Black Friday Deals for Kids: Parents Guide 2024

Black Friday is just around the corner—meaning many of us are thinking about getting some great deals or saving a bundle on our Christmas shopping. With parents across the country feeling the financial squeeze more than ever right now, Black Friday is the perfect way to make your seasonal budget stretch a little further.

However, the sheer volume of stores offering discounts and the vast range of available products can make figuring out the best Black Friday deals tricky. Plus, we’ve all heard cautionary tales regarding scammers taking advantage of this period to con buyers out of their cash.

We’ve got you covered. Keep reading for everything you need to know about navigating the Black Friday sales and finding the best bargains while staying safe online. Plus, we’ve got the inside track on the latest trends, so whether you’re shopping for little kids or a young adult, your Black Friday buying will be easy-peasy this year.

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Black Friday Buying Tips


What is Black Friday Online?

Black Friday is traditionally the day after Thanksgiving, which has long been regarded as the start of the holiday shopping season. Well before the advent of the online event, stores would typically hold major sales on this day to tempt customers with great deals on a range of items. Now, Black Friday is more than a one-day event; many stores’ Black Friday deals continue for several days (taking in Cyber Monday) or even longer.

If you’re trying to figure out whether the best Black Friday deals can be found online or offline, you’re not alone. In the vast majority of cases, a store will offer the same discount on a product both online and offline. However, prices—and the discount available—can vary dramatically from one store to another, so it’s important to spend a little time to make sure you’re getting the best saving.

Wondering where the Black Friday name came from? No one’s quite sure, but it’s thought to be linked to the way that businesses would, in their ledgers, record losses in red ink and profits in black!

Getting Ready to Hit the Sales

black friday deals for kids


To ensure you get the very best Black Friday deals, get a plan in place to hit the ground running!

  1. Firstly, consider signing up for email alerts with your favorite stores or those offering the products that you’re interested in, so you’ll get alerted the moment their Black Friday deals are announced.
  2. Make a list of gift ideas for the kids you’re buying for, and start watching out for Black Friday preview ads that often begin doing the rounds from the middle of November. These previews will give you an idea of the products that’ll be on offer during the sales and the discounted prices you can expect to see.
  3. Put together a list of when the stores offering the best Black Friday deals for kids will open. On your list, detail the products you’re planning to purchase from each store and their recipient. This preparation means that the moment the sales hit and the stores are open, you’ll be able to grab the bargains you want before they sell out.

How to Search Black Friday Deals?


The million dollar question: with some many promotions, how can we be sure that we’re getting the very best Black Friday deals for kids, and there isn’t a better buy elsewhere? Checking may seem like a daunting process, but it’s a lot easier than you think.

  1. Take the time to research and make comparisons of prices across stores. This may seem like a pain, but with such potentially big savings at stake, it really is time well spent.
  2. It’s also a great idea to use a price history website (there are loads out there) to track the product’s price to help you figure out whether the discount being offered really is as impressive as it sounds. For example, if a product’s price was comparatively high (with regards to its price at alternative stores) for a short time before Black Friday and has suddenly been slashed, the impressive-looking saving could be smoke and mirrors.
  3. Finally, some stores are well-known for their Black Friday mega deals, so checking their sites is a must. These stores include Amazon, Best Buy, Kohl’s, Walmart, Target, and Macy’s. Add these retailers to your list and keep up-to-date with exactly when their Black Friday sales will be running.

Safety Tips


As we mentioned at the top, there are scammers who take advantage of the Black Friday sales and the holiday season in general to con shoppers out of their hard-earned money. This could take the form of clone websites, for example, fake goods, or taking payment for orders that are never sent.

There are some simple but vital steps you can take to stay safe from online scammers.

  1. Firstly: beware of phishing attacks. Take extreme care about clicking a link you receive from an unsolicited email, as this is a tactic commonly deployed by scammers to take you to a clone site, believing it to be the ‘real’ platform. Unless you are absolutely sure that the email and link are legit, visit the store’s website directly rather than through a link.
  2. When you arrive at a website check, too, that it has an SSL certificate, indicating that your details, including payment information, will be safe and secure. Checking this is easy: just have a look at the website’s address bar. An SSL-certified website will feature ‘https’ at the start of its address rather than just ‘http.’

