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The Best Birthday Gifts for 10-Year-Olds Girls

Buying a gift for a 10-year-old girl can be tricky. By this age, children have usually developed a strong sense of their own personality, and the best gifts will reflect this, as well as their hobbies, interests, and passions—there can no longer be a one-size-fits-all approach to present buying!

But we can help: keep reading to find out what to take into account when buying gifts for 10-year-olds girls, and for some unique ideas that are sure to put a smile on her face, whatever her style.


What Do Girls Like at 10 Years Old?

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When deciding on the best birthday gifts to buy for the special 10-year-old girl in your life, whether she’s your daughter, niece, friend’s kid, or godchild, you’ll no doubt be trying to figure out what children of this age like, or are into. At the age of 10, each girl could very well love different things. However, with a little bit of thought and a dash of inspiration, you’ll be able to choose the perfect presents.

At 10, many kids still enjoy playing with toys, so choosing something based on a particular character or range that you know she loves is likely to be a hit. Tech-based toys, gadgets, or a new game for their device could also make for fun gifts that’ll be well received.

Board games are also popular with this age group, and there’s a dizzying choice available. You could choose one based on her personality and interests, whether that’s animals or music for example, or get a fun, action-packed game that she can enjoy with friends.

Perhaps the child you’re buying for loves arts and crafts—many do at this age. If this is the case, craft kits, stationery, and art supplies are all likely to make her day.

Fashion, books, and personalized items are some more examples of what many 10-year-old girls are into; it’s also common for them to be big fans of a specific band or singer at this age or be an avid follower of a TV or movie series.

As part of a growing drive to express their blossoming personalities, many kids of this age start becoming keen to personalize their bedroom or desk with accessories or elements that reflect their developing style, and you may want to bear this in mind when choosing a present.

Toys for 10-Year-Olds Girls

Need some extra inspiration to find the perfect gift? No problem. Here are our top picks of the toys that will make your special girl smile:

Let’s Glow Studio — $24.97

A great gift for a mini creative tech queen, the Let’s Glow Studio combines a craft set with a video enhancer kit and makes for a trendy gift that’s sure to impress! Kids can use the craft elements, such as stickers and reflective tape, and then bring the clip-on LED into play to activate some cool lighting effects.

Alex Undercover Spy Case — $34.86

If you have a 10-year-old in your life who fancies herself as an amateur sleuth, then this kit is made for her. The spy case includes fingerprint powder, foldable binoculaurs, a flashlight, magnifying glass, and other tools of the detective trade. Make her day with this toy that fires the imagination and will provide hours of fun.

L.O.L. Suprise! OMG Remix Super Suprise — $52.99

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For an on trend gift for 10-year-olds that love the LOL crew, this set comprises four full-sized dolls and four miniature ones, and each little cutie comes with its own instrument. And the surprise element? There are more than seventy to find in this set!

Roblox Museum Heist Playset — $49.99

gifts for 10 year olds girls

Roblox is hugely popular with this age group, so this is the perfect present if you have a fan of the game on your hands. The playset comes with seven figures, a snap-together museum, and a helicopter to help the Roblox crew complete their heist! Kids will love the fun elements, like the light-up Pharoah display case.

Gravity Maze Marble Run — $17.41

toys for 10 year olds girls

This is one of those puzzle games with a deceptively simple concept… that can end up hooking you for hours as you try to solve the conundrum! The player must connect two putties of the same color, without crossing over different colors.

Best Birthday Gifts for 10-Year-Olds

toys for 10 year olds


And if you’re looking for a cool, cute, or on-trend gift for your daughter, niece, grand-daughter, or best friend’s child? We’ve got you. Use the list below for inspiration: you’ll find some of the year’s must-have presents, and the tech and gadget gifts that’ll have the recipient smiling from ear to ear!

For the Crafty Kid

Know a 10-year-old who adores arts and crafts? Make this her best birthday ever with a gift from this selection of unusual and unique kits.

Chocolate Pen — $16.99

Sure to please the artist with a sweet tooth, this real cooking chocolate pen can be used to doodle freeform, or with the included pretty molds. Best of all, the meting tray plugs into a USB port for ultimate convenience, and the kit includes four packs of chocolate, so the lucky birthday girl can get started creating straight away.

Super Squishy Studio — $29.30

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The craze for squishies among this age range is still going strong and looks set to continue for the foreseeable future. The Super Squishy Studio comes with thee large squishies and two keychain buddies to paint. One of the best things about this kit is that it includes enough painting materials for your loved one to enjoy a fun creative session with her best friends.

