The Best Parental Control Apps for iPhone in 2024

Navigating the digital landscape of parenting is simplified with our guide to the best parental control apps for iPhone, empowering parents to safeguard their children’s online activities and promote responsible device usage.

Parents only want the best for their children. In the era of technology, that means getting them top mobile phones, and iPhones certainly fit that category. But while these gadgets are great for learning and discovering the world, they can be a danger to kids’ safety. Unfiltered online content, internet predators, and other risks make it vital to monitor your child’s phone.

The easiest and most efficient way to do that is to find the best parental control app. Specialized monitoring software contains critical features that maximize safety and simplify keeping track of your child’s iPhone activity.

The biggest advantage of using such apps is the peace of mind you have as a parent. You can rest assured the text messages, websites, and other phone functions used are free from harmful content. And monitoring apps ensure you always have the latest information that allows acting swiftly when necessary.

We’ll now review the top ten best parental control apps and their features. Check out the best kid iPhone monitoring apps!

13 Best Parental Control Apps for iPhone:

  1. Findmykids
  2. Kids360
  3. FamiSafe iPhone Parental Control
  4. FamilyTime Parental Control for iPhone
  5. FlexiSpy
  6. Teensafe Parental Control for iPhone
  7. Kids Guard Pro for iOS
  8. Ourpact Parental Control for iPhone
  9. Mobicip iPhone Parental Control
  10. Qustodio
  11. Screen Time
  12. Google Family Link
  13. Norton Family

1. Findmykids


  • GPS location tracking, including location history
  • Notifications when the child reaches a specific location
  • Monitoring battery life and issuing charging reminders
  • Sending a loud signal if the location feature not working or the child doesn’t pick up your phone
  • A cross-platform service that also works on Android phones


  • $6.99 monthly / $43.49 yearly for a single device
  • $118.99 for a Lifetime Family subscription
findmykids app to track kids iphone

Credit: Findmykids

If you are seeking for the best and cheap child monitoring app then you must go for Findmykids. It provides you with multiple features in a single app. You are able to get the real-time location of your kids along with the path they have chosen. You will be notified automatically when the kid reaches the school or home. Also, you are able to know what is happening in their surroundings. It records the noise occurring nearby the child.

Isn’t it an amazing app? Of course yes, as it is giving you complete safety assurance for your kids!

Kids can make a call in an emergency through the app or smartwatches they have launched. During the month or weekend, you can download the statistics report of the kid’s activities and the locations they have visited.

Overall, there’s no doubt this is the best parental control software when it comes to knowing your children’s whereabouts.


  • Reliable information on the child’s location via GPS technology
  • Officially approved by Apple for Apple Watch integration
  • Fun chat to exchange messages with family members
  • Compatible with all kinds of devices: smartphones, watches, tablets
parental control app for iphone

Credit: Findmykids


  • No quarterly or half-annual subscription plans
  • It requires iOS 13 or a newer version

Download the best parental control app Findmykids from AppStore and Google Play. It provides amazing features like live location tracking and listening to surrounding noises and others. The best part is that you can use it for your toddlers and teenagers.

2. Kids360


  • App Lock: Set a limit for using apps, games, and social networks and manage time on your child’s phone
  • Control phone and internet usage, set screen time
  • Kid Mode: An optional kids mode for school or for relaxation time in the evening.
  • Application statistics
  • Protected App Blocker: Child protection and unwanted access blocking to ensure the safety of the Internet

Price: $4.99. per month with an annual payment of $29.90

kids360 iphone parental control app

Credit: Kids360

If you want to always know how much time your children spend on social networks and set time limits in entertainment apps and games on iPhone, Kids360 is your choice.

The application contains the mandatory control of children on the Internet. Install the Kids360 app on your phone, and the Alli360 app on your child’s phone. After connecting a child’s device, the child’s screen time will be available to you. Time management features (scheduling, application blocking, consumption monitoring) increase in the trial period and paid subscription.

Overall, the Kids360 app for iPhones is a simple and powerful solution that ensures your kids’ phone activities are well-monitored and tailored to encourage healthy habits. It’s easy to block apps you don’t want them to use by locking them. Kids360 is much more extensive than Family Link and other free solutions, making it an excellent value for money.