Choosing to do all your Black Friday shopping at a major and well-trusted platform like Amazon could be a good way to get the peace of mind you need that you’ll be shopping safely. Plus, Amazon offers lots of additional ways to save, such as their Prime subscription, which gives members access to additional perks such as free shipping, and thirty-minute early access to lightning deals. Have a look at Amazon’s deals, and Prime membership offers as part of your preparations for the Black Friday bonanza!

Attention: What Not to Buy


There are a few key mistakes to avoid when it comes to your Black Friday shopping—being aware of these could save you a lot of money and prevent having a credit hangover in the new year.

  1. Firstly, as we’ve covered above, going into sales without a plan can easily result in spending more than you need to and missing out on the best discounts and deals. Get started early with your planning, and make a list of exactly the items you’re looking for.
  2. When it comes to what to think twice about buying, beware of full-price add-ons that can quickly increase your spending. These are things like batteries, power cables, and spare parts for items that can be bought cheaper elsewhere.
  3. Big ticket electronic purchases on Black Friday should also be carefully considered: retailers often offer big discounts on old models to make way for new models expected to drop in the new year.
  4. Clothing deals may also be not quite what they’re cracked up to be; as tempting as they may appear, clothing retailers tend to offer regular sales throughout the entire year, some of which may feature even deeper discounts than those advertised on Black Friday.
  5. Furniture buys, too, should possibly be avoided, as late summer and late winter tend to be the periods when stores offer the best sales on the stock.

What to Buy Your Child on Black Friday? Tech Deals Overview

toddler black friday deals

Studio 37/

Kids Watches

Findmykids Watch (ages 5–12)

best kids black friday deals

This smartwatch for kids is designed with parents in mind! The kid-friendly interface, long battery life, and durability make this the perfect pick for even the most active of kids. Plus, it won’t cause a distraction; the Findmykids watch doesn’t feature social media, games, or advertising, so your kids can get on with doing what they do best: being kids!

Best of all, it offers peace of mind to parents. The watch can track your kids, follow their route, and locate them quickly if needed. It can also be used to make emergency calls and has a location audio tool, too.

All these features are available with the Findmykids app. When buying a watch from an official dealer, the application license comes as a gift!

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VTech 193803 Kidizoom Smart Watch DX2 (ages 4–10)

kids black friday deals


This high-quality smartwatch designed just for kids is a great introduction to tech for your little one. As well as telling the time, it’ll allow them to take pictures and videos, play games, and much more. Children will love the Silly Yourself app, the augmented reality game Monster Catcher, and trying out the motion sensor for active challenges.

On top of this, the Kidizoom smartwatch is durable, splashproof, and designed to withstand day-to-day use by children. It also comes with fifty-five customizable watch faces, so its young wearer can switch up their look whenever they like!

Kids Digital Sports Watch (ages 5–12)

kid black friday deals


This digital watch is a great gift for outdoorsy children. As well as an in-built fitness tracker and stopwatch, it features a pedometer and alarm settings. It’s water resistant, too, and can be charged via a USB port.

Choose this product if you’re looking for a practical, hard-wearing watch for a sporty child. The adjustable band means that your child will be able to wear and enjoy it for years, and with a battery life of around fifteen days, you won’t have the hassle of frequently needing to charge it, either!

Kids Analogue Watch (ages 5–15)

black friday deals kids


Available in a variety of colors, an analog watch makes a lovely first timepiece for a child and is a great way of helping little ones learn the time. The soft silicone strap makes it comfortable to wear all day, and it is also water and shock-resistant, meaning that kids don’t need to remove it to wash their hands or while playing sports.

The watch has a stainless steel back cover, so it’s even tougher than it looks. It also benefits from a Japanese-Quartz Movement battery, meaning it keeps precision time.

