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The Best Birthday Gifts for 10-Year-Old Boys

Once they turn ten, you are aware that boys aren’t small children anymore. While they still haven’t become teens, you can see these little guys changing their interests. That makes it tricky to purchase gifts for 10-year-old boys.

The present’s purpose should focus on the kid’s interests, which is why we are presenting a detailed gift guide below. You’ll note the best presents in different categories, ensuring it’ll be easy to find the perfect one for your ten-year-old. Don’t hesitate to browse the presents and pick your favorite!


What Do Boys Like at 10 Years Old?

best birthday gifts for 10 year old boy

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Before identifying the best birthday gift for a ten-year-old, you should know what they like at that age. At age ten, kids are active and full of energy. They’d spend playing all day whether it’s with their friends or alone. At ten years old, boys aren’t strangers to technology. Moreover, the majority is adept at using tech gadgets. They welcome playing games on consoles, exploring the internet, etc.

While imagination is an essential component, boys at the age of ten prefer first-hand experiences. But while tech gadgets could be a solution, that doesn’t mean you should neglect toys. Furthermore, many kits contain pieces that encourage role-playing, creativity, and fantasy. And at age ten, kids can imagine a far deeper fantasy world than a five-year-old.

Toys for 10-Year-Old Boys

Despite reaching their first double-digit birthday, boys are still children. And kids love playing with toys, as long as they find them challenging enough and age-appropriate. Here are some unique ideas for toys that will impress anyone at least ten years old!

1. Air Hogs Laser-Guided Wall Racer good birthday gifts for 10 year olds

Price: $26
Purchase Link: Walmart

Air Hogs designed this unique race car with its patented Wall Climber technology. Thanks to it, the racer doesn’t only drive on floors. It also climbs up walls and drives on the ceiling, making it a true zero-gravity vehicle!

Children will receive a controller with a LED light. They point the laser to the desired location anywhere in the room. The car follows that laser, whether it requires going on the ceiling or climbing up walls. And if the laser is moved, the car adjusts its direction immediately. That enables sharp turns and even driving in circles.

Apart from being incredibly fun, the controller helps with the children’s motoric skills, especially reflexes. Air Hogs Wall Racer requires three batteries, and you can recharge it via USB.

2. LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Great Hallgood birthday gifts

Price: $148:
Purchase Link: Amazon

Harry Potter has been around for several decades, but its popularity doesn’t seem to drop. Even new generations love the great wizard and its great fantasy world. And LEGO also has an impressive history, with its kits becoming ever more creative and entertaining.

This cool LEGO building kit allows the building of the Great Hogwarts Hall. The buildings look the same as in the original movie. LEGO added 878 bricks to the set, making this a complex structure to build. It’ll take patience and following instructions. The age suitability indicates 9-14, so it’s suitable for a ten-year-old.

Apart from the hall, you’ll receive ten figures, including the fantastic Harry Potter. The other characters include Hermione, Ron, Dumbledore, and even Draco Malfoy. It’s more than enough for a 10-year-old to have fun with this set for days. The only thing to consider is that this set is only a part of the LEGO Harry Potter collection.

3. Hot Wheels id Smart Track toys for 10 year olds

Price: $219.99
Purchase Link: Amazon

Here’s another unique toy if your boy loves fast cars. Hot Wheels is a popular brand, and the id experience allows connecting the racetrack with an app to boost the fun. The set includes 16 track pieces, including straights, curves, connectors, and ramps. The course even offers an insane loop for added fun. And the best part is that the track is adjustable, and over a dozen configurations are available.

The combination of the digital and physical gameplay aspects is the most attractive thing about the Hot Wheels id Smart Track. Children can download the Race Portal to smartphones or tablets to track cars and their statistics. The app offers over 50 challenges to keep the fun going. If the kids already have other HW tracks, they can combine them to spice up the gameplay.

4. Roblox Action Collection unique gift ideas

Price: $269
Purchase Link: Amazon

Roblox is an internet platform where children can create games and play with friends. It’s incredibly popular, and there’s no doubt your ten-year-old loves it. You can’t go wrong with the Roblox Action collection, which contains 20 exclusive figures from The Vault.

Children can mix and match components to build unique characters. Different accessories are also available, which guarantees endless fun for your boy. And the best part is the package includes 20 exclusive codes. They will reveal exclusive items on the Roblox platform to spice up the child’s experience in this digital world.

5. Electronic ATM Bank Toy gifts for 10 year old boys

Price: $39.99
Purchase Link: Amazon

Here’s another toy from the line of those who also have an educational aspect. The electronic ATM provides a safe place for your child to keep their money. Its generous capacity allows for storing up to 600 coins and 100 paper bills. It’ll teach your ten-year-old to care about money.

Instead of putting it in random places, they’ll now have a safe spot for it. And the best part is that no one can reach or know how much cash they have. That’s because this money safe comes with a password. It’s a four-digit code the children need to enter to unlock the door. The safe is available in different colors, but it’s best to go with red and black or camouflage green shades for a boy.