  • There is an additional entertainment function with tasks for children. By completing a task from the parent, for example, “do homework”, the child can be rewarded with time for any application
  • The application cannot be installed secretly, use is allowed only with the consent of the child
  • Personal data is stored in strict accordance with the law and GDPR policy
  • The application will work on the child’s phone in the application tracker mode and the child will not be able to uninstall it
  • 24/7 technical support


  • Some functions require a license subscription
  • The same set of controlled applications for different schedules

3. FamiSafe iPhone Parental Control


  • Use screen time limits to block the child’s iPhone during nighttime or any other period
  • A free trial is available for three days
  • Block specific apps to prevent children from playing games or using social media
  • Activate certain apps for the kid to access them even when the phone is blocked
  • Suspicious photo and content detection features are integrated with this iPhone parental monitoring app
  • The web filter comes with an integrated database

Price: $9.99 monthly / $19.99 quarterly / $59.99 yearly

iphone parent app - famisafe


FamiSafe is a highly advanced parental control app for iPhone users. It protects your kids from online tragedies and harm. Like other applications, it also provides you access to web filtering, content monitoring, etc. It serves an amazing feature that you will get a notification from YouTube if someone plays restricted videos. You can set the list of words and when these words will be searched then you will get a notification. It’s an excellent way to ensure your child is honoring the safe search rules.

FamiSafe’s other special features are image detection, phone usage time scheduling, browser history monitoring, app blocking, location tracking and reporting of previously visited locations. This multi-tasking app can be accessed from anywhere and at any time. It is free of cost and you simply need to download it on your kid’s mobile. The app will also work on an Android phone.


  • Special school plans for monitoring students’ iOS devices
  • Multiple awards for being a top-quality parenting product
  • Some plans cover up to ten, and others up to five devices


  • App blocking features occasionally don’t work properly
  • After changing app limits and other settings, it takes a while to update the child’s iPhone

4. FamilyTime Parental Control for iPhone


  • Real-time location tracking with a visual map
  • Mobile geofence feature ensures you receive info when the child’s phone leaves specific areas
  • Monitor phone calls and text messages and see saved contacts on the targeted iOS device
  • App usage features inform you about the children’s screen time habits
  • Use the web filter to block photos, sites, or videos from different categories

Price: $13.99 / month, $33.99 / quarterly, $68.99 / yearly

familytime app


FamilyTime is a quick and user-friendly application for kids’ safety. It is available in different modes so that you can customize it as per your requirement. It has modes i.e. homework mode, bedtime mode, and dinner mode, etc. Geo-fencing is supported for location tracking.

The app also allows you to monitor your kid’s mobile apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. If there is an emergency then it has an SOS feature that gives you a notification immediately with their current location. This package will cost you $1.15 monthly.


  • Each plan supports using the monitoring software on up to 15 multiple devices
  • The free trial is a convenient way to try if this is the app for you
  • Parents can use a mobile or web-based dashboard to monitor the child’s device


  • The free version only comes with basic features
  • It’s not the simplest iPhone parental monitoring app to use

5. FlexiSpy


  • Live audio listening with the remote microphone activation
  • GPS location tracking that includes information about past movement
  • Record and download incoming and outgoing calls and media on the child’s device
  • Detailed information on bookmarks and website visited
  • Monitor social media apps and usage of other software on the child’s phone

Price: From $29.95 monthly to $419 yearly

flexispy application for iphone


FlexiSpy is strictly a monitoring software, which means you can’t set screen time limits or block apps from installation. The tool focuses on providing the most detailed information about the activity on the child’s phone. And depending on the plan, it does go to the smallest details.

The installation is a bit tricky, but FlexiSpy offers a service that’ll help you. After setting everything up, you enter the dashboard on your PC or mobile. This is the best parental control app for comprehensive info on the child’s activity. You can even record calls via social media apps, upload files from the phone, and receive various dashboard alerts.


