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Beyond the Ordinary: Unique and Useful Gifts for 6-Year-Old Girls

If there is a special little girl you need to buy a gift for, the sheer choice available can make this a tricky prospect. Don’t worry, though, we’ve done the legwork for you!

Below you’ll find the very best gifts for 6-year-old girls that’ll please even the hardest-to-buy-for princesses—including the toys for 6-year-old girls that are set to be the biggest sellers of the year.


The Best Gifts for 6-Year-Olds in 2024

Best Outdoor Toy Best Useful Gift Best Educational Gift
Orbit Light-Up Skipping Ball


Pingo Track Smartwatch with GPS


Crystal Growing Coral Reef


Indoor and outdoor use Enables phone and video messaging Easy to use
Sturdy cord with ankle loop Lots of parental controls and safety features Teaches kids about different types of coral
Ball lights up when it bounces Incorporates an HD camera Makes beautiful decorations once fully grown

How to Choose if You Don’t Know What Gift to Pick

what do 6 year old girls like

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At this age, six-year-old girls are increasingly curious about the world around them, and if there’s a specific thing or subject that interests them, they’re likely to want to become mini experts on the matter! Choose a gift that reflects these interests, hobbies, or passions, such as a craft set for a budding artist or a science kit for a kid who loves to experiment. Books, toys that encourage creative, imaginative play, and active toys—designed to get your child moving—are also all likely to be a hit for this age group.

Picking a gift for a six–year–old can be a challenge. At this age, kids’ likes and interests change so quickly that it may be hard to keep up. If you’re stuck, opt for a perennially popular toy, such as a Lego set, craft kit, a box set of books, or an age-appropriate smartwatch—you’ll find examples of each of these below.

Games are likely to be appreciated, too, as well as doll play sets and dance mats: again, we’ve picked a selection of these for you below, to make choosing even easier.

Toys for 6-Year-Old Girls

Sunlin Dance Mat — $49.99


Your six-year-old will love this dance mat, which challenges kids to keep up with the beat of the music by following the flashing LED lights. There are three different levels to be worked through, making the toy perfect for even complete dance mat beginners. A word of warning though: you may find even the older kids in the family want to join in the fun, too!

Made from heavy-duty vinyl fabric and easy to wipe clean, this gift is sure to become an instant favorite.

Marstone Robot Cat — $36.99


The Marstone Robot Cat is an Amazon’s Choice toy, and it’s no surprise why. Able to move forward, sit down, sing, do a handstand, and dance, this adorable kitty can interact with your little one and respond to sixty commands. When they clap their hands, their robot cat will respond with light and sound.

Chargeable via USB lead for convenience, kids will be able to play with their new toy for about an hour once it’s been fully charged.

Crayola Light-Up Tracing Pad — $26.99


When it comes to gifts for 6-year-old girls, crafting or art sets tend to make for great presents. The light-up nature of this tracing pad from Crayola means your six-year-old can enjoy getting creative while camping or in a play fort when the lighting is dim.

The set comes with more than one hundred traceable images, a tracing pad, blank sheets, and a selection of coloring pencils. Plus, it’s slim enough to fit easily into a backpack to take it on vacation, or a long car journey.

Orbit Light-Up Skipping Ball — $14.99


Choose the Orbit Light-Up Skipping Ball to get your kid happily active and burning off energy on even the rainiest of days. The sturdy sixteen-inch cord attaches the textured ball to the ankle loop—the ball lights up when it bounces, creating a spectacular skipping show when the lights go down.

This exciting twist on the classic 1990s kids’ activity is just the thing to encourage your child to get away from the screen and get moving.

KidzBop Karaoke Microphone — $29.99


Another Amazon’s Choice toy, the KizBop Microphone can be connected to any phone or tablet via Bluetooth for instant karaoke fun. As well as high-quality sound it features four voice effects, and the rechargeable battery provides a huge six hours of party time! The microphone’s portability means that the fun isn’t restricted to the home, either: your six-year-old can take it on vacation, camping, or sleepovers—there’s no end to the musical mayhem!

Doctor Jupiter Girls First Science Kit — $32.99

gifts for 6 year old girls


If you have a little girl in the household who’s interested in science, then this kit, containing more than fifty fascinating experiments, is a perfect present. It’s designed to nurture critical thinking and problem-solving skills while allowing your child to have lots of fun conducting water experiments, volcano experiments, slime experiments, and many more.

All of the experiments are kid-safe and age-appropriate, and the attractive illustrated manual makes getting started a breeze.

