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Best Summer Camp Activities and Games

Summer camp activities and games are the livewires of the season. Planning your summer camp activities can be tasking, especially if you have kids. Therefore, to ensure you enjoy the best of the summer, here are some exciting summer camp activities to try with friends and family.


Classic Summer Camp Activities

summer camp activities


There are classic summer camp activities that never go out of place. Whether you are a camp counselor or just want to have fun with friends, these activities are fun and provide great relaxation.

#1. Scavenging

Scavenger hunting is one game everyone loves to enjoy, notwithstanding the age and gender. The game consists of a list of the things you can find around the campsite. The list may include sticks, plastic cans, stones, etc.

If you have younger ones, you can pair them up with adults for more fun. Otherwise, you can all decide to go on a group search together. Set a spot and time for everyone to return their findings. In the end, reward the winner(s) with a fun camp snack.

#2. The Obstacle Course Game

The Obstacle Course Game is ideal if your backyard is spacious enough. Take cones and cans and set up an obstacle course for the family to follow. The picnic table can be handy too.

The Obstacle Course game is a great way to shake off calories and excess fat. The great thing about the obstacle course games is that any item lying around can be a part of the setup.

At the end of the game, your kids will be exhausted. Get them ready for some relaxing stories around the campfire.

#3. Duck-Duck, Splash

The game is like the classic duck, duck, goose. All participants sit around in a circle and take turns running around. The runner continues to sing duck-duck until they are ready to splash. Then they pick any contestant they wish and splash water on the head.

Once the runner splashes you, it is your turn to run. The game continues.

#4. Rock painting

Recently, rock painting has become a fun activity around campsites. Many campers paint rocks and hide them for the next family to find.

Get your children to gather sizeable rocks and bring them to the camp table. Provide different paints, markers, and brushes, and allow your children to make different decorative patterns on the rocks. In the end, use a spray sealer to cover the rocks. Allow your children to hide the rocks wherever they like and wait for the next family to find them.

Rock painting can be a great activity for bonding families and creating great experiences. The time families spend talking together during the painting activity improves understanding and a renewed sense of family union.

#5. Telephone/Whispering Game

summer camp games for kids

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The telephone/whispering game is another classic game at parties and camps. It can be a great way to wind down before bedtime.

The game starts with one person whispering something to the person next to him. In turn, the person whispers it to the next person. The chain continues until the whisper gets to the last person. The last person will then stand up and narrate what he heard to everyone.

The telephone can be a fun bedtime activity or a great activity for the entire family. It is also a way to have a great laugh before bedtime.

#6. The Alphabet/Concentration Game

The Alphabet/Concentration Game can be a great way to enjoy family time together. The Alphabet game starts with the first letter of the alphabet. For example, the first player will say I am an Antelope going on a trip with a Bee.

The second person starts with the word Bee and ends his sentence with a word that begins with the letter C. The game continues until you get to the letter Z. Once a person is stuck, he is out of the game. The rest continues until you get to the letter Z.

You can also make modifications and adjustments to the game for more fun. A great idea will be to make the event camp related.

#7. Play I Am

Classic camp games will not be complete without this fun game. To play this game, you need a tape and paper. Write down different nouns ranging from names of people to animals or places. You can combine the three to make the game more challenging and fun.

Set a timer and the number of rounds before starting the game. Begin with the youngest person. Each player can ask as many questions as possible within the time limit. At the end of the game, the person that collects the highest number of papers wins.

#8. Spelling Connect 4

Spelling Connect 4 is one game that both adults and children love to play. It combines all the fun of scrabble and the classical children’s Spelling Connect 4 Games.

Take a set of checkers, mark them with a different alphabet and assign them points. Let each player take turns in combining the letters to make words and then calculate the points.

At the end of the game, calculate the points, any player with the most points wins the game. Spelling Connect 4 is a great way to kill boredom on a rainy summer night.

