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Engaging Food Trivia Questions for Kids and Parents

A fun food trivia quiz can entertain kids and test their knowledge of a range of food-related subjects. As well as being an easy game to play anywhere, trivia questions about food are a good way of getting your kids to think about what they eat, and where it comes from.

Below you’ll find a selection of food trivia questions —and children (not to mention adults) may be shocked at some of the answers!


Fun Food Trivia for Kids

food trivia questions and answers

Try these