Moving Paper Robots Making Set — $116.95

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Want to get something super special? This STEM-supporting educational kit will allow mini technicians or engineers to try their hands at putting together some basic robotic mechanisms. Great for girls who are interested in science and crafts, this project will take most kids of 10 years old about an hour and a half to complete.

Make Your Own String Art — $19.99

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If you’re struggling to think of a craft that the recipient hasn’t already had a go at, or even mastered, then a string art kit could be the perfect pick! The set contains everything that she’ll need to create three 3D works of art and is great for promoting mindfulness and calm.

For the Gadget and Tech Girl

If you’re buying for a 10-year-old who lives for the latest tech, then what could be better than presenting her with this year’s best-loved gadget or gizmo on her special day? Here’s our selection of the cream of the crop.

Solar Robot Science Kit — $17.99

A 10 year old gadget queen will love this kit that contains everything she needs to make a working solar-powered robot that, upon completion, can even be taught to undertake some simple tasks. Once the build is complete, personality can be added by adapting and using everyday household recycled materials.

Bluetooth Karaoke Portable Microphone — $15.29

Turn the living room into a concert stage! The portable microphone can be connected to any Bluetooth-supported smart device, so your special person can take the party with her. It features a magical voice-changer, sophisticated noise reduction, and 3D stereo echo effects.

Laser Tag Light Force Edition — $99.99

gifts for 10 year olds

Including four sets of guns and vests, this fully rechargeable set guarantees hours of fun and is quick and easy to set up, so the recipient and her teammates can get on with their mission! There is a slew of advanced features, too, such as stealth mode, and the tech uses kid-friendly infrared rather than laser rays.

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For the Board Game Fan

Board games are a sure-fire hit for most 10-year-olds—but choose one of these and you’ll have a gift that’ll provide plenty of entertainment for years!

Mysterium Park — $26.18

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This isn’t your average board game! Players must work as a team to solve the mystery and uncover the dark secrets of Mysterium Park. With its dozens of different suspects, weapons, and locations, there are hundreds of variables, so no two games are ever the same.

Brainbolt: Light Up Memory Game — $23.99

A handheld game with light-up tiles and four levels of difficulty, this is sure to be a winner! Brainbolt can be played solo, or there’s a two-player mode to take on a friend. Fun, addictive, and great for building up the memory muscle, this could be the perfect pick for your 10-year-old.

Monopoly: Disney Villains Henchmen — $33.99

If you have a Disney fan on your hands then this is a perfect birthday present. Participants can play as one of several infamous Disney baddies and—as a fun twist on the original classic board game—each has a power card that can be deployed to nefarious effect.

The Sunken Treasure: Exit Game — $14.99

birthday gifts for 10 year olds

Escape-room-style games are huge right now, and your special birthday girl is sure to love using her creativity and problem-solving skills to recover the treasure before the time runs out. For one to four players, gamers will need to solve the riddles to escape from the sunken wreck.

Throw Throw Burrito — $24.99

gifts for 10 year old girls

Not strictly a ‘board’ game, but this party-friendly pick is a kids’ dream! Players compete to collect matching sets of cards while throwing—and attempting to dodge—cute squishy burritos. Adults and children alike will love this riot of a game.

For the Fashionista

At the age of 10, lots of girls are keen mini fashionistas, having fun expressing their unique personalities through their clothes and accessories. Help her stay on-trend, or true to her own inimitable style, by choosing one of these gorgeous gifts!

Mini Leather Backpack — $22.99

toys for girls 10 years old

A cute, high-quality faux-leather backpack is a fashion-forward way for your special 10-year-old to carry her things to school or to hold important items on a day out with family or friends. This cute and trendy mini backpack comes in a range of colors, so pick the one that suits her unique style!

Fashion Angels Design Sketch Portfolio — $18.98

What better gift for a burgeoning fashionista? With its set of stencils, forty sketch sheets, and over one hundred stickers, this will keep her busy for hours.

Juicy Couture Chains and Charms — $17.79

Everything is included to make up to five cool bracelets including charms, beads, ribbons, a sewing kit, and full instructions. This set will let her express her personality while having fun and promoting fine motor skills and creative thinking at the same time.

Little Book of Earrings — $26.99

One of those presents that are both useful and quirky, this little padded book acts as a safe place to keep all her earrings secured in the same place. Made of soft pink faux leather, this item features pre-made fixing holes and can hold up to twelve pairs of earrings, including clip-ons.

Fashion Design for Kids — $11.67

trendy popular girl toys

And if you’ve got a serious soon-to-be fashion designer to buy for? Then she’s going to adore this handy guide that’ll begin to build the skills she’ll need. It covers areas such as coming up with concepts and sketching out ideas through to creating a Fashion Week Collection.