  • It’s among the apps for monitoring chat platforms since it can spy over 11 popular messengers
  • Take photos and videos remotely to see them via your iPhone parental monitoring app
  • A comprehensive dashboard with detailed logs and information on how the kid uses all the features on the phone


  • It’s necessary to jailbreak the child’s phone to use the app
  • No app blocking or app management options

6. Teensafe Parental Control for iPhone


  • Read text messages even after the user deletes them
  • Live GPS tracking that provides accurate location information
  • See installed apps, web history, saved photos, and videos
  • Cross-platform support ensures the software also works with Android devices
  • Social media monitoring covers all major platforms

Price: $48.99 monthly / $83.97 quarterly / $139.92 yearly

teensafe parental control


Teensafe application is designed to protect teenagers from cyberbullying and other online risks. You can track real-time location, calls, text messages. Social media app monitoring can be done either.

You will be updated automatically with live location notifications when your kid will reach or leave a particular place. Also, the app allows you to get the web browsing history, and instant messaging apps like WhatsApp and Kik Messenger can be tracked remotely. You can check all this information on its dashboard as it has a web version also. The best thing is that it is a free service and you do not need to pay for using this iPhone monitoring app.


  • No need to jailbreak the child’s phone to use this app for iPhone
  • It’s a good parental control app to stay hidden since there’s no app icon on the child’s device
  • Live demo available to see if this is the best parental control app for you


  • It’s pricey compared to other parental control apps
  • No screen time management or other features that take control over the child’s phone

7. Kids Guard Pro for iOS


  • More than 20 monitoring features are available within this iOS app
  • Detailed data collection that also covers deleted files
  • Social media monitoring covers WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat, and three other apps
  • Gather and check photos, videos, and other media via this parental control app
  • The hidden mode ensures the target phone doesn’t detect the parental control service

Price: $39.95 monthly / $59.95 quarterly / $109.95 yearly

best monitoring app for iphone


It’s not easy to keep a kid safe online these days, but parents will appreciate this tool as one of the best parental control apps available. KidsGuard Pro for iOS has over 20 features to ensure you don’t miss a single thing. From the option to monitor calls and read messages to collecting info on Safari history, Calendar Apps, and notes. Even deleted information remains stored, and you can synchronize the target phone with the KidsGuard iPhone monitoring apps via Wi-Fi.

It takes some time to install this app for iPhone and its premium features. But once you do, you get an all-around monitoring tool. That’s more comprehensive than Family Link and free solutions.


  • Excellent compatibility that goes back to iOS 9.0 versions and newer iOS devices
  • No need to jailbreak to start using this iPhone monitoring app, although that could unlock more features
  • Monitoring the device on the same Wi-Fi network works like a charm


  • The parental control app version that requires a jailbreak is more expensive
  • It takes a while to install and start using this app for iPhone

8. Ourpact Parental Control for iPhone


  • A 14-day free trial available
  • Internet, app, and texting blockers
  • Screen time management and allowance only for some apps
  • GPS location tracking and instant geofencing alerts
  • Premium features allow managing up to 20 devices


  • Free for one device and five manual blocks
  • $6.99 monthly / $69.99 yearly for Premium
  • $9.99 monthly / $99.99 yearly for Premium
best way to monitor child's iphone


Ourpact is another best parental control apps that makes you feel connected with your family. It makes the kids use their iPhones productively without making them boring. You can restrict the download of adult or unnecessary apps on their phone and can also perform screen locking, web filtering, adult images, and video blocking, etc.

You will get almost all the advanced features in its free version and if you want to use it on multiple devices then you need to invest in its premium version. It costs you $1.99 monthly which is a reasonable price compared to other popular apps. In the paid version, you will get access to set several time schedules.


  • Excellent blocking abilities compared to other iPhone monitoring apps
  • Detailed app management and screen time features allow designing an advanced schedule of using the device
  • Locations tracking features are reliable, which is important for geofencing


  • Taking screenshots requires choosing the Premium+ parental control app deals
  • Although it’s one of the free parental control apps, you unlock its full power with advanced features

9. Mobicip iPhone Parental Control


  • Screen time scheduler with all-around restriction functions
  • Advanced social media monitoring
  • Location tracking and applying geo-boundaries
  • Share the parental control app with a guardian or co-parent
  • Web filtering options cover YouTube and internet browsers
  • An attractive Parent Dashboard with useful activity information

Price: $2.99 monthly for Lite / $4.99 monthly for Standard / $7.99 monthly for Premium

Mobicip iPhone Parental Control


Mobicip is a multi-tasking app that reduces the stress level of parents. It has an excellent inbuilt management system by which you can restrict unsafe content, videos, and websites on kid’s mobile. It also offers phone usage time scheduling and creating reports of previous activities.

