What’s Inside Among Us? A Parent’s Essential Guide to the Popular Game

In the gaming world, a new star has risen rapidly, capturing the hearts of young players and snagging various accolades.

That star is none other than Among Us, a free cartoon game that intertwines mystery with social strategy.

As the buzz around this popular game grows louder, parents find themselves wondering whether it’s appropriate for their children.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll unravel the intricacies of the Among Us game for kids, from its appeal, to the Among Us age rating and, most importantly, whether it’s a safe space for your child to explore.


What is the Among Us Game About?

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Imagine the classic social games of Clue and Mafia mixed with a sprinkle of the movie ‘Alien’.

Among Us is an online multiplayer game where you work with friends to complete tasks aboard a spaceship, but there’s a twist. Some players are impostors, who must sabotage the ship and eliminate their crewmates without getting caught by the rest of the team.

In Among Us, you can have a group of four to ten players. Crewmates must complete a list of tasks or identify the impostor among them. Impostors have the upper hand and the ability to create chaos and kill crewmates, all while trying to blend in and avoid suspicion. The game thrives on communication, with emergency meetings and voting to eject suspects from the ship.

Why Is It So Popular With Young People?

What makes this game so appealing to kids and should there be any restriction to which children can play it? The simplicity of its mechanics means anyone can pick it up and start playing. The allure of strategy and deception also plays a part—it’s a game where you can lie to your friends! The shared experience through online play taps into the desire for social interaction.

The minimalistic design and simple rules make Among Us accessible to everyone. With customizable character sprites and the game’s lighthearted nature, it’s often seen as more charming than other intense multiplayer games. The short rounds mean it’s easy to fit in a game during a break—another reason it has become a hit among kids.

Among Us is rated for players aged 10 and up. However, with its online multiplayer format, this rating is a guide, and the local community interactions can vary widely, potentially affecting the suitability of the game for younger players.

So is Among Us appropriate for kids? As a parent, you’ll have to be the one who decides that. Only you know your child and their maturity level—as well as what they might be reasonably expected to be able to handle. With that, let’s talk about some of the key advantages, disadvantages, and risks of this game so you have enough information to make that final call.

Benefits and Disadvantages for Kids That Parents Should Know

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Thinking about letting your child play Among Us? Here are some key benefits and disadvantages to pay attention to before you hand over the reins. Let’s review.

The Benefits of Among Us

First and foremost—it can help build collaboration skills. In the lively world of Among Us, kids are thrown into the fast-paced challenges of teamwork and communication. As they work to identify impostors and keep their spaceship operational, they learn the value of clear communication and collaboration to achieve shared objectives.

It can also help with strategic thinking and problem-solving. Every game of Among Us is a puzzle waiting to be solved, honing kids’ strategic thinking and problem-solving skills. They must think critically to either outwit fellow crewmates or defend their innocence.

Among Us is also a safe environment for kids to experience and manage conflict. The game’s mechanics create controlled scenarios where mild confrontation and disagreements are not only expected but also necessary to play effectively. It teaches them that conflict can be resolved systematically and without resorting to aggression.

The underlying theme of trust and deceit in Among Us gives children a controlled space to understand and navigate these complex social concepts. Learning who to trust and why—and sometimes dealing with the sting of betrayal—helps them develop a deeper understanding of human nature and the various dynamics within their social circles.

Finally, the game’s fundamentals, especially the moments where players get “voted off”, mimic the dynamics of social inclusion and exclusion. Kids learn firsthand the importance of integration and being part of a community. Likewise, they understand the potential consequences of their actions on others’ feelings and the group dynamic as a whole.

Disadvantages of Among Us for Kids

Unfortunately, with its popularity, Among Us has seen a rise in concerning behaviors in its community. Some players may experience bullying, harassment, or exposure to inappropriate language or content with graphic violence. The game’s nature of deception and betrayal can also lead to conflicts, especially in the context of younger, more impressionable players.

