Inappropriate Roblox Games for Kids: Protect Your Child From Adult Content

Roblox is an extremely popular platform for kids, but many parents aren’t really aware of what exactly Roblox is or the risks that it can pose. This article is for parents—like us!—who have only a vague awareness of Roblox and want to ensure their kids stay safe online. With children increasingly aware of Roblox, you may be feeling the effects of ‘pester power’ right now as kids ask for access to the platform and its games. How can we know which of these games are age appropriate and which could pose a danger? Navigating this new digital landscape can, as a parent, feel overwhelming.

Below, we’re going to explore exactly what the Roblox platform is and how to best ensure your child doesn’t access any of its explicit or otherwise inappropriate content and give you the knowledge you need to make the decisions that are right for you and your child.


What is Roblox, and Why is It So Popular?

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Roblox is an online gaming platform where thousands of separate games can be accessed, all via one app. Parental controls are enabled by default for users under the age of thirteen and Common Sense Media rates Roblox as being ‘safe’ for users aged thirteen plus. It incorporates a monetary system called Robux; this digital currency needs to be purchased with ‘real’ money and can be used to buy skins, character accessories, and much more.

The sheer volume of games available is one of the key reasons for Roblox’s extreme popularity; currently, the platform boasts over forty million options. Plus, games can be made by anybody; in 2021 alone, Roblox paid out over $500 million to creators.

What Should Parents Know About Games on Roblox?

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As we mentioned, there are literally millions of games available on Roblox in a variety of genres: including horror. There are also many games featuring sexual content or content that is otherwise inappropriate for kids to view.

Plus, many games on Roblox incorporate a chat system that enables players to speak to one another—something which most parents will be keen to ensure their child does not make use of. Although a censoring system is in place that is meant to block out foul or offensive language, there are easy ways around this, meaning this safeguard can’t be relied on.

15 Most Inappropriate Games Kids Might Find on Roblox

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1. Survive the Killer

When it comes to inappropriate Roblox games for kids, Survive the Killer most definitely falls into this category. Although the graphics are cartoonish, the content and themes are not suitable for children. Based on horror genre tropes, characters must hide from the serial killer to avoid being his next victim—alternatively, a player could choose to be the murderer and hunt down other players.

Rated on the platform as suitable for ages nine and up, this is a Roblox game that is likely to cause anxiety in kids—especially young children—and should be treated with caution, even if your child is above the recommended age limit.

2. Obby Games

Many games on the Roblox platform fall into distinct categories, and Obby games are one such group. Quite simply, Obby games are obstacle games—not to be confused with the term’s usage in Minecraft, where it’s short for obsidian!

However, while these types of games sound harmless, there are many scary or disturbing Obby Roblox games, or those that feature adult content. For example, Escape Mr Funny’s Toy Shop is designated as being suitable for all ages, yet it contains frightening images and jump scares that could upset young kids, resulting in nightmares and daytime anxiety. It’s essential to vet Obby games as carefully as you would other types of games on Roblox before allowing your child to play.

3. Dance Club and Club Iris

Dance Club games on Roblox should be viewed with extreme caution. While some are designed for kids, it’s important to remember that—even if the content is appropriate—children are often encouraged to make friends or chat with other users, which poses an inherent danger.

As well as boys and girls dance clubs, there are also ‘hangout’ clubs on the platform, such as Club Iris, which, although billed as a dance game, has a reputation for its adult content. For example, stories have emerged about players giving lap dances to other users and sexual advances being made. This is one of the inappropriate games that it’s important to ensure your kids steer clear of.

4. Welcome to Bloxburg

This popular Roblox game is in the roleplaying genre and is very similar to The Sims—players navigate various ‘real world’ scenarios and interact with other users. The aim is to keep your avatar happy, learning new skills, and earning money.

The potential problems come from the focus on communicating with others—unless you’ve set the parental controls to allow your child to only connect with certain other users (or none at all), you never know who your kid could encounter and chat with online. It’s also worth being aware that this game incentivizes in-game purchases, so parents need to watch out for this.

5. Shedletsky’s Dirty Place

Regularly making appearances on lists of the most inappropriate Roblox games for kids, Shedletsky’s Dirty Place, as its name suggests, should not under any circumstances be accessed by children. It’s one of the infamous Roblox sex games and features explicit, adult content.

It’s important to be aware that the game may appear appealing to kids, despite its eighteen-plus age rating, but it can have serious subsequent consequences for children who engage with it. This is a good example of why it’s so important to ensure that you have the parental controls enabled on the Roblox accounts your kids’ access and to make sure your own account details (if you have an account) cannot be found by your little ones.