#9. Pass-the-Water

Pass-the-Water is a great idea when considering summer camp games for kids. Many kids are excited about this game. All you need for the setup of this game is cups and water. Let your kids line up in a straight file. Add water to the cup of the first kid and let the kid transfer the water to the cup behind without looking.

The process continues until the water gets to the last cup. Let’s see if there is any water left. If there is, the first person runs to the end of the line, and the game continues. The game goes on and on till there is no more water left. At the end of the game, give everybody a nice summer treat.

Summer Camp Activities at Home (Indoor)

summer camp activities for kids


For those that want to spend the summer indoors, there are also great ideas to make the day memorable. While it may be difficult to set up a DIY home summer camp, you can do it with a little plan.

When planning a summer camp at home, remember that the goal is to create a memorable family moment. Therefore, to get the best out of your summer, don’t forget to plan. That is the only way to ensure that your summer runs smoothly. The following steps will help you with summer camp activities at home.

#1. Decide How Long Your Summer Camp Will Last

The first thing to consider when planning your summer camp is how long your summer camping activities will last. Also, decide how many hours of the day you will reserve for various activities. You also need time to rest, so you don’t need to fill up all the spaces with activities.

#2. Create a Schedule

Once you decide how long you want your camping activities to last every day you can design a camping schedule. You can either have an hourly or daily schedule. There are different types of schedule planners available online for download. You can download a schedule for summer camp activities for kids and the Summer Rules for Screen Time Checklist.

#3. Choose a Camp Theme For Every Week

Make each week interactive and engaging with different activities. The crafts, activities, field trips, etc., should revolve around the theme. A weekly camp theme helps to streamline your camping activities. It helps to keep you focused on the week rather than the entire period.

#4. Plan the Activities of the Week Ahead

Save yourself time and stress by planning the week ahead of time. It is always best to map out the plan for a new week at the end of every week. So, you wake up not rambling about the activities for the day. Include summer camp games and other activities in your plan. It’s a great way to ensure you don’t run out of activities during your camping days.

#5. Be Flexible with Your Plans

When you plan for the week, be flexible, especially if you have kids. Even though you have your schedule all set up. Don’t stop your kids from any fun activities just to stick to your plan. The goal is for a fun and stress-free camp. Therefore, watch out for what’s working and make the necessary adjustment.

#6. Tie-Dying Cloth Summer Camp Activity

When planning a summer camp activity at home, tie-dying can be a great addition. It is a way of letting your kids express their creativity. Over the years, tie-dying remains relevant to summer campers, and every kid looks forward to it.

Hint: your child’s stained white cloth can come in handy for this activity. Ensure to wear safety rubber gloves and a plastic apron during this activity. Don’t forget to do this activity outside.

#7. Backyard Water Games

summer camp games indoor


Many summer camps set up water games and activities to help participants cool off in the evening. You can set up a backyard water activity like sponge dodgeball and sprinkler limbo for the summer. Other things you can do include creating a backyard obstacle course with water balloons, buckets, a station to display dancing moves, etc.

#8. Ice Cream Social at Home

Summer camp activities usually kick off with an ice cream social. You can set up one at home. It is a great way to get the children around the neighborhood to mingle and make new friends. If you cannot make ice cream yourself, you can buy the different flavors and toppings and invite the children from the neighborhood for an ice cream social at home.

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#9. Rainy Day Read-a-Thon

When the rains come, it’s time to gather the family and read some exciting stories. Help your children set up a summer reading chart and fill it up as they read. Go to the library and help them select fun genres. BE on the lookout for the genres that interests them the most and encourage them to keep reading.

#10. Scrapbooking or Journaling

It is classic for sleep-away camper kids to make a journal or write to their parents about their experiences daily. Encourage your kids to do the same if you are camping at home. Some of the things you should tell them to write about include their experience with the weather.

Ask them about the clouds, what activities they participated in, and what animals did they see? Encourage them to write about places they visited during the summer. Encourage them to capture the funny moments and difficult times as well. In the end, they will have a complete story to share with other students at school after the summer.