For the Sport Lover

Got an outdoorsy girl with a birthday coming up? Many 10-year-olds love being outside and active, and the gifts below will give them lots more opportunities to burn off steam!

Hover Soccer Ball — $45.94

10 year old girl gifts

This hover ball can be used both indoors and outdoors, so a rainy day is no reason to stop the fun! Two balls come in each pack, and they glide easily on a cushion of air—plus, they’re equipped with LED flashing lights. What’s not to love?

Adjustable Inline Skates — $59.99

With their light-up wheels and vibrant design, these inline skates make for a gift that’ll last years: their adjustable nature means they can be increased by up to four sizes, so you can be sure she’ll have more than just a single season’s worth of skating. The ride is smooth and quiet, and they feature a triple closure mechanism to keep kids’ feet safe and held securely.

Portable Basketball Hoop System — $75.00

This isn’t your average over-the-door basketball hoop: it’s a telescoping, portable stand that’s easily collapsible so that she can practice her shots on vacation, at a friend’s, or on a day out. The base can be filled with water to add stability, and it can be adjusted to a height of up to 6.5 feet.

Capture the Flag Illuminated — $44.99

birthday gifts for 10 year girl

A classic game with a twist! Light-up flags, territory markers, jail enclosures, and team bracelets mean that play can even take place in the dark: the pre-installed batteries will last for around twelve to sixteen games.

Dance Mat Electronic Pad for Two — $179.99

good birthday gifts for 10 year olds

For a truly spectacular gift, this option can be enjoyed by a single player or boost the fun in two-player mode. With wireless controllers and a camera to capture every movement in real-time, it also features a range of classic games and can act as a treadmill, or interactive yoga pad, too.

What Else Makes a Great Birthday Gift for 10-Year-Olds?

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And if you’d like even more ideas for the perfect present, here’s some quick-fire inspiration!

Personalized Gifts

Whether it’s a necklace featuring her initials and birthstone, a sequinned sneaker embroidered with her name, or a backpack embossed with her first name and a simple, meaningful message, a personalized present always makes for a beautiful birthday present that she’ll treasure for years.


These are super on trend right now, so why not make her big day extra special with this gift? The recipient can have fun changing the message whenever she likes, and it’ll make a wonderful addition to any kid’s room.


There are virtually endless subscription possibilities, so signing your special girl up for one that matches her interests is a great way to keep her smiling for a whole year! Choose from beauty boxes, astronomy magazines, a book subscription, or craft kits.

Charm bracelets

Not only is this a lovely gift, but it means you can give her charms for subsequent birthdays or other celebrations. Choose charms that reflect the birthday girl’s personality and interests, such as a musical note, a book, or a character from her favorite movie.

Butterfly garden

A truly magical choice, a live butterfly garden is a safe habitat in which she’ll be able to watch her caterpillars’ journey as they transform into chrysalides before emerging as beautiful butterflies, ready to be released.

LED light-up gloves

Cozy gloves with a difference: activate for a cool light show as the LEDs in the fingers glow in a sequence of neon colors. If you’re looking for a gift for a girl with an autumn or winter birthday, this is a perfect option.


Most 10-year-old girls love the idea of keeping a diary: why not choose something extra special, featuring a beautifully designed cover and a small padlock and key to keep her secrets safe?

Bath treats

If the girl you’re buying for appreciates a bit of pampering, then a luxury set of bath bombs, salts, or other bathtime treats is a great gift idea. Pick out a pretty wash bag featuring her initial to present them in, for an extra luxe offering!

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How to Find the Very Best Gift for 10-Year-Olds Girls?

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When it comes to selecting a gift for your niece, granddaughter, little sister, or friend’s daughter, the key is to always make the choice as personal as possible.

Think about her style, her passions, interests, hobbies, and personality: does she love to craft, for example, or is she into dance, tech, or science? Has she always wanted to be a photographer, a singer, or an engineer? Is there something she’s expressed an interest in that she hasn’t yet had a chance to try out? Keep these things in mind when picking out a present.

For parents, make sure that any gift that’ll be presented to your 10-year-old is age appropriate. This can be easily checked on the online details or the packaging, but it’s important to take into account the maturity level of your child.

Kids develop at different rates, and things that some children may be able to easily and safely do on their own, for others adult supervision may be required. Trust your instincts: you’ll know best what’s right for your 10-year-old.

Use the guide above to choose the very best gift for the 10-year-old in your life, and get ready to see her face light up as she lifts it from its wrapping!

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