Accutime Kids Pokemon Digital LCD Quartz Watch (ages 4–15)

black friday sale kids


For the mini-Pokemon fan in your life, this fun digital watch is guaranteed to be a hit! Featuring the cute characters that they love, the simple, easy-to-read LCD display makes this perfect as a first watch or as a fab fashion accessory for an older, trend-conscious child. Show them how to use the buttons to light up the characters!

There are a variety of Pokemon designs and colors to choose from, and the watch also comes with a battery and a one-year guarantee.

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Baby Selfie Toy Phone (ages 9 months–3 years)

black friday sales kids


With its easy-press buttons, light-up mirror, and music, this toy phone is perfect for even very young children. Babies will love exploring the Selfie Toy Phone, which is great for developing hand-eye coordination. The camera icon will allow your little one to have fun with some ‘filter’ effects, and parents will be relieved to know the volume is adjustable, too!

This toy is made from high-quality, non-toxic materials and is ASTM certified—meaning that it’s not a problem if it gets a little gnawed on when your baby is teething!

Leapfrog Chat and Count Emoji Phone (ages 18 months–5 years)

black friday deals for teen girls


A roleplay phone designed for toddlers, the Leapfrog Chat and Count Emoji Phone is a great introduction to tech; as well as having fun pretend calls with Violet, little ones can enjoy watching the cute videos and even adding their own sound effects!

The phone also features a guessing and counting game, light-up numbers, and exciting animations that children will love. With over fifty activities, games, and songs, this toy will keep your young child occupied for hours while also helping them learn numbers and phone manners.

VTech KidiBuzz G2 Smart Device (ages 4–9)

best black friday deals for teen girls


This device looks and functions similarly to a smartphone—but with an important difference: kids can only send texts, images, and voice messages to parent-approved contacts via the free KidiConnect app.

Kids can take photos and apply fun filters and play more than forty games designed to support learning. You’ll also get a free trial of the LeapFrog Academy, which gives your little one access to over 2,000 engaging games and activities. The shatter-safe screen makes this device sturdy enough for daily use by children, and it comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and a micro USB cable.

Cafferia Kids Walkie Talkies (ages 4–12)

black friday deals for teen boys


This set of three kids’ walkie-talkies will turn every day into an adventure for the lucky recipient and their friends! Each walkie-talkie features a built-in flashlight, has a three-mile radius, and they’re super easy to use. Parents can set up a private radio station to ensure that their kids can chat without the fear of snoopers eavesdropping.

Kids will love the VOX function, which allows them to send messages without even pressing a button, and the LCD backlit display means that they can be easily used on sleepovers or when camping! This product could be a great addition to your list of Black Friday deals for kids to look out for!

Suddroid Mini Smartphone—the World’s Smallest Smartphone (ages 12+)

black friday deals teens


Despite its teeny tiny size, this smartphone is just like its larger brothers and sisters and can be used to make calls, browse the internet, play games, and do all the things a regular smartphone can do!

As a fully functional phone, this is suitable for older kids whose parents are happy for them to have access to such. Older children and teens will love its cute size, design, and pocket-friendly credentials! Choose from black, white, or pink to suit your child’s style.

Baby Monitors

VTech DM221-2 Audio Baby Monitor

best black friday deals for teens


With up to 1,000 feet of range, a vibrating sound alert, a talk-back intercom, and a nightlight on the baby unit, this monitor is an excellent choice for new parents who want peace of mind that their little one is sleeping soundly. It’s also a great price, even before the inevitable Black Friday drop!

The VTech monitor features clear audio transmission, eliminating background noise for additional clarity. You can also adjust the sound sensitivity, so the monitor will either transmit all noises from the nursery or only those over a specific volume.

Hello Baby Monitor

teen black friday deals


This baby monitor benefits from a five-inch color display screen, audio, night vision, and two-way talk. It features additional nifty features, too, that include temperature monitoring, eight lullabies, and a zoom function, so you can get a clear view of your little one while they’re sleeping.