#11. Play Some Indoor Games

When outdoor activities are not possible, consider indoor games. Ensure you have a collection of card and board games in the home for the summer. Chess, checkers, and Game of Life are great games to keep around during the summer. One classic game that I never get tired of playing is Dungeons and Dragons.

The Most Fun and Engaging Board Games for Kids in 2022.

#12. Set Up a Backyard Camp for Your Kids

It is a great time to set up a backyard camp when the weather is favorable. Kids love the experience. It’s a way to help them ease off the cabin fever. Build a small tent in the backyard (you can use a blanket if a tent is not readily available). You can spend the night in the tent and read your kids some love stories.

Summer Camp Outdoor Activities

summer camp games

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The summer is a great time to embark on outdoor activities. However, consider your child’s age when selecting a summer camp game. Some great outdoor activities include:

#1. Hiking

Invite your friend and their family and go hiking. It’s a great way to explore nature with your kids and burn excess calories. Children are always excited to explore their world and learn new things. Therefore, the summer is a great time to give them that privilege to do so.

When hiking with kids, encourage them to look out for interesting natural materials to collect. Bring these materials back to the camp house so you can analyze them together. Depending on your hiking location, shells, colorful rocks, pebbles, etc., can make a great collection.

#2. Make a Camp Burn Fire

Campfires are almost a tradition in camps. Many families gather around the fire to read funny stories and laugh till bedtime. Encourage the children to look for dry wood while the adults make the fire. It’s always fun when everyone contributes their quota during camping. Besides its family camping, why not make the activities a family affair?

#3. Camp Field Day

One of the best days in camp to have fun is on the field day. Many children look forward to the field day, especially those that prefer adventure to indoor activities. The field day is usually under the supervision of the camp authorities and within the camping premises.

#4. The Vista Camp

The vista camp is another great camping activity that is held within the camp premises. The Vista camp hosts more than one activity. They are very beneficial to kids and parents alike. Since children love to participate in the activities, parents can simply send them off and have a full time to relax.

Allow your children to enjoy the numerous activities available with other kids. It’s one way to ensure they have a healthy future and spend their childhood well.

#5. The Giant Fence Art

It’s common to find a giant fence in the camp with many designs. The fence art is a way to allow the kids to put their talents to use. As the kids do this, they begin to explore their world and develop a better understanding of things around them.

Sports Activates

New Africa/

New Africa/

The summer is also a great time to try out some fun and exciting sports activities. Some of the sports activities at camp include:

#1. Camp Archery

One of the oldest outdoor sports on camp is archery. Today, many campsites offer archery lessons to teenagers. Camping is also a great time to learn about the different archery tools and safety procedures.

#2. Tennis

You can find the tennis game at almost every camp. If you are an amateur in the game and wish to hone your skills, summer camps offer you the opportunity to take your skills to the next level. You can practice on your own or join group matches and have fun. Learn about the basics of the tennis game and enjoy hitting the ball with family and friends.

#3. Group Game

One thing about the summer camp is that it bubbles with a beehive of activities. There are several group games you can participate in for fun. The popular group camp games include field and track games like basketball, volleyball, football, Frisbee, meters dash, badminton, kickball, etc. Find a group sport that best suits your personality and keep the fun going.

#4. Shooting Range

Camping time is also a great time to improve your shooting range. Many camps today offer shooting range training. Some campsites also offer lessons on essential safety protocols for rifles. It is an opportunity for teens to gain valuable knowledge in the shooting.

#5. Camp Yoga

There is no better place to perform yoga exercises than in nature. Summer camp will provide you with the space and serenity to practice your breathing exercises, different body movement exercises, and poses that will help you improve flexibility, personality, and body texture.

#6. Swimming

Your camping activity is not complete without dipping yourself into the water. If your camp provides swimming facilities, why not jump into the water and enjoy some water sports. Swimming is also a great way to cool off after the day’s activity.

Note: ensure you know how to swim and adhere to all safety protocols before jumping into the water. Otherwise, just relax on a cold glass of soda and watch those who can swim do their thing.