Princess Castle Play Tent — $29.99 

gift for 6 year girl


Give her the gift of imaginative play with this beautiful, roomy play tent that comes with starlights to add to the enchantment. Once erected, the tent is stable and well-ventilated, meaning it won’t become stuffy. Best of all, it’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, so the weather needn’t get in the way of the fun. Your child will love playing, reading, or simply relaxing in her gorgeous new princess castle play tent.

What to Get a 6-Year-Old Girl for Her Birthday

Mingkids Rotation Star Night Light Projector — $19.18

6 year old girl gifts


A truly magical gift that will create a spectacular starscape in your six-year-old’s room, this rotating projector incorporates a timer, which can be set to automatically switch off after a certain period. It has sixteen color combinations which can be changed via touch, or the remote control can be used, to create the perfect ambiance for your child to drift off to sleep at night, or simply relax and daydream during the day.

Hatchimals Pixies, Crystal Fliers — $37.82

gift ideas for 6 year old girl


If a birthday girl loves Hatchials, this toy is a must-have for her collection! Your child can either launch their pixie from the base or lift her into the air with their hands and then use their hands to guide the toy as she glides. And when she’s not flying, the pixie can relax in her glittery egg.

Safety’s not a problem: even if your kid accidentally touches their Hatchimal’s wings when she’s in flight, the toy will automatically stop.

Naturally Kids Unicorn Backpack — $32.98

gifts for 6 year olds girl


What little girl won’t love a unicorn backpack? One of the year’s must-have accessories, she’ll be delighted to use her new bag to carry her supplies to and from class, or to take on mini adventures! Designed to be a perfect fit for young children, she can also easily dis attach the unicorn soft toy for snuggles on the sofa or bedtime hugs.

This useful gift incorporates a name tag, side pockets, adjustable straps, and a reflective logo patch.

Furby Coral Interactive Plush Toy — $46.99

useful gift for 6-year girl


This interactive voice-activated toy has over six hundred responses, and your little one will have fun chatting, singing, and laughing along with their new Furby friend. Their voice can unlock five different modes, and comes with a range of wearable accessories that can be rocked by either the toy or their human companion! Plus, the toy will chatter with other Furby friends when it’s in their vicinity—your kid will find it hilarious to watch a pair interacting.

Claw Machine Toy — $49.99

best toys for 6 year old girls


Make her birthday wishes come true with this super fun electronic mini-claw machine—a toy-sized version of the type you see in arcades. Load the machine with the twenty mini plush toys that come with it, and then let your kid have a go trying to grab one with the ‘claw.’

The machine features lights, sounds, and music, for extra authenticity, and can be loaded with other items, such as sweets or keyrings, for year-round excitement.

Word Whiz Electronic Flash Card Reading Game — $22.44

best gift for 6 year old girl


This challenging game is so much fun that the recipient won’t even be aware that it’s educational! There are three skill levels—kids have to see how many three to five-letter words they can build in just sixty seconds. The game is great for developing word-building and reading skills, and your child will love its fast-paced, exciting nature.

Easy to operate and with an adjustable control, both kids and parents will appreciate this gift.

Amelia Bedelia Box Set by Herman Parish — $15.12

toys for 6 years old girls


Containing the first four books in the bestselling Amelia Bedelia series, each volume incorporates short and fast-paced chapters that will keep even the most reluctant of readers turning the pages. And if your six-year-old whizzes through this set and is keen to read more about the eponymous heroine? She’ll be delighted to know that there are plenty more installments of the series to enjoy.

Christmas Gifts for 6-Year-Old Girls

Bracelet Activity Tower — $39.99

best gifts for 6 year old girls


Your special six-year-old will be so excited to unwrap this gift on Christmas Day. It comprises 1,600 pieces, to make over forty items of imaginative jewelry for herself and her friends.

The easy-to-follow instructions mean your child will be able to quickly master a range of styles and designs, while the spinning tower is a great way to organize and store her jewelry-making supplies when they’re not in use.

Splash Game — $21.99

6 year old girl toys


If you’re looking for fast and fun games that your child will enjoy playing during the Christmas holidays and beyond, Splash could be perfect. The game is similar to Musical Chairs—but with dolphins! Players must grab a dolphin before it disappears, and they’ll need to be quick!

Splash has won a range of awards, including the Sesame Street Parents Top Toys and the San Francisco Chronicle’s Best Family Game awards.

