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The best Christmas and New Year gifts for kids: TOP ideas

Choosing good New Year and Christmas gifts for kids is not an easy task. Especially today, now when the times of deficiencies have long been gone, it has become very difficult to surprise a child with an ordinary toy. If you would like your present to be remembered for a long time, you should devote a little more time than usual to choosing a gift. With the addition of a little bit of imagination, your children will perhaps keep your present for many, many years!


How to choose the perfect gift for a child: 5 highly effective methods


Perhaps the main advice is to purchase your child a New Year’s gift, regardless of school grades, behavior and misunderstandings with you. Child psychologists say that for most children, the New Year is considered to be as important as their birthday, and it will be sad both for a baby and a teenager to be without a present on such an important day.

What is also to be taken into account when choosing a good gift:

  1. Find out what the child would like through them directly or through their parents, if the baby is still very small. Finding out what the child loves is simple: ask a boy or girl to send a letter to Santa Claus indicating their desired gifts. If the child does not know how to write yet, or, on the contrary, is too grown-up to believe in Santa Claus, go to the store together, let the child tell or show you what they want.
  2. Take the gender and age of the child into account. Boys and girls prefer different things, and what works for a three-year-old will not be appropriate for a younger child.
  3. Focus on the interests of the child. Perhaps they collect something or they are highly creative – everyone loves gifts related to their hobby.
  4. If the child has no special hobbies – remember what kind of character traits they have. A calm kid can be carried away by constructors or puzzles, whereas ice skates or roller skates would be much appreciated by an active child.
  5. Pay attention to the quality of the gifted product. A suspiciously cheap item with no markings on the packaging may be unsafe.
Useful tip: an easy method of finding out about the interests of a teenager is through looking at their social media page.

What to get your child for Christmas or New Year: ideas for different age groups

Children grow up, and so grow their appetites for gifts. It is easier to please a child with a toy, whereas it may prove to be harder to please a teenager.

A table below with the most popular and inexpensive gifts for children of different ages has been put together and is presented below:

Gifts for the child below the age of 1

A very small child does not yet realize the essence of this winter celebration. It is wise to ask the baby’s parents what their child would need: a large package of diapers or baby food may be a suitable gift. If the parents have no special wishes, or you are picking up a present for your own child, pay attention to the following options:

  • electronic swings — a good gift for babies before the age of 6 months. They entertain the newborn and liberate some of the time for the mother;
  • special mat for a child under 1 year old develops fine motor skills. Another advantage lies in the fact that calm children are able to get carried away with this toy for a long time, giving their parents a rest;
  • busy board is an exciting educational board that provides entertainment. With the use of a board, a baby older than 6 months will be able to learn how to handle laces, master basic counting skills, and get acquainted with flowers;
  • any musical toys are suitable for children of the age of 6-12 months- at this age, babies really like toys that make sounds;
  • various educational toys: cubes, pyramids, sorters.

If you really want to get a toy for a newborn, choose a rattle toy: either a regular one or with attachment to a crib or stroller.

What to get for a child of the age of 1-3 years old


A love for exploration emerges in a child of this age. It becomes interesting for them to learn by touch, color and taste. The game turns into one of the main learning actions, however, at this point, the child prefers to play on their own.

Presents for children of the age of 1-3 years old:

  • educational toys are more complicated than for toddlers under one-year-old: constructors, mosaics, puzzles – the younger the child, the larger the parts of the toy should be;
  • toy tents: in stores, you can buy them at different prices, in different sizes and designs – in the form of a yurt, a fairytale castle or a real tourist tent;
  • children who are keen on drawing will love gifts related to their favorite hobby: crayons, paints, boards, easels for drawing and creative sets;
  • soft toys – the child begins to be interested in them only at this age. You can choose an interactive toy pet that they would want to feed and take for a walk;
  • bath time toys are always an appropriate gift, they are usually sold in ready-made sets.

If you are ready to spend a rather large amount of money on a gift, take a look at the sleights.

New Years gifts for children of the age of 3-6 years old


It becomes easier to choose a gift for older children. Kids of the age of 3-6 years old are able to express their desires by themselves. However, it may occur that the child asks the impossible or simply cannot decide on the desired gift. In this case, the following ideas of general gifts for children 3-6 years old will come in handy:

  • creative sets or sets linked to a certain hobby: for a young artist, future doctor or engineer;
  • a magnet easel that will entertain the child and will prepare them for school in a playful manner;
  • lego with quite a lot of pieces. For older children it would be better to select a lego with a small number of elements;
  • radio-controlled toys – there are interesting options available for boys and girls: vehicles, robots, cartoon characters;
  • board games at the age of 3-6 years old when a competitive spirit has already been ignited in the child.