Best Birthday Gifts for 10-Year-Old Boys

You might not think toys are the best choice, and you’d like a different present for your little boy. Here are other presents divided into popular categories. Check the list and find the gift that’s the perfect one for your ten-year-old!

Tech Gadgets

We are living in a tech era, and children are more than comfortable with using computers and other devices. So, how about finding a neat gadget and high-tech product to inspire their imagination? And here’s an expert tip—try not to make it too complex since it should be easy for a ten-year-old to figure out how it works.

  • Nintendo Switch birthday gifts for 10 year old boy

Price: $347

Purchase Link: Walmart

Gaming consoles are expensive, but they are a long-term investment that guarantees months of fun for any kid. While you can go with PlayStation 5 or Xbox S, it’s best to go with Nintendo Switch. The reason is simple – this console supports handheld and stationary modes. You can enjoy it on big smart TVs by putting it on the dock. And by removing it from the station, the boy can play in the handheld mode.

Nintendo Switch comes with the Joy-Con grip to support multiplayer gaming or act as a controller. The battery life in handheld mode is up to nine hours, making this perfect for long travels.

  • Wireless Bluetooth Beanie Hat 10 year old boy

Price: $24.95

Purchase Link: Amazon

At age ten, boys start thinking about their appearance. They’ll love wearing this trendy beanie hat, especially when they figure out it’s also a gadget. Tenergy added a Bluetooth headset to the beanie, although it’s virtually unnoticeable.

The beanie is ideal for listening to music but also making calls. The control buttons allow skipping songs, answering calls, and adjusting the volume. The rechargeable battery has 150-minute battery life. As for the hat, it’s a mixture of polyester and acrylic. It will keep the young boy warm during cold weather.

  • Motorola T100TP Talkabout Radio gifts for 10 year olds

Price: $49.99

Purchase Link: Amazon

Motorola has taken the old-fashioned walkie-talkies to an entirely new level. Its radio systems feature 22 channels in the UHF band. It ensures your boy can find a channel to reach others using this device. And the pack offers three Talkabout T100s, so they can communicate with parents, friends, etc.

Apart from being fun, radios are also convenient when outdoors. If you are camping, the radio has a multiple-mile reach. The actual range depends on the settings. The batteries last up to 18 hours, and the experience is improved with a calling tone and a talk confirmation button.

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Outdoor Gifts

Parents often complain children spend a lot of time indoors. So, how about taking a different approach and focusing on gifts that would encourage spending time outside? Here are the top suggestions in this category!

  • Razor A5 Lux Kick Scooter best birthday gifts

Price: $109.99

Purchase Link: Amazon

Razor is a famous scooter brand, and this scooter is designed with a minimum age requirement set at eight. You can rest assured a ten-year-old can ride it comfortably, as long as he fits the 220-pound capacity. The scooter is foldable and easy to carry, especially since it weighs only 9.5 pounds.

The handlebar is adjustable to ensure your boy can find an optimal riding position. Thanks to the large wheels, the scooter has maximum stability. The beautiful graphics and bold colors are something young boys will consider “cool,” so you can’t go wrong with this scooter.

  • Slackers NinjaLine Combo Kit best toys for 10 year old boys

Price: $138.99

Purchase Link: Fat Brain Toys

Does your boy love watching Survivor and other shows focused on physical capabilities? If he enjoys pretending to be a ninja or a Mortal Kombat fighter, this combo kit is the perfect gift.

It’s a set of obstacles placed on a ninja line webbing. The combo kit is ideal for working on core and upper body strength, especially for developing forearms. Your boy will appreciate a fun way to train and develop his muscles. Slackers made sure that the kit was easy to install and highly portable in the bag provided.

Board Games

There’s no child out there that doesn’t love board games. The trick is finding ones boys this age would enjoy, and here are some intriguing ideas!

  • Dungeons & Dragons Adventure Begins cool birthday gifts

Price: $26.99

Purchase Link: Amazon

Adults have surely heard about the famous RPG game Dungeons & Dragons. At ten years old, your boy is ready to enter this fantastic fantasy world. The Adventure Begins game is a good way to begin their journey, especially since it’s a cooperative game.

Boys can enjoy playing this game with friends or parents. Up to four players can participate, and the game is cooperative. It takes players to Neverwinter to fight monsters with magic and special powers. As usual, D&D allows customizing your characters and journey, as well as picking battles for each adventure.

  • Marvel United 10 year old boy gifts

Price: $34.99

Purchase Link: Amazon

Marvel has an impressive list of superheroes children love, so there’s no doubt they’ll enjoy a board game featuring them. We’ll admit the official tag is a bit high, but a ten-year-old boy passionate about board games shouldn’t have problems understanding the rules.

The game is cooperative, and one to four players can play it. Marvel United offers seven heroes and three villains, missions, challenges, etc. it has an incredible replay value and can be fun for years.