Unicorn Soap-Making Kit — $19.99

toys for girls 6 years old


A Christmas gift with a difference: this STEM kit comes with everything she’ll need to create six beautiful, unicorn-shaped, scented soaps. The craft set comprises six soap base blocks, four liquid colors, two fragrances, glitter, three soap molds, a beaker, six pop sticks, a working tray, a trimming tool, and an easy-to-follow instruction guide. Once made, the soaps can be given as gifts to friends or family members—or kept to enjoy herself.

Scientoy Flower Garden Building — $32.99

birthday gifts for 6 year girl


An educational activity that will fascinate your child, this flower building set comes complete with 130 pieces, allowing her to build a beautiful world straight out of her imagination. As well as teaching kids about each part of a plant, each of the sections can be mixed and matched to create a unique and bright flower garden for unlimited play scenes. Safe and easy to clean, the set also develops fine motor skills and creative play.

Ice Cream Slime Kit — $26.95

christmas gifts for 6 year old girl


Make Christmas Day slimetastic with this huge slime-making set loaded with ingredients and accessories that guarantee hours and hours of screen-free, sensory entertainment. Kids simply need to follow the easy step-by-step instructions to create loads of ice-cream-scented slimes in a variety of colors—and then add sprinkles and plastic cherries to top off their wacky creations!

Mixing tools and storage containers are also included.

Efinny Electronic Keyboard Piano Toy — $31.99

best presents for 6 yr old girls


Music—both listening to and playing—is great for kids’ development, and can even help regulate mood and stimulate creativity. Nurture a love of music with a toy like this mini electronic keyboard which features thirty-one keys, twenty-four demo songs, four tones, eight percussion instruments, and a microphone, to inspire endless musical creativity. And don’t worry, moms and dads: it has a volume control, too.

The Christmas Wish by Lori Evert — $13.56

best toys for 6 years old girl


Books make wonderful Christmas gifts. Choose this festive, New York Times bestselling story about a little girl called Anja who dreams of becoming one of Santa’s elves, to bring some extra Christmas magic into your home during the holidays. Expect it to become a classic of the season that your special six-year-old will ask for again and again.

The tale’s central message, to be kind, be brave, and believe, will resonate long after the decorations have been taken down for another year.

Useful Gifts for a 6-Year-Old Girl

Let’s Go! Binoculars for Kids — $9.99

best toys for 6 year old girl


Great gifts don’t have to break the bank, as demonstrated by these fantastic pink kids binoculars. They come with a lovely bird-watching manual, which offers a detailed look at seventeen species that are common in North America. Binoculars are also great for taking along on camping or hiking trips, or when exploring the outdoors in general. She’ll also receive a useful neckstrap and canvas carrying bag, to make it even easier to bring them along on adventures.

Purple Ladybug Decorate Your Own Waterbottle — $14.99

what do 6 year old girls like


Looking for practical gift ideas for six-year-olds? Then look no further than this decorate-your-own water bottle! It comes with four sheets of sparkly rhinestone stickers, so the recipient can create their very own unique design that they’ll love using in school, on trips, or simply around the house.

BPA-free and incorporating a wide mouth for easy cleaning, the supplied carabiner allows the bottle to be attached to a backpack, for example.

Pingo Track Smartwatch with GPS — $139.99

gift ideas for 6 years old girl

Who says that practical toys have to be boring? A Pingo Track kids smartwatch is sure to be a huge hit, with its HD camera and facility to make voice and video calls. Parents love that the device can be used as a tracker, and allows for the setting of smart zones, as well as an SOS button. Even better? There are no games or social media, meaning no risk of distraction while your kid is in class or doing her homework.

Buy it right now and get the full Findmykids app license for free!

Glow in the Dark Unicorn Blanket — $24.99

birthday gift for 6 years girl


Unicorn-loving girls will be delighted with this blanket—and even more excited when they discover it glows in the dark! The soft and generously sized blanket measures 50 x 60 inches and is perfect for snuggling under on the sofa or cuddling up to bedtime. The fabric needs to be exposed to light for just fifteen to thirty minutes to ‘charge up’ its glow-in-the-dark capacity. It’s also a great companion for long car journeys, camping trips, or sleepovers.

Unicorn Headlamp — $25.99

christmas gifts for 6 year old girls


As well as being a practical gift, with two light settings, the Unicorn Headlamp makes a magical sparkling sound when the button is pushed. Choose from a straight line of light or a more ambient, tilted light—either is perfect for some night-time adventures!

The adjustable strap means the headlamp can be altered for the perfect fit—all you need is two AA batteries for it to operate.

