Exploring the Debate: Is Cocomelon Bad for Kids’ Development?

CoComelon is a cartoon that’s been around since 2006 and is available on YouTube, as well as streaming services like Netflix. Is CoComelon bad for kids? That’s what we’ll try to discover in the article below.


What Is It? Age Rating of CoComelon

why is cocomelon bad


In 2006, Jay Jeon created CoComelon, together with his spouse and children. The original idea was to provide fun and educational content for young children. The first release included different alphabet song versions. It soon turns out that toddlers worldwide liked the show, which then changed its name to ABC Kid TV.

It took until 2018 to return to CoComelon, along with the new graphics and content. The YouTube channel has become available in other languages, ranging from German and Chinese to Spanish and Arabic. In 2020 the Moonbug media conglomerate acquired CoCoMelon. It’s now a part of the Candle Media, which has executive producers who once were a part of Disney.

Today, the CoComelon channel has over 168 million subscribers and over 170 billion views. The cartoon portrays the adventures of JJ and his family. They play together, explore the world, and go to the nursery. While throwing tantrums and visiting different locations, our heroes also try to teach viewers about numbers, letters, and other things.

CoComelon is a kid-friendly content, so it’s up to parents to decide when their children can watch it. Experts mention that watching TV can negatively influence kids under the age of two. It’s why they recommend a child reach at least two before they can watch this and other animated shows.

Is CoComelon Bad or Good?

why is cocomelon bad for kids

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If you are asking, “Is CoComelon bad for kids?” because of the story, the answer is no. The story is similar to any other cartoon, psychologists say. The show doesn’t produce any scenes with sensitive content like bad words, so there’s no worrying that could impact the viewers negatively.

Instead, you can see a lot of laughs, songs, and rhymes about bath time, good manners, and other themes. That’s welcome for parents since it presents a teaching asset to help their babies understand the world around them better. Having a break or some time to make dinner because something else occupies the kid’s attention is another advantage of CoComelon for parents.

Why do people say that the content is bad for kids, then? Is CoComelon addictive, and to what extent? Some claim that the show is hyperstimulating, and they base this on how frequently the authors change the scenes.

CoCoMelon Negative Effects

cocomelon bad for kids


For some comparison, the show My Little Pony switches the scenery every four to five seconds. Unlike that, you can see that CoComelon does this every couple of seconds. The initial worry is that this could lead to attention span disorders and cause problems with focusing and awareness.

Another worry is that the CoComelon show is a stimulant that leads to releasing too much dopamine. Dopamine is the feel-good hormone that boosts motivation and feelings of happiness and pleasure. The problem is that the frequent changes of scenery cause a dopamine hit that offers too fast, and that can have behavioral effects. Some claim that the show acts like a drug that has a strong hit on children’s brain functions.

Many parents joined the discussion with their examples. Some reported that their kids made a scene when they tried to turn off the show. Some parents mention that the level of crying and angry acts was above what they’ve seen up to that point. These effects usually wean off after a while, but most parents banned the cartoon because they were worried about their kids’ long-term state.

How Long Should Children Watch CoComelon?

is cocomelon bad for kids


Here’s an issue that’s not about CoComelon but about watching TV and spending time in front of the screen. Many studies indicate that kids under the age of two shouldn’t have access to digital media.

The American Academy of Pediatrics confirmed that even kids older than two years should have a screen time limit set at one or two hours.

Parents should decide the exact content that their kids can watch. It’s not about letting them browse YouTube or turning on an unknown channel on TV. Instead, parents should decide on which shows to watch and how long. That minimizes the risk of the content affecting kids’ brains in an undesirable way.

If you need assistance limiting screen time for children, you can use the Kids360 app. It’s available for both Android and iOS and can assist in restricting the total screen time your kid spends on their mobile device daily. Kids360 also allows creating tasks that your children can complete to receive extra screen time.

Some parents ask, “Is CoComelon brainwashing,” and no would probably be the answer to that question. The show’s content isn’t the problem, but the pace of changing the scenes. It’s what can be overstimulating to the child’s brain and lead to addiction.

Have you experienced any difficulty in stopping your child from watching CoComelon? Please share your impressions in the comment section and let us know if you find this show bad or good for children!


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Is CoComelon Good or Bad for Kids?

CoComelon does have an educational aspect, and its content is kid-friendly. However, many worry about it overstimulating the brains of the kids watching it, which could affect their attention spans.

What Age is CoComelon Recommended for?

There’s no actual age limit, but experts indicate that kids under two years of age shouldn’t even be in front of screens. Between the ages of three and five, that time should be limited to an hour.

Is CoComelon Family-Friendly?

CoComelon is a family-friendly cartoon that is suitable for all ages. Parents might not find the story too deep or appealing because it’s tailored primarily for toddlers and young kids.

Is CoComelon Addictive?

Some experts claim that the show causes hyperstimulation in children because it changes scenes in less than two seconds. That can result in addiction in children.

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