6. Shower Simulator

As well as violent content, parents also need to be aware of the many sexual games on Roblox which are often some of the most inappropriate Roblox games of all. Shower simulator games fall under this category.

Participants’ avatars enter a communal shower room as part of gameplay, and the online conversations are often of a sexual, erotic nature. Parents should take extreme care that their kids don’t have access to shower simulator games on Roblox—the age recommendations that can be found online for these types of games can make spotting inappropriate content tricky: for example, the age rating for the Shower Simulator game is simply listed as ‘NA’ on some sites.

7. Poppy Playtime-Inspired Games

Certain games on the Roblox platform sound harmless but are definitely not child-friendly. Poppy Playtime is one of the innocent-sounding but inappropriate Roblox games that could easily mislead you into thinking it’s aimed at kids. However, this particular game sits well within the horror genre: to play, users must survive the spooky vengeful toys in an abandoned factory, find their friends, and escape.

Young kids especially are likely to find the graphics and storyline disturbing, and this game could well result in some sleepless nights for little ones, despite the fact that it’s frequently listed as being suitable for all ages.

8. Vibe Place

If your children play Roblox, then they may have come across a free game called Vibe Place; it’s an exploration game designed as a space for users to interact and relax. While this may sound harmless, it’s vital to be aware of the dangers this can pose, especially to children: your kids could be chatting with literally anyone. There’s a lot of sexually-charged or otherwise inappropriate chat on Vibe Place—these games should be viewed as being similar to an adult nightclub and approached in the same way in terms of ensuring children aren’t allowed access.

It’s a great idea to adjust the Roblox account settings to prevent your child from receiving in-app messages or taking part in chats, to keep them safe.

9. Fashion Famous

Formerly known as Fashion Frenzy, this title doesn’t, at first glance, appear to belong on a list. To play, users can choose to dress up their avatar, selecting from a vast wardrobe of clothing and accessories, and then strut their fashion creations on the runway. Each participant’s look is then judged by the other players to determine the winner.

What has caused consternation with parents, however, is the extent to which kids feel the need to alter their avatar’s physical appearance (rather than just their clothes) to be ‘acceptable’—one parent described watching her daughter change the skin and hair color of her avatar, along with nose and body shape, as being ‘disturbing.’

10. The Maze

The Maze is a horror adventure game in which players must survive as long as possible, steering clear of the game’s resident monsters: The Cajoler and The Orotund. Why is The Maze an inappropriate game? Well, players must roam through a patchwork of menacing underground tunnels littered with skeletons, and there are lots of jump scares along the way that could frighten young kids. Plus, the monsters featured, whose purpose is to track down and kill players, could well cause nightmares for little ones. Older children of thirteen and over are likely to be fine with The Maze, but it should definitely be approached with caution for children younger than this.

11. Alone in a Dark House

Parents need to know that some Roblox games may be suitable for only older kids: Alone in a Dark House is one such example, which has a recommended age rating of nine years plus. This horror game centers on a private investigator who travels to a small town in an attempt to solve a brutal murder… and ends up discovering some dark and disturbing secrets about one of the town’s resident families. Featuring blood, gore, and violence, parents should familiarize themselves with this game before allowing their children—even those over the age of nine—to access it to ensure it won’t cause any issues.

12. Mortem Metallum

This fighting game pits the player against the player; each participant can choose from a range of different weapons to inflict damage on their opponent in a battle to death. Roblox conducted a review into this game in 2019 as despite it being listed as ‘suitable for all ages’ the level of blood and gore it contains makes it an inappropriate Roblox game for children. Players can decapitate or inflict amputations on their adversary, and the damage that the various long and close-range weapons are capable of is gruesome.

13. SCP-3008

An open-world horror game in which players must survive by seeking food, building bases, and interacting with other players, while avoiding the humanoids, which become aggressive at night. Participants can choose to work together to build massive, custom-designed bases for their avatars within this infinite game, that’s based on the idea of a vast Ikea store interior.

While older children are likely to enjoy this challenging—and often humorous—game, the level of threat, horror, violence, and murder elements mean that it makes it onto our list of inappropriate Roblox games for kids.

14. The Horror Mansion

This is one of the many comedy-horror survival games on Roblox—users have called it ‘dark’ and ‘twisted’ and the array of killers is likely to upset young children. While these sorts of games may seem ‘harmless’ there are fears that frequent exposure to inappropriate games on Roblox can have a significant detrimental impact on kids’ mental health, potentially causing issues with impulse control, concentration, and creating desensitization to violence. On a simpler level, your little one could experience unnecessary anxiety and nightmares from exposure to horror games such as The Horror Mansion, despite many fan sites listing this game as being ‘NA’ in terms of age rating.