#7. Gymnastics

If you are one of the campers that love gymnastics, summer camps are great for improving your skills. Gymnastics can help you improve strength, flexibility, and balance.

Activities for Different Ages

summer camp activities at home


Remember that what different age grades enjoy varies. Therefore, it is only fair that you consider different age grades and select your activities accordingly.


When planning camp activities for preschool students, consider the following activities:

  1. Camp fishing.
  2. Campfire making.
  3. Camp treat.
  4. Tracking animals.
  5. Pretend play.
  6. Flashlight reading.


Some of the fun activities for kids in this age range include:

  1. Cooking over the campfire.
  2. Nature walk.
  3. Singing camp songs.
  4.  Flashlight matching.
  5.  Hunt for fireflies.
  6.  Play shadow puppets.
  7. Make leaf and rock prints.
  8. Make s’mores.
  9. Count the stars.


indoor summer camp activities


Below are exciting camping activities teenagers will enjoy. Consider incorporating them into your camp schedule if you have a teenager in your group:

  1. Campfire charade.
  2. Cycling.
  3. Preparing and cooking meals.
  4. Learning more about the local geography of the area.
  5. Learning wood carving.
  6. Visit and explore exotic landscapes.
  7. Nature navigation with maps and books.
  8. The bean bag toss.
  9. Sack race.
  10. The human pinball machines.
  11. Wet shirt relay.


Select from some of these fun games for adults.

  1. Two truths and a lie.
  2. Mafia.
  3. Name that song.
  4. Truth or dare.
  5. Twenty questions.
  6. Murder by winking.
  7. Telephone.
  8. Voting game.
  9. Charades.
  10. Who am I?
  11.  Stand up and shout.

Craft Summer Camp Activities

One of the most common crafts you can find in camp includes:

  1. Making the friendship bracelet.
  2. Tie-dying is another craft to consider.
  3. Knitting.
  4. Outdoor drawing.

Summer Camp Games

Summer Camp Games for Kids

Some of the exciting camp games for kids include the following:

  1. Making bubbles
  2. Cabin carnival.
  3. Field day.
  4. Junkyard wars.
  5. Water balloon dodgeball.

Summer Camp Games Indoor

Below are the top 5 indoor camping activities.

  1. Indoor miniature golf.
  2. YouTube karaoke singing.
  3. Indoor relay race.
  4. Collaborative project.
  5. Minute to win etc.

Summer Camp Games for Social Distancing

You can find the following exercises fun and exciting while maintaining social distance.

  1. Frog zapper.
  2. Rhythm master.
  3. Relay races.
  4. Codebreaker.
  5. Captain’s coming.
  6. Star performer.
  7. Zapper.

Summer Camp Games for Small Groups

There are various camp games that are better enjoyed in small groups. They include:

  1. Camp Olympics.
  2. Scavenger hunting.
  3. Glow in the dark ring toss.
  4. The Alphabet games.
  5. Catch or don’t catch.

Camping Games for Large Groups

If you are looking for games that are suitable for large groups, below are some of the best games:

  1. Alaskan ball.
  2. Army navy.
  3. Bam go Back.
  4. Alien.
  5. Amoeba tag.
  6. Bees and butterflies.

Summer Camp Water Games

There are many water games you can enjoy with your family at summer camps. Below are some great examples to try.

  1. Cup to cup.
  2. Water volley.
  3. Water balloon dodgeball.
  4. Kiddie pool toe diving.
  5. Water balloon toss.

There is no doubt that the summer holiday is the best time to spend family time together. As a parent, always seize the opportunity to give your family a great summer treat. Whether indoor or outdoor, ensure that your family, especially kids have something to remember.

If you do not have the opportunity to go to a camp, you can also set up a home camp in your background. Your children will love this experience.

Was this article helpful? Consider sharing with your friends and family. How was your camping activity? Were there any funny moments or times you had issues keeping things together? Share your camp moments with us in the comment section.

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