The monitor has a range of 1,000 feet, and the speaker is on the back of the baby unit to prevent sudden noises from startling your baby. It’s non-wifi and easy to set up, too—what’s not to love?

Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor and Wall Mount

black friday deals for teens


This Nanit monitor features a split screen feature, allowing you to see the feed from two cameras on one screen, to give you the ultimate peace of mind. The cutting-edge camera can be mounted on the nursery wall to give you the best view of your baby possible.

A sound and motion alert, nightlight, and a personal analytic program that lets you view your little one’s sleep patterns are all great additions to this package—not to mention the facility to capture still images to create beautiful ‘watch them grow’ time-lapse videos!

Sense-U Smart Baby Monitor 3

black friday teens


As well as all the features you’d expect in a baby monitor, the Sense-U Smart Monitor 3 also lets you know your child’s temperature, their movement and breathing patterns, and even the position in which they’re currently napping.

The parental unit will notify you via light and sound if it detects something that requires your attention, and you’ll receive an audio notification on your smartphone. Expecting more than one baby? No problem, this monitor supports twins and multiples, too!

Owlet Dream Duo: Dream Sock Baby Monitor and HD Camera

black friday for teens


The Rolls-Royce of baby monitors, the Owlet Dream Duo not only streams HD vision and clear audio but also tracks your little one’s sleep patterns using its integrated award-winning wearable technology.

By popping the Dream Sock on your baby every time they sleep, you’ll be able to view how often they wake, their heart rate, oxygen level, the quality of their sleep, and more. Parents will also have access to Owlet’s sleep program and a sleep schedule that can be adapted to their baby’s needs.

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Tech Toys

LeapFrog: My Own LeapTop (ages 2–4)

best black friday deals 2021 for teens


Children can be just like mom and dad with this first laptop! It features four learning modes, plays songs, and even lets kids send and receive pretend emails. There are lots of fun animations for little ones to enjoy, too, as well as animal trivia and letters games.

This toy has been designed to support early vocabulary learning and computer literacy and to help young kids learn to spell their name—once they’ve mastered the latter, they can customize their LeapTop!

GoCube: The Connected Electronic Bluetooth Cube (ages 8+)

black friday sales for teens


This award-winning Bluetooth-connected speed cube is the perfect gift for a tech-loving kid who also enjoys solving puzzles! Older kids, college students, and even adults will have fun getting to grips with this puzzle cube that comes with a free companion app that offers tutorials, challenges, and the opportunity to connect with and play against friends and Cubers worldwide!

Play on the go, as a family, or to relax, the GoCube comes with an accessories kit, rechargeable battery, and a range of mini-games for your kids to try their hands at.

Elenco Tech Tech: Zivko the Robot (ages 10+)

black friday tips


Zivko is an AI-enabled robot that your older child will love to make friends with! This STEM-supporting toy is a wonderful gift for young engineers.

Once kids have built him, they’ll find that Zivko has two settings, Follow and Explore. Choose the latter, and he’ll follow you if you approach him. Try out the latter to see him explore his surroundings, figuring out new routes. Why not suggest your kid create a maze for their new friend and watch him find his way out?

Amerfist Hover Orb (ages 8+)

black friday tricks


If you’re looking for Black Friday deals for kids that are tricky to buy for, then the Hover Orb is just the ticket! By throwing the Orb at different speeds and angles, kids will be able to create a range of flight paths and boomerang effects—it can be played with in or outdoors and features fun lights for the extra wow factor.

Conveniently, the Hover Orb can be charged in a variety of ways and, once fully charged (which takes just twenty minutes), will last for an impressive ten hours.

Mini Drone with HD Camera (ages 8–12)

tips black friday


This drone will provide hours of fun! It comes with easy-to-work remote controllers, a voice control facility, and infrared sensors. The onboard camera will allow your child to capture and subsequently edit spectacular videos of their flight—they can even view a real-time transmission from their drone through the dedicated app.

The Mini Drone is super easy to use, making it perfect for kids and beginners. Simply draw your route on the app, and the drone will automatically follow the designated flight path.