15. Bloody Battles

Last on our list of inappropriate games is Bloody Battles, which is described on a fansite as a ‘chaotic and bloody free-for-all’ fight game. The concept of the game is simple: players must kill other participants using a variety of weapons, including hammers and knives. Each time a player respawns they receive three random weapons, and can also use their fists to inflict damage on their adversary. Participants can prevent their opponent from respawning by, for example, beheading their defeated opponent.

Parents, beware: Bloody Battles is extremely gory and contains graphics of blood and dismemberment, along with realistic-sounding sound effects, which could cause trauma to young players: approach with great caution.

How Does Playing Inappropriate Games on Roblox Affect Kids?

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Sleep Deprivation

Research has consistently shown that kids who spend an excessive amount of time on their screens struggle to sleep, and have much poorer quality sleep than their counterparts. This is partly due to the blue light emitted from screens, which confuses the brain, making the body think it’s daytime, even if it’s the middle of the night. When it comes to inappropriate Roblox games this issue is exacerbated by the fact that the content children have been exposed to could cause them nightmares, as well as anxiety, making getting and staying asleep difficult.

Degrades Academic Performance

Roblox games can be very addictive, and kids who spend too long playing can easily get so caught up in the online world that their studies end up being neglected. As mentioned above, this problem can be made even worse if the child is accessing inappropriate games, which could negatively impact their sleep and inability to concentrate, meaning that their school work suffers as a result. As well as using parental controls to ensure that your child isn’t able to play Roblox, it’s highly advisable to limit the time that they regularly spend on their screen.

Experiencing Negative Feelings and Aggressive Thoughts

Inappropriate games can cause many problems for kids, and not least of these is the development of issues around impulse control and a general desensitization to violence that could see kids reacting aggressively to situations that they would normally have been able to easily handle in a different way. In 2015 the American Psychological Association (APA) released a policy statement concluding that playing violent video games promotes more aggressive moods and behaviors and can detract from players’ ability to empathize and their sensitivity to aggression.

Sexual Issues

There are many Roblox games that contain adult, sexual content and references, and exposure to these can cause real problems to young people—sometimes significant, serious problems that can affect their mental health and have longstanding consequences in terms of how they view sex and relationships. While some dirty games advertise themselves as such fairly clearly, others are more subtle, and what looks like an innocent ‘hang out’ with friends game can actually have more of an adult nightclub vibe, and certainly should not be accessed by children.

Game Transfer Phenomena

Game Transfer Phenomena (GTP) can manifest in many different ways and is a term that describes how some people begin to experience sensory perceptions from the gaming world, in the real world. For example, individuals who have experienced this phenomenon have described seeing health bars above their friend’s and loved ones’ heads, hearing in-game music as they go about their daily activities, or seeing an image from a game that’s been triggered by a specific word or image. GTP can obviously have significant ramifications for those experiencing it, and it’s important to be on the lookout for signs that it’s manifesting in your child’s life.

How Do Kids Come Across Inappropriate Roblox Games?

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Kids are naturally curious and if they’ve heard whispers in the playground of infamous inappropriate games on Roblox then this could be enough to tempt many children to search for them. Knowing that a game is off-limits is often one of the quickest ways to peak a kid’s interest in it.

It’s also easy for kids to stumble across inappropriate games, especially when many of them have seemingly innocent titles, such as Poppy Playtime, listed above, or are described as something like a girl’s dance club. There are also games like Fashion Famous, also discussed in our list above, that may seem harmless but could cause issues around self-perception and self-esteem.

Most Effective Ways to Keep Your Child Safe on Roblox

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Inform Yourself About Roblox

One of the best ways to ensure your child stays safe on the platform is to make sure that you, yourself, are familiar with it, how it works, and the hidden dangers it can pose. By knowing these things, you’ll be in the best position to take the steps necessary to prevent your child from accessing any inappropriate games or seeing unsuitable content.

Take some time to get to know the platform, navigate around it, and try several games yourself. If your child is asking to play a certain game, in particular, try it out before allowing them to access it.

Talk to Your Children About Roblox

Speaking frankly with your kids about the dangers of Roblox is vital to help them stay safe online. Let them know that there are adults using the platform, as well as other kids and that it’s very important that they not engage with anyone who is not a trusted friend or family member.

Tell your children they need to let you know immediately if anything has happened on the platform that has made them feel uncomfortable, or if a stranger has tried to make contact with them. Advise your kids that it’s crucial they never give out personal information, even if asked for it.