  • Catan birthday gifts for 10 year olds

Price: $48.99

Purchase Link: Amazon

Many consider Catan to be the perfect foundation for future board game enthusiasts. It’s a strategy game focused on building your civilization. You control settlers’ communities with the goal of becoming the most developed civilization on the island.

Catan encourages social interaction and logical thinking. It involves trading scarce resources and adjusting your strategy on the go. The game is easy to learn, so a ten-year-old shouldn’t have problems figuring it out.

Education and Hobbies

Do you care about the educational component of the toy you are buying as a present for the ten-year-old boy? Perhaps they have an intriguing hobby, and you’d like to encourage them to pursue that? Here are some interesting gift suggestions

  • Professor Maxwell’s VR Science Lab best gifts for 10 year old boy

Price: $54.99

Purchase Link: Amazon

Is your little guy showing interest in chemistry and science? If yes, this VR Science Lab will surely make his day even more special!

The virtual reality science kit utilizes technology by providing VR goggles with the kit. If your boy already has these goggles, you can save some money by purchasing the kit separately. As for the lab, it includes a detailed 64-page book with augmented reality pictures that turn into videos. Your kid can watch how the experiment occurs and then perform it.

The VR Science Lab includes 25 science projects with step-by-step explanations. The pieces vary from baking soda and measuring cups to paint brushes. Your child will explore oxidation, density, chemical reactions, etc.

  • Personal Planetarium toys for 10 year old boys

Price: $59.99

Purchase Link: Sharper Image

A telescope can be an expensive gift but also difficult to use for kids. That makes the Personal Planetarium an ideal alternative. The gift is essentially a handheld augmented reality viewer. It has a built-in mirror that shows photos of constellations, galaxies, and planets. The images come from real telescopes to ensure everything looks real.

Personal Planetarium requires a smartphone and a free Android or iOS app made by the manufacturer. You can pick between six modes, including a wide field of view, automatic zoom, etc. It’s excellent to learn about constellations and other interesting astronomy facts.

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Other Fun Gifts

Perhaps the previous gifts didn’t sound unique enough. If you are looking for presents that don’t fit into the above categories, check out the selection below!

  • Taylor Toy Basketball Clothes Hamper 10 year old boys

Price: $27.99

Purchase Link: Walmart

We’ll admit this isn’t a classic toy but an item that will help keep the boy’s room clean. At the age of ten, it’s about time to learn to move away dirty clothes from the floor and random places. And this basketball clothes hamper is of incredible assistance in promoting this habit.

The idea is simple – any dirty clothing item could become a basketball. The target is the hoop on the wall or the room’s door. The trick is that the net is tied on the bottom, so it holds the items you put through the hoop. Children should put away any dirty clothes, towels, or socks into the net. It’s a fun activity that also promotes keeping the room clean.

  • The Don’t Laugh Challenge – 10 Year Old Edition toys for 10 year old boy

Price: $7.99

Purchase Link: Amazon

Billy Boy made a huge success with its Don’t Laugh joke books. The collection has an edition for each year, so make sure you choose the one for a ten-year-old. At its essence, the book is filled with jokes and silly scenarios. But it’s actually an interactive game since the task is to take turns and make other players smile.

The book encourages social interaction among children but also with adults. It also helps develop a sense of humor since it requires funny ways to tell jokes, act scenarios, etc.

  • Moon Lamp Night Light gift ideas for 10 year old boy

Price: $19.99

Purchase Link: Amazon

If your boy is an astronomy fan, he’ll love this moon lamp. It’s also ideal If they are still struggling to sleep with the lights off. The product is available in four different sizes, with the surface made using 3D printing technology. Thanks to that, the moon looks realistic and colorful.

The manufacturer used toxic-free and eco-friendly PLA materials. The lamp comes with a rechargeable battery and four modes with 16 colors. There’s a remote control and touchscreen control option, and you can even set the timer to automatically turn off after a while.

It was hard to imagine that little boy turning ten at his birth. But today, that’s reality, and now your task is to find the most impressive birthday gift ever. We hope that this guide has given enough suggestions for the perfect gift, or at least inspired you where to look.

Don’t forget the crucial considerations when picking a gift for a ten-year-old boy:

  1. An age-appropriate gift. You don’t want it to be too complex. But don’t undermine the boy’s intelligence and capabilities either.
  2. A fun present. Ultimately, it’s all about having fun for ten-year-old boys. It should be entertaining to use or play with the gift you bought.
  3. The cool factor. You shouldn’t underestimate the desire of a ten-year-old boy to feel cool. If you focus on tech gadgets or clothes, don’t neglect the latest trends.
  4. Functionality or education. The present shouldn’t necessarily need to have any of these factors. But if it’s possible to add an educational or functional aspect to it, don’t hesitate to do that.

Begin by considering or asking about the ten-year-old boy’s interest. Based on that, you can browse the list above and search for suitable gifts. And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask them in the comments. It takes time and effort, but it’ll all be worthwhile when you find the perfect gift for your boy!

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