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Should I Worry When My Child Is Using the FML Slang Word? Parent’s Handbook

As a parent, it can be overwhelming to keep up with the ever-changing world of teen slang. One term that you may have heard tossed around is “FML.” So what exactly does FML mean, and how can you navigate this type of language with your kids? Keep reading to find out.


What Does FML Mean in a Text and Social Media

fml meaning

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First things first: what does FML mean? In text and on social media, FML is shorthand for “F*** my life.” It’s typically used to express frustration or disappointment in a situation and can be accompanied by an emoji or GIF that conveys the same sentiment.

While it’s certainly not the most polite language, it’s important to remember that teens usually use slang as a way to bond with their peers.

What’s the Origin?

So where did FML come from? The exact origin of the term is unclear, but it likely began as a way for people to vent about their everyday problems.

Over time, the FML abbreviation has become a common phrase that is used across a variety of contexts. You may see it on social media, in texting conversations, or even hear it spoken aloud by your teen and their friends.

How Is FML Used in Different Situations

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FML can be used in a range of situations. For example, your teen might say it when they miss the bus and are running late for school, or when they get a less-than-stellar grade on a test.

However, it’s also worth mentioning that FML can sometimes be used to express more serious feelings of depression or anxiety.

If your child is using this term frequently and seems to be struggling, it may be worth checking in with them and seeing if they need mental health or medical support.

Are There Any Alternative Meanings for FML?

While some slang terms can have multiple interpretations depending on the context, FML has a pretty straightforward definition. If you see your child using this term, you can be reasonably sure that they’re expressing frustration or disappointment in some aspect of their life.

Outside of the world of Snapchat, FB, and Instagram, some people think it refers to FML, or family medical leave (when an employee is paid for their time away from work, whether due to their own health or a family member’s). It can, but if your child is going to use the term, it’s more likely that it means the above expression instead.

How to Talk With Teens About Slang: Kid’s Online Safety

what does fml mean

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So how can you talk with your teens about slang like FML, while also keeping them safe online? One great tool to use is the Kids360 app. This app provides parents with real-time alerts about their child’s online activity, including any instances of cyberbullying or inappropriate content.

If you see anything that concerns you in any form, whether it’s on Snapchat or anywhere else in a message, make sure you have a full conversation. Sit down at night and talk about what the term means and what it stands for. Ensure your child knows when this expression is appropriate—and when it’s not.

Ensure your child’s safety with Kids360—download now for peace of mind and stay connected with their whereabouts and activities!

While it’s important to keep up with your child’s slang language, it’s equally important to create an open dialogue around mental health and online safety. Talking to your child and keeping an eye on their activity can help prevent misunderstandings and ensure they’re safe online.


fml meaning in text

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What does it mean when a girl says FML?

It likely means that she is expressing frustration or disappointment in a situation.

What does FML mean in love?

It can be used to express frustration or disappointment in a romantic relationship and can be serious or more humorous.

What emoji is FML?

There isn’t a specific emoji that accompanies FML, but common options include the “facepalm” or “angry face” emojis.

What does FML mean in iMessage?

It means the same thing as it does in any other context: “F*** my life.”

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