Vicooda Kids Touchscreen Camera (ages 3–12)

black friday tips and tricks


A shock-proof, rechargeable selfie camera that’s perfect for even young children, the Vicooda Kids Touchscreen camera makes a great first ‘proper’ camera for your little one. With a dual lens and the ability to take videos, you may be surprised at the quality of the images that can be taken.

There are loads of additional features included, such as time stamps, time-lapse effects, different shooting modes and various color features, so your child can get super creative with their new camera.

Ailheo Underwater Camera for Kids (ages 3-14)

black friday shopping tips


This isn’t just a water-resistant camera, it’s totally waterproof, so your child can take it into the pool or the sea to capture some spectacular shots and videos—it can even be taken diving to a depth of one hundred feet!

As well as the waterproof element, the Ailheo camera also benefits from 180-degree angle rotation and is compatible with a selfie stick and a skate/bike helmet camera mount, so your young explorer can capture all their adventures.

VTech KidiZoom Creator Cam (ages 5–10)


With this gift, children will be able to create high-quality videos and incorporate special effects during the editing process, such as time-lapse. It has a built-in microphone and comes with a range of attachments, including a tabletop tripod and watch strap.

Kids will have lots of fun adding animation and other backgrounds to their video, and content can be uploaded to a PC or other device using the included USB stick, so the whole family can view the finished video!

Minibear Instant Camera for Kids (ages 3–16)


Kids love the fun of instant cameras—take a photo, press a button, and watch a physical copy of the picture appear! This digital camera can also record videos and features lots of funny frames to make the printed photos even more epic.

Your little one will be able to get started with this camera straight away: it comes with three rolls of paper, enough to print off around 180 photos. Once fully charged, it has a three-hour battery life, so it is perfect for capturing shots at a family party or other event.

Digital Camera with 32GB SD Card (ages 8+)


If your older child is ready for a more sophisticated camera, then this is an excellent choice. It comes equipped with anti-shake and face recognition technology and will allow them to take high-quality photos and videos.

With digital zoom, a continuous shooting option, a self-timer, and a built-in microphone, this digital camera has everything your child needs to create the content they dream up. As well as the camera itself, you’ll receive a USB cable, adapter, camera bag, and lanyard.

Music Creation

Funshpiel Toy Saxophone (ages 3–8)


With its realistic design, fun flashing lights, and multi-functionality, the Funshpiel Toy Saxophone is a wonderful way to allow your child’s creativity and burgeoning musicality free expression.

Each of the brightly-colored, easy-press buttons produces clear sounds and has been designed to promote hand-eye coordination and dexterity, with little hands in mind. It’s made from non-toxic, durable APS plastic, so it will survive even robust play. The rhythm functions and other in-built sounds add to the fun, too!

Ottolives Piano Mat (ages 1+)


Little ones will enjoy stepping and dancing on different sections of the mat to produce musical notes and noises—it lights up, too—and you may find that even the older members of the household are keen to get involved! It also features a record and playback feature, so your mini maestro can present their masterpiece to you when it’s complete!

With anti-slip backing, it’s also easy to fold and store, meaning it hits the mark when it comes to practicalities as well!

Heepuew Kids Piano Keyboard (ages 3–9)


If you’ve got a budding young musician in your household, then what better way to help them along than with the gift of a multi-functional keyboard? With a record and playback tool, percussion settings, and various tones, rhythms, and demos, this is the gift that keeps on giving!

The smaller-sized keys have been created especially for little fingers, and parents will be relieved to know that it features adjustable volume control, too!

Sphero Specdrums (ages 8+)


Specrums is an app-enabled device that turns any surface into an instrument! Simply tap a surface, or the included play pad, to produce a range of sounds, rhythms, loops, and beats. Kids will be fascinated with this take-anywhere toy, and it can also be used to help children relax and unwind.

The people behind Sphero Spedrums set out with the aim of reimagining creative play—to this end, this product offers open-ended musical exploration and plenty of opportunity to innovate and create music with friends.

