipment – gifts in the form of balls, bicycles or pears are suitable for active and restless boys.

Universal gifts


Some things are just as good for boys as they are for girls. Especially popular are the following options:

Children’s watch with GPS tracker

A modern device will please schooler with an attractive appearance and a huge number of various functions. For parents this present will also be useful – it can be used to track where the child is and what he is doing.

Alarm clock

The rise in the morning – one of the most difficult processes in the life of a schooler. Correctly selected alarm clock can simplify the morning awakening. Fashionable models with pleasant melody or a projection of the stars sky will please the child on the first of September.

USB flash drive


Such a gift is useful even for a first-grader – in the modern technological world you cant live without a USB-drive. The kid can use it at his discretion: to store photos, music or books; to share files with friends; to throw off the necessary information for study.


The original lunch box will come in handy if you want to give your child food to school. He or she will feel the care of his mother, and the bright design or intricate shape of the food container will make the lunch break even more pleasant.

What to give on September 1st – useful video

The Day of Knowledge is an important holiday in the life of any schooler. You can support your child not only with parting words and solemn speeches, but also with a small present. Choosing a gift in accordance with the preferences of the child, age and sex, the parent can be sure that the child will remember the exciting day and start a new school year with a smile.



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