Kids Digital Instant Camera — $39.99

imaginative toys for 6 year olds girl


Your keen photographer will be delighted with a digital camera like this one, that allows her to instantly print off her pictures in black-and-white. It’s toner-free and incorporates a large preview screen to offer an enhanced field of view. The camera also features video recording, print patterns, and four games. Further, by connecting it to another device it becomes a portable MP3 player, too.

Electronic Piggy Bank — $23.99

toys for six year old girls


Your child will suddenly become the keenest saver ever when you gift them this cute pink electronic piggy bank. It accepts notes and coins, and a four-digit passcode can be set to keep her stash safe. With its fun bank vault design, it’s a great way to encourage an early habit of saving and has a surprisingly large capacity, able to store six hundred coins or one hundred paper notes.

Imaginative Toys for a 6-Year-Old Girl

Lego Disney Princess Enchanted Journey Building Set — $50.00

birthday gift 6 year girl


Kids of all ages love Lego, and this bumper three-in-one playset incorporates a hot air balloon, imaginative lounge, and a horse-and-carriage, along with three princess Lego dolls: Jasmine, Elsa, and Rapunzel. The builder app allows your mini constructor to rotate and zoom in on their creation, as well as track the progress of their project, to add to the fun.

Designed to spark their imagination and encourage creative play, this is a wonderful gift for a six-year-old.

Barbie It Takes Two Camping Playset — $39.95

birthday gift ideas for 6 year girl


If your little girl is a big Barbie doll fan, this set is a must-get gift. It comes with two Barbie dolls, a tent, a telescope, and a range of accessories including animals, a chair, and a firepit. Kids who love the great outdoors will have hours of entertainment setting up camp for their dolls and dreaming up adventures for them. The super cute animals, a rabbit and a squirrel, add extra enchantment to the scene.

Make-Up Toy for Kids — $19.19

christmas gifts for 6 year girl


For six-year-olds who want to be just like mommy, a make-up toy could make for the perfect present. This huge kit contains twelve eyeshadows, twelve lip glosses, six blushes, four lipsticks, four nail polishes, two rings, four applicators, and five brushes, all in a handy foldable carry-case—that’s a lot of imaginative play right there!

Each of the cosmetics is washable, mild, and non-toxic, so won’t irritate your princess’s delicate skin.

Kinetic Sand Scents Ice-Cream Playset — $14.99

best toys for 6 year-olds girl


Kinetic Sand sets are a great means of encouraging your six-year-old girl to enjoy some screen-free entertainment. The Ice Cream Playset comes with a whole 1lb of scented kinetic sand in strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla fragrances. Kids can mix, mold, and create their own fun ice cream creations, make ice cream waffles, or serve up a Kinetic Sand sundae! Made from natural sand, it’s totally safe for creative play—and easy to clean up afterward, too.

Crystal Growing Coral Reef — $18.99

toys for six year old girls


This unique gift will allow your six-year-old to grow three colorful, beautiful coral formations with crystals. The simple kit includes a terraforming solution and bases. The former needs to be mixed with water, and then poured over the bases: your child will be amazed to see the microcrystals bloom into a variety of stunning coral types like magic. Once fully grown, the coral will make a beautiful decorative addition to her room.

Rainbow Scratch Books — $9.99

imaginative toys for 6 year olds girl


With two rainbow scratch books, stencils, and wooden styluses, your child will quickly become absorbed in creating their own amazing, multicolored designs. Mess-free and made from safe, non-toxic materials, kids need to draw the outline of their picture with one of the styluses, and then fill it in and add details—even complete beginners will soon get the hang of it. The stencils allow for lots more opportunities to get creative, too.

Make-Your-Own Butterfly Stained Glass Mobile — $29.99

birthday gift for 6 years girl


Six-year-olds are sure to enjoy painting their favorite colors onto the butterfly frames to create a stunning mobile that will move and reflect the sun in an array of dazzling patterns and shades. The opaque paint supplied goes on smoothly and crystalizes as it dries, to create a stained glass effect. The set contains ten different color paint pens, so your child can make gorgeously bold and bright butterflies.

Final Thoughts: Picking the Perfect Present for Your Six-Year-Old


This is a wonderful age when a child’s imagination is easily sparked by the world around them, and there is no limit to what they can dream up.

Whether you have a soon-to-be six-year-old princess to buy for, or a tricky customer who prefers a more unusual gift, the guide above will make picking the perfect present an easy task.

What is the most successful gift you’ve ever bought a six-year-old? Or is there a certain toy that your own child was gifted at this age that they still play with years later? We’d love to know the details—drop us a line in the box below!

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