VTech KidiStar DJ Mixer (ages 5–10)


Your mini superstar DJ will be the star of the show with this cool first mixing deck! They’ll be able to mix the fifteen in-built songs or can connect (via BlueTooth) to their own music library to create their masterpiece. The sound grid facilitates over 2,000 sound combinations, and kids can add vocals and effects to further boost their DJ credentials!

The mixer also features a headphone jack, an in-built speaker, and lights so your kid can really get the party started!

Best Black Friday Deals for Teens

Boys Gadgets

Bluetooth Beanie Hat


When it comes to the best Black Friday deal teens are notoriously hard to buy for. But we can help! This BlueTooth hat means your teen can listen to their favorite tracks without compromising their style—or getting cold!

The inbuilt chip syncs to any wireless-enabled device within seconds, and the two speakers offer fantastic sound quality. The battery lasts around an impressive twenty hours between charges, too, so whether you’re buying for a college student or a younger teen, this will be an extremely appreciated gift.

Magnetic Levitation Floating Globe


This sleek and stylish floating globe will make a great addition to any teenager’s room or workspace, and it makes for an intriguing talking point, too! The built-in LED looks extra cool when the day’s light fades, and it operates silently, so no need to worry about it disrupting study time!

The levitating globe comes with a suspension tool, which can be used to position the globe perfectly—once it’s removed, it will stay in place, floating in mid-air.

Girls Gadgets

HP Portable Instant Photo Printer


An Amazon bestseller, your Black Friday Deals Teens list needs to include this product, that teens will adore. It connects via the HP Sprocket app using BlueTooth to quickly print photos – the app will also allow your teen to take snaps of their doodles or drawings and turn them into custom stickers.

Photos can be curated via the app, where the lucky recipient will be able to access designer filters, frames, and stickers to add to their images.

Bluetooth Speaker and Nightlight


Available in five vibrant colors, this multifunctional device features a nightlight, speaker, and alarm clock and also allows the user to make hands-free calls. As well as its three brightness levels, the device can be set so its color changes with the rhythm of the music being played.

Its super-long battery life is a huge plus: once fully charged, it’ll last for around three weeks on standby—meaning your teen won’t have to remember to charge it too often!



What to Do With Kids on Black Friday?

While Black Friday may traditionally be all about hitting the stores for the mega-bargains, if you’ve shopped online, you’ll have the opportunity to forego this and spend some time with the kids instead. Arranging a trip out or some family time is a great way to remind children about the most important things in life.

Where to Go With Kids on Black Friday?

It’s probably best to avoid the stores: the crowds and general hustle and bustle could be overwhelming for little ones and stressful for yourself. Why not do something totally different instead; visit a museum or an art gallery, or go for a hike as a family?

How to Shop With Kids on Black Friday?

Online, if at all possible! Get planning early to get the best Black Friday deals for kids without leaving the comfort of your own home. But if this can’t be done, then it’s key to have a plan. Know what stores you’re planning to visit and what you’re going to buy there, so you can get in and out as quickly as possible. Plan for breaks—and take snacks!

How Many Days Until Black Friday?

This year, the date of Black Friday is November 25th, 2022. So there aren’t many days left!

What are Some Alternative Gift Ideas to Shop on Black Friday?

Subscription boxes make a great gift for a child or teen, and if you buy an annual subscription, will put a smile on the recipient’s face all through the year. Alternatively, choose an experience voucher or a gift voucher for a much-loved store so your older child can shop the Pottery Barn teen range, for example, or pick up their favorite type of stationery at Hayman and Sumner’s.

Which Country Does Not Participate in Black Friday?

Many countries worldwide now participate in Black Friday. Some of the countries that don’t include Venezuela, North Korea, Iran, and Afghanistan.

How Long is Black Friday 2022?

The period during which stores offer major discounts starts on Black Friday continues over the subsequent weekend, and has its last day on Cyber Monday. Many stores, however, continue to offer Black Friday deals for a week or more.

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