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Very Best Snow Activities for Kids of All Ages

Kids everywhere love snow, and waking up on a winter morning to discover a thick blanket has fallen overnight is likely to have your child—no matter their age—keen to get outside and start enjoying some frosty fun! Below you’ll find snow activities for preschoolers and toddlers, as well as ideas for older kids, so you can make the next snow day the best one yet!


Indoor Snow Activities


Indoor Snow Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Even very young kids can have fun in the snow—without getting too cold!—with these lovely, easy-to-put-together activities that bring winter play indoors.

Snow Painting


When it comes to indoor snow activities for preschoolers, this is sure to be a winner! Best of all, there are only a few things to gather together for your kids to start creating their wintery masterpieces: all you need is a large, shallow storage container, a few small plastic bows, paintbrushes, and food coloring.

Fill the container with snow, and bring it inside, placing it on a towel to catch any spillages. Fill the small bowls with water, and add a few drops of food coloring to each—you could also use liquid watercolor if you’ve got this to hand. And that’s it! Show your little ones how to turn the snow into beautiful shades, and then let their imagination run wild to make a wonderful snowy artwork!

Snowy Science Experiment

Little ones will love the chance to try out a funny, simple science experiment with this activity. The idea is to find out whether or not snow melts faster if it’s sprinkled with salt. You’ll need a couple of bowls and plates, some salt, and—of course—snow!


With your help, ask your child to place a small pile of snow on each plate of roughly the same size. Now, come back into the warm and suggest they sprinkle a tablespoon of salt onto the top of one of the snow piles and leave the other as it is. Ask them what they think will happen. After just a few minutes, the snow with the salt added should be melting visibly faster—if you have a magnifying glass handy, your child will be fascinated to watch the ice crystals melting before their very eyes!

Toy Cars in the Snow


Toddlers and kindergarten-aged kids will enjoy this fun indoor play activity! Put some snow in a large container and add a selection of your child’s favorite toy vehicles. Help them to make ramps, tracks for roads, hurdles, and other obstacles for the cars to navigate—you may be surprised at just how long this game keeps your little one’s attention.

Why not suggest your child experiment by adding more snow to see how this affects the behavior of the vehicles as they head down ramps or crash into drifts?

Indoor Snow Activities for Older Kids

And it’s not just the smallest members of the family that can have plenty of indoor snow fun! Below are some ideas to get your older children involved in the action, too.

Make Some Super Fun Snow Slime


On a snowy, cold day, when all your older kids want is to stay warm and cozy inside, this is one of the best winter crafts of all to try! Just like real snow, this slime is cold to the touch, so it is almost as good as the real thing.

To make the snow slime, get your older kids to pour two cups of silver glitter glue into a large bowl and then add one to two cups of liquid starch until the consistency is suitably ‘snowy’! Next, place the bowl into the fridge for an hour or so to chill, and the snow slime is ready.

Build Some Faux Snowmen


Building snowmen is fun, but when the temperature drops too low, this outdoor activity can quickly lead to frozen little fingers. All you need for your kids to create an indoor snowman is four cups of frozen baking soda and two to four cups of shaving cream—sounds fun already, right?

Once mixed, you’ll have super soft, fluffy, cold faux snow that can be used to create some epic snow sculptures on a tray, board, or a few wadded-up towels.

Outdoor Snow Activities


Snow Games and Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Ready to head outside and want some new ideas for fun things to do in the snow with your little ones? We’ve got you covered! Below are some easy games and activities that toddlers will love and—best of all—they’re easy to organize!

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Pin the Nose on the Snowman

Alliance Images/

Pin the Tail on the Donkey may be a staple of kids’ party games, so why not adapt it for some snowy fun? The first part of this activity is—of course—building the snowman himself. Once this is done, and you’ve helped the kids to add some twig arms, pebble eyes, and any other accessories desired, get the children to take turns closing their eyes and attempting to put the snowman’s carrot nose in the right place!

Keep the entertainment going by incorporating the snowman into a wintry obstacle course: ask the kids to, for example, run three times around the snowman, then make a snow angel, and throw a snowball at a nearby tree’s trunk before dashing back to the start.

Fabulous Frozen Bubbles

Pavel L Photo and Video/

This activity only works in particularly cold weather: but if you’ve got low temperatures hitting between around nine to twelve degrees Fahrenheit and want to get the kids bundled up nice and warm for a quick bit of fresh air, then this is one of the best snow activities for kids.

If you don’t have any store-bought bubble liquid to hand, then you can make a homemade version using glycerin, dish soap, and distilled water. Head outside with a bowl and bubble wands and ask your kids to blow bubbles into the bowl—they’ll be fascinated to watch as the bubbles form into icy crystals and then collapse into shining fragments.

Spray Paint the Snow

Pavel L Photo and Video/

Little kids will adore this outdoor snow activity—and all you need to get it set up is a spray bottle or two, some food coloring (or paint), and cold water. Simply add some food coloring to the bottles and water each down. Then it’s time to take your toddler outside into the snow and show them how to use the spray bottle to make it magically change color!

Your little one will enjoy creating patterns on the ground snow and blitzing garden furniture and walls, too.

Fun Things to do with Snow for Older Kids

However ‘cool’ they like to appear, even school-age kids and young teens usually relish the opportunity a fresh snowfall brings to have some wintry fun! Here are some activities that are sure to be winners.

Make a Snow Maze


If you have a large yard, or there’s a handy field nearby, and have experienced a significant amount of snow, then why not challenge your children to build a snow maze? Let them come up with the parameters of the maze and any obstacles within it. Once it’s done, they’ll love it if you have a go to see if you can solve it!

Alternatively, suggest that kids form teams to create two separate mazes and then see how quickly each team can solve the other’s creation.

Construct a Snow Igloo

Budimir Jevtic/

Snowmen may be the snow day norm, but older kids are likely to get a kick out of the challenge of building their own snow igloo! This is an activity they’re likely to relish, involving packing snow into blocks and then designing a construction that includes a door and window.

And the fun doesn’t end once the build is complete—kids will love having a wintry den to hang out in at the end of it!

Go Tobogganing with a Homemade Sled


If you’ve got teens keen to get out on the hills, but haven’t got the budget for an expensive store-bought sled, then why not suggest they make a DIY toboggan using simple components such as garbage bags, plastic boards, rope, and duct tape?

And the project is only the start—once the sled’s constructed, they can enjoy hours of snowy excitement on the slopes!

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Get Set for a Winter of Snowy Fun!


Whatever the age of your children and whether you experience a snow flurry or a thick fall, there are near endless ways to entertain your kids in the wintry weather. Whether you opt for an afternoon sledding on a homemade toboggan or creating frozen bubbles before heading inside to continue the fun by building a faux snow masterpiece, we hope that the ideas above offer you plenty of inspiration.

We’d love to know how you get on—so why not try one or more of the activities on the list above and tell us how successful they were? We’d also like to hear your own ideas for snowy fun with the kids, too, so drop us a line below!

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