The child of the age of 3-6 years old can receive a gift (subject to the agreement of the parents) of a set of sweets, as a separate gift or as an addition to the main gift.

How to choose a gift for elementary school students of 7-10 years old


Slightly grown-up children doubt the existence of Santa Klaus, however, their appetites for gifts only grow. Choose one of the gifts popular with younger schoolchildren if you do not know their preferences for sure:

  • roller skates or ice skates;
  • wireless headphones or a portable music speaker – such devices are especially popular among elementary school students;
  • sophisticated radio-controlled toys, such as quadcopters or boats;
  • a fashionable gadget such as a smartphone or a tablet;
  • a smartwatch is equally useful for both parents and children: the child would always like to be wearing it on their wrist and mum and dad would always know where their son or daughter is.

If you are planning on making a gift to your friend’s child or to a distant relative, something more simple can be chosen, such as nicely packaged sweets, a set of makeup or skincare for children, a piggy bank, etc.

Gift ideas for teenagers of 11-13 years old


The desires of children in adolescence are constantly changing. If a child finds it difficult to choose a gift – pick up something that is fashionable for teenagers 11-13 years old:

  • a new gadget: smartphone, tablet, smartwatch;
  • gaming console;
  • a gift corresponding to the teenager’s hobbies: sports equipment (ball, fitness bracelet, skates), sets for future scientists (kits for chemistry or physics experiments, microscopes, telescopes), board games (“Monopoly”, “Twister”);
  • fashionable clothes and accessories: a handbag, backpack, scarf, in-trend sneakers or colorful shoelaces;
  • teenager beauty product, for example, a perfume for a boy or a first makeup set for a girl.

At the age of 11-13 years old, children still love candy and other sweets, hence a gift set of treats will complement your main gift to them very well.

What to get for a child of the age of 14-17 years old


Children that do not consider themselves little anymore will appreciate more “grown-up” gifts, such as the following:

  • new smartphones or tablets continue to maintain their leadership status amongst Christmas’ gifts and in this age group;
  • gift certificate — do not forget to decide on the choice of the store together with the child or with their parents;
  • concert tickets to see their favorite performer;
  • a membership to the classes of the choice of the child: to the gym, dance classes or the swimming pool;
  • money, but only if you are sure that the teenager will spend this money wisely.

You can get your child a pet as a gift if your son or daughter has long dreamed of an animal. The age of 14 to 17 years old is the age when a teenager is able to take full responsibility for a pet.

The best Christmas presents for a boy or a girl

Gifts of a general type are appropriate up to 3 years of age. From this age onwards, the child clearly identifies themselves as a boy or a girl, and the tastes of children of different genders start to differ significantly.

What to get a boy for New Year — the most popular gifts in store:


  1. Gift ideas for preschool age boys: a race track, a set with children’s locksmith tools, a garage for cars, toys of characters of their favorite cartoons, radio-controlled vehicles or a railway.
  2. Elementary and middle-level school children develop hobbies at this stage of their life. It often occurs that children end up doing what they seriously love. Boys can be given a set for chemical or physical experiments, a set of a young magician, a microscope, a telescope, a set for burning wood, models to assemble some equipment, a potter’s wheel. More versatile gifts include a high-quality soccer ball, lego, soccer or hockey uniforms.
  3. The list of particularly popular gifts for teenage boys includes best hoverboards, snowboards, wireless headphones with an interesting design, smartphones, wristwatches, bicycles, and a gym membership.

What to get a girl for New Year — the bestsellers of the recent years:


  1. Preschool girls love different dolls, especially princesses of famous cartoons and fairies. When choosing a doll, check with the child what exactly they would like to receive as a gift – the fashion for dolls is constantly changing.
    • Girls above the age of three like role-playing with each other, hence, a children’s tea set, or a set to play doctor, hairdresser or a cashier in a store could be great gifts for them.
    • Little girls of the preschool age love soft toys: you can get a girl a classic teddy bear or another soft toy of their choice.
  2. Girls in elementary and middle school have even more hobbies than boys. A schoolgirl’s hobby will make it easier to choose a gift.
    • A girl will be pleased with anything that will help develop their abilities: an easel and a large set of paint for artists, a set for creating jewelry for girls that have jewelry-making as their hobby, embroidery kits or a sewing machine.
    • A good gift for a schoolgirl and at the same time for her parents is a smartwatch that works as a phone and always keeps mom and dad informed about their daughter’s whereabouts.
  3. It is important for a teenage girl to be as good as others. A young girl will be pleased with a fashionable smartphone or tablet, or with accessories for an existing gadget. Other gift options for a teenage girl include a cosmetic bag, fitness bracelet, hairdryer, hair straightener or a gym membership.