Mobicip offers both free as well as paid versions. Its annual price is $39.99 which is affordable for everyone. It works for 5 devices and it adds a plus point to its popularity.


  • It’s among the best parental control apps for the price
  • Advanced screen time management gives you total control over the phone use
  • Convenient categories offered by the web filter


  • All plans are billed annually, so this parental control app costs more initially
  • No app limits in the available parental control features unless you use the most expensive plan

10. Qustodio


  • Real-time activity and monitoring apps like social media, YouTube, and web browsers
  • Web filtering allows visiting or blocking only certain sites
  • Location tracking for multiple family members simultaneously
  • Comprehensive reports of daily, weekly, and monthly activity
  • Tracking calls and messages

Price: $54.95 yearly for five devices / $96.95 yearly for 10 devices / $137.95 yearly for 15 devices

Qustodio app

Credit: App Store

Qustodio has been around for years and its reputation among iPhone monitoring apps is great. The platform is simple to use and comes with loads of features from web filtering to screen time limits. You can set a detailed schedule of times when the child can use the phone to promote a focus on learning or healthy sleep.

The app provides detailed reports on how much screen time your child has had over the past day, week, or month, as well as useful info on how they used all these apps on their iOS device. Qustodio also has plans for schools that want to use monitoring apps on their students.


  • The user-friendly interface makes this the best parental control app for beginners
  • Excellent for app management and blocking potentially harmful games and other software
  • The visual map that shows family member locations is convenient


  • It requires a Mac computer to monitor calls and messages via the app for iPhone
  • No monthly subscription plans available

11. Screen Time


  • Screen time allows setting a daily limit for phone use
  • Track the location with this parental control software
  • Manage app purchases and access
  • Detailed statistics regarding phone use

Price: Free; $6.99 monthly

Credit: App Store

It’s easy to install Screen Time on your cell phone and start monitoring your child’s online activity. Screen Time Labs developed this app for iPhones to deliver an all-around parental control software solution. You can set daily time limits and create schedules to honor school time.

It’s possible to add tasks and reward your child with more hours on their phone when they finish homework and chores. And if it’s the weekend and there’s no school time, you can unlock the Free Play mode. Screen Time Labs also delivers extensive reports that help you learn about any inappropriate content your child might be visiting.

If you notice adult content or otherwise unsuitable online activity, it’s easy to manage or block apps. Apart from phone activities, Screen Time Labs made sure you can receive location information, along with a map history for 30 days.

Screen Time offers support for up to five devices with its premium version, meaning that some might not be able to connect their entire family with this solution. Some tools offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, but Screen Time Labs decided to include a 7-day free trial instead. You can also use the app on Android phone devices. Overall, it seems to offer more internet safety features than free solutions like Family Link, although it’s not the most extensive option available.


  • Excellent for filtering out inappropriate websites you don’t want the child to visit
  • Monitor social media activity, including texts and images


  • The free version only supports a single device
  • It could have a more friendly user interface

12. Google Family Link


  • Family Link allows setting daily time limits
  • Change app and extension permissions to optimize the child’s device usage
  • A family locator gives information about the current location of your child
  • Connect multiple devices via Family Link

Price: Free

Credit: App Store

Google Family Link is the iOS version of the convenient app designed by the famous company. It’s completely free and there’s no premium version, which is great, but that also means you won’t get extra features offered by similar solutions.

Family Link can deliver real-time alerts on your children’s whereabouts. It can send info about multiple device locations simultaneously, which is convenient. Although you can’t connect unlimited devices, up to ten should be enough. As for content filtering, you can pick whether your kids can use YouTube Kids or the unfiltered version. Family Link app for iPhones can also approve or block certain apps to download from the store.

Another useful feature in Family Link is the app permission management, which can be helpful if you need to filter content based on the child’s age. You can limit social media activity and block apps that you don’t want your child to use. Screen time allowance is also possible, and is another way to use Family Link to help your child develop healthy online habits.