The most significant parental concerns revolve around cyberbullying, stranger danger, and the potential emotional impact of the game. The competitive nature can be a double-edged sword, fostering teamwork and resilience but also introducing children to the concept of betrayal and dishonesty in a gaming context.

Among Us offers a chat feature that works for players in the same room or using a keyboard. While this facilitates the social elements that make the game fun, it also opens the door for unmoderated communication with strangers. This is where things can become dicey, with the potential for exposure to foul language, harassment, or worse.

The game’s visuals and premise are certainly child-appropriate. However, its online and community-driven nature means the game is only as kid-friendly as the people they encounter while playing. The unpredictable nature of online interactions is the game’s biggest variable in terms of safety for kids.

Tips to Keep Children Safe

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Considering the unique social dynamics and interactive components of Among Us, there are specific guidelines children should follow to ensure a safe and enjoyable gaming experience.

  • First, teach your kids that their real identity should remain a secret within the gaming world. Personal information based on full name, address, school name, or phone number is not to be shared, not even hints. The in-game chat feature is particularly important—children must understand the golden rule: “If it’s personal, it’s off-limits.”
  • Discuss the dangers of accepting friend requests from unknown players. Explain that while not all strangers are bad or violent, it’s essential to keep their gaming circle within friends they trust. Any request from a stranger should prompt a conversation with you or another trusted adult before a decision is made.
  • Encourage your child to play Among Us with friends they know in real life or from verified safe online communities. Reinforce that gaming with familiar faces provides a consistently trusted environment, reducing the risk of unwanted interactions and behavior.
  • Show your child how to adjust the game’s settings for safety. Enable or assist with settings that can keep potentially risky chat interactions to a minimum, such as allowing only quick phrases, or even better, completely disabling chat with strangers. This proactive step can help to keep the game space content-controlled and safe for the worst-case scenario.
  • Emphasize the importance of reporting any inappropriate or uncomfortable encounters. Among Us, like many online games, has a reporting system for detecting and managing disruptive or harmful behavior. Explain how to use these tools so your child feels empowered to take action.
  • Take children’s online safety to the next level by introducing them to the Kids360 app. Designed to give parents peace of mind, this app equips kids with the tools they need to navigate their digital world safely.

Kids360 features include time management tools, safe browsing, and real-time alerts for online safety concerns. Set up the Kids360 app to ensure a comprehensive safety net for your child’s digital adventures.

Should I Let My Kid Play Among Us?

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In the end, whether your child should play Among Us or any online game depends on a variety of factors—including their age, maturity, and the level of conversation and social context in which they play.

Be involved, set good limits, and equip your child with the tools to navigate these digital waters safely.

Among Us is an exciting game that can offer a wealth of learning opportunities, but it also presents some risks. Engage with your child, stay informed, and use the resources at your disposal to ensure that their gaming experiences are as safe and positive as possible.

As a responsible parent, your awareness and involvement in your child’s gaming choices will go a long way in optimizing their online experience.

At its core, Among Us is a game that, if played right, can be both safe and enriching for kids. The keyword here is ‘if’, and that ‘if’ lies heavily on the shoulders of parental oversight and guidance.


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Is the game Among Us kid-friendly?

Like any online game, the suitability of Among Us for young kids depends on several factors, including parental oversight and the child’s maturity level. It’s rated for ages 10 and up, but the content of online interactions is not controlled, so it’s best to use caution.

How do you play Among Us for kids?

The gameplay doesn’t differ when playing with kids; however, parents can create private games to control who their child plays with. This ensures a safer and more controlled environment without the risk of unfavorable community interactions.

Why is Among Us so popular with kids?

Among Us’s combination of social interaction, strategy, and lighthearted visuals makes it a perfect storm of characteristics that kids often find engaging in a video game. The thrill of deception and the shared experience of trying to figure out who the impostor is only added to its appeal.

How old do you have to be to use Among Us?

The game’s official minimum age requirement is 10 years old, but this presumes there is a degree of mature understanding and that parents are involved in the child’s gaming life. The in-game content itself is generally suitable for kids, but parental discretion is advised due to its online nature.

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