If you have been invited to visit your friends and all you know about the son or daughter of your friends is that they exist, opt for win-win products. It is almost guaranteed that a boy of any age will like a useful gift – for example, a beautiful hat and scarf, and that girls would love a piece of jewelry.

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The least expensive gifts for children


It may occur that the holiday season is approaching, and you have already managed to seriously spend money. There may also be many children among your relatives, making the budget seriously restricted. This problem may be solved easily – even at current prices, it is possible to find inexpensive gifts for Christmas, which will be able to seriously delight children.

Types of small gifts for children below the price of $10:

  1. Various toys for babies. These could be small cars, a small suitcase with tools or walkie-talkies. For girls, these can be soft toys, inexpensive dolls and doll clothing.
  2. For younger students – board games, a ticket to the zoo or theater, jewelry, children’s watch, souvenirs-symbols of the coming year.
  3. For teenagers – bright clothes or accessories (hat, scarf, gloves), hairdryer, cosmetics, perfume, computer mouse, inexpensive backpack.

The idea of an inexpensive gift for those who have no time to go to lots of different stores is a festive packaged set of sweets. Sweet gifts are sold in any supermarket and are adapted to any budget.

The most useful gifts for children


It is possible to combine business with pleasure, even when it comes to a New Year’s gift for a child. The main thing is to clarify whether a boy or a girl will be happy with a useful present and choose a suitable gift from the list:

  • e-book for children who love to read;
  • games that develop intelligence such as “Scrabble” and association games;
  • magnetic constructors – kits for boys and girls are on sale. The toy has got two advantages at once: it develops fine motor skills, and it is almost impossible for their parts to get lost;
  • a smartwatch that is a useful gift for children and a tool to bring peace of mind for parents;
  • backpack or bag;
  • carnival costume;
  • home planetarium – a projector that projects the patterns of a starry sky on a ceiling or wall;
  • puppet theater set.

If you want to instill the love for a healthy lifestyle in your child, but you cannot involve a boy or a girl in sports, buy them a dance mat. The active dance will act as a replacement to standard exercises, and the child will gradually get used to cardio exercises.

Get your child an interesting and highly useful gift! Order a smartwatch for your kids right now in the official online store and get the #1 license for parents for free.

The most unusual New Year gifts


An original gift is one that no one else has. It is not difficult to please a child with a unique handmade present if you devote a little time to making it. Another advantage of DIY gifts is that it does not require a significant outlay of cash.

Here are the unusual handmade gifts for New Year or Christmas for children:

      1. Photo gift – you can place a photo of a child on a New Year’s toy, calendar, cup or plates or on the phone case.
      2. Christmas tree with sweets. To create it take a look at this master-class:
      3. Knitted scarf. You will need skeins of multi-colored yarn and a crochet hook.
      4. New Year’s toys made of paper, cardboard and anything you can imagine.

It would be likely for the child to enjoy the gift even more if you add a homemade gift card to their gift.

Sweet treats


When choosing the sweets for the child, take into account the following simple rules:

  • buy a gift in a large chain or specialized stores;
  • pay attention to the packaging – it must be intact;
  • choose a product with a minimum of food additives and with a predominance of chocolate (they are better stored and less harmful to teeth than caramel).

If your culinary skills are good enough, you can prepare some cool gingerbread for your child and pack sweets in a beautiful box.

How to present the gift to your child for New Year or Christmas: 3 unusual ways


Even an inexpensive gift can be presented in such a way that it will be remembered for a long time. Whatever the age of the child is, pack the gift nicely and leave it under the tree and let it sit there and wait for the person. Sometimes the anticipation of the unpacking process is as impressive as the gift itself.

How to give the gift in an unusual way:

  1. Make a treasure map – draw a plan of the apartment and indicate the location of the gifts with crosses. The method is well-suited for kids of preschool age.
  2. Ask a family friend to ring the doorbell at the agreed time and leave, having left the gift at the doorstep.
  3. Layout notes with indications on the location of the gift around the house.

“Nono” presents: what not to gift for end-of-the-year holidays


In short, a child should not be receiving a gift that they would not like. What do children not want to find under their Christmas tree:

  • hygienic goods, such as soap or shower gel;
  • casual everyday clothing or shoewear;
  • goods associated with studies: manuals, school suppliers, school backpack.

Of course, these points should not be taken into account if the child asked for something from this list above.

A gift is highly important. However, what is also very important is the festive atmosphere in the house. Decorate the Christmas tree with your child, and set the table beautifully. This way, your child will remember the New Year in the parental home with warmth, even when they are all grown up!




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