  • Reset the password on child devices from your phone
  • Family Link offers plenty of features for a free parental control software solution
  • It’s convenient for parents who want to monitor multiple devices


  • The iOS version is more limiting than the Family Link edition for Android
  • Not as advanced as some premium solutions

13. Norton Family


  • Content filtering when browsing the web
  • Adjust limits to ensure healthy phone and internet use
  • Discover the search terms that your kids are interested in
  • A family locator and check-in features
  • App supervision that monitors app downloads on mobile devices

Price: $49.99 is the annual plan

Credit: App Store

The Norton Family app for iPhones comes from a reputable antivirus developer famous for its online protection solutions. With this software, you can help your child lead a healthy digital life. It’s possible to allow internet access but block inappropriate sites. You’ll receive reports from Norton Family about your kids’ device activity, so you can see the search history. That enables you to discuss any problematic websites they have visited or even ensure to filter out the inappropriate content.

You can buy Norton Family separately, but also as a part of the Norton 360 Deluxe and Premium packages. It can be an excellent way to secure online safety and overall device protection against cyber threats. A family locator that comes with the Norton Family parental control software ensures you can see the current location and the map history for 30 days.

You can try the free edition for 30 days, and there’s a premium version with a yearly subscription. The trial is better than a 30-day money-back guarantee because it requires payment details.

The software supports many languages, from English and German to Simplified Chinese and Turkish.


  • A 30-day free trial
  • Easy to install across multiple devices
  • ·Extensive options to limit screen time
  • User-friendly interface


  • Some features aren’t available on iOS
  • Only offers a yearly subscription

The good news is you can find many great iPhone monitoring tools in the market. While some offer free versions, it’s better to go with premium subscriptions. You’ll get comprehensive monitoring features that maximize your kid’s safety and ensure you get the most out of the used monitoring app.

Apple iPhone parental control tools focus either on monitoring or giving you power over the targeted phone. Apps like Findmykids and Kids360 are excellent choices. You can know your kid’s location at all times and receive alerts when they leave certain areas. It’s possible to set restricted screen times and only allow using some apps at specific timeframes, and even remind your child to turn on the volume when they mute the phone. Ultimately, consider the preferences you need and find the parental control app that fits what you are looking for!


iphone parental monitoring app

What is the best parental control app for an iPhone?

Many reputable developers design these tools, and you can’t go wrong with using Findmykids, Kids360, or similar parental control apps like Norton Family or Google Family Link. These can help set screen time restrictions or/and track your kid’s location, and improve their safety when they are using an iPhone.

If you want the ultimate top-quality protection, use a combo of Findmykids and Kids360 parental control apps.

How can I monitor my child’s iPhone?

You can use the default parental control settings on individual devices. If you need more details or adjustments, specialized apps like Findmykids and Kids360 are an excellent pick.

These specialized solutions offer a variety of features focused on keeping your child safe and providing you peace of mind. You can use app management to block access to social media apps or activate web filter features to prevent your kid from accessing sites with potentially harmful content. Don’t hesitate to use our guide to find out more about the best parental control apps currently available.

What is the best app to monitor my child’s iPhone?

FlexiSpy is the best parental control app if you want comprehensive info on your kid’s phone activity. It collects information on sent messages via SMS and social media platforms, allows access to contacts and web history, and even records phone calls and takes screenshots.

Monitoring apps, however, lack in giving you control of the target phone. With Kids360, you can use screen time options to adjust when your child uses their iPhone, and which apps are accessible.

How so I monitor all activity on iPhone?

You can use the best parental control apps focused on monitoring, such as TeenSafe Parental Control for iPhone. It will gather all activities without missing a single detail. That means collecting data in real-time and putting it in the parent dashboard you can access from a PC or mobile.

If you need additional control over the kid’s phone, combine it with the Findmykids app. It’s an affordable and useful parental control solution for all iOS devices. It offers everything from tracking the phone’s location to live listening.

Can I lock my child’s iPhone remotely?

The default Family Sharing feature on Apple devices doesn’t allow locking the phone remotely, but specialized parental control software solutions might have that option. It is, however, possible to use default options to adjust screen time settings on your child’s device.

Do iPhones have good parental controls?

There are certain content filters,daily screen time limits, and other adjustments available. While the options are decent, you might want a more advanced solution. The best suggestions are Findmykids and Kids360, but you can also try Family Link or Norton Family.

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