Find Quality Games Together

Within the platform’s parental control settings, you have the facility to build a list of age-appropriate games, so you can have peace of mind knowing that your kids can only access the games that you’ve vetted and deemed appropriate. Discuss this process with your child, and build the list together—it’s a great opportunity to have a discussion about how to stay safe on Roblox, and online safety in general.

When your children are playing Roblox, ideally play with them, but if this isn’t possible, at least try to stay nearby while your kids play on the platform, so you can keep an eye on things.

Play Roblox Games with Your Kids

As touched on above, playing Roblox games together with your child is one of the best ways to ensure the games on Roblox being accessed are appropriate, and that the parental controls are working properly to prevent, for example, strangers sending in-app messages to your little one or adult content being displayed. Asking your child to give you a tour of the platform is a great way to get an insight into how they use it, and the nature of the games they’re playing.

Schedule Time for Gaming and Lead by Example

It’s important to limit the amount of time kids spend on their screens—you could use a parental control app to both sets the times your children can play on the platform, and how long a session can last. This can be really helpful for ensuring that, for example, kids can’t access the platform too close to bedtime, or play for hours at a time. Model a healthy approach to screens by ensuring phones aren’t used at the dinner table, and that you spend plenty of time away from your own devices.

Enable Safety Settings and Report Abuse

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The Roblox platform does feature a range of safety tools to help keep users—and particularly young players—safe. When a new account is set up for a child, the system will filter out, by default, any games that are rated as being only suitable for ages thirteen and up. It’s important to familiarize yourself with how to report abuse, so you can quickly alert Roblox admin if an inappropriate game slips through the net, or report another user acting or messaging inappropriately.

To enable the safety settings on your child’s Roblox account using a mobile device:

  1. Log into your child’s Roblox account via the app.
  2. Click on the three dots in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.
  3. Select the Settings option and tap on Privacy.
  4. Press the toggle button in the Accounts Restriction section to turn on this option.
  5. The toggle will turn green, indicating that the Accounts Restriction setting has been activated.

Use a Parental Control App (Kids360, Findmykids)

A parental control app, such as Kids360, is an excellent tool to help keep your kids safe online. It allows you to have control and oversight regarding the content your kids can access on the Roblox platform, so you can both limit your children’s usage, and also keep an eye on the games they’ve accessed, and whether any messages have been sent or received. You’ll also be able to see the amount of time your child has spent playing Roblox games, so that, if screen time is beginning to creep up, you can take action.

And to protect your child in the real world, download the Findmykids app for free. With it, you will always know where your child is, whether everything is alright with them and what is going on around.

Approach Roblox with Care

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The Roblox platform offers a near-infinite world of games, and many opportunities for kids to have fun, get creative and interact with friends and family members. However, the platform does pose dangers and being aware of these, and speaking openly with your kids about them, is one of the best ways to avoid them.

Familiarize yourself with the platform, and ensure that you’ve set the parental controls effectively before allowing your children to play—where possible, play together or, at the least, keep an eye on the games your kids are accessing and take every opportunity to talk about these games and your child’s experience on the platform. By approaching Roblox with care, and remaining mindful of its potential downsides, you can ensure your child enjoys a fun, fulfilling time on the platform.


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Is there inappropriate stuff on Roblox?

Yes, there are lots of games on the platform that contain adult, sexual, or violent content or content that is otherwise inappropriate for children to access. Sometimes this content is an intrinsic part of the game itself, sometimes it derives from the nature of the in-app chat; some ‘hangout’ type games function almost as a virtual online dating platform.

What is the most inappropriate Roblox game called?

Shedletsky’s Dirty Place is regularly listed as being the most insalubrious game that kids should not access. Shower simulator games are also some of the most inappropriate Roblox games around.

How do you block bad games on Roblox?

Use the parental settings within the platform to ensure that children can only access age-appropriate games. You can also alter the settings to ensure that kids cannot send or receive messages on Roblox.

Is Shedletsky’s Dirty Place still on Roblox?

While Shedletsky’s Dirty Place is currently not available on Roblox, there are spin-off games that are highly inappropriate for kids. These include Shedletsky House—by ensuring that the parental settings have been used to put restrictions on the account, kids shouldn’t be able to access them.

Does Roblox allow inappropriate games?

While Roblox states that it does not allow sexually explicit spaces on its platform, and takes steps to quickly take down any such content it finds or that is reported to it, this type of content can still be found. As a parent, it’s best to stay aware of the dangers and be mindful of the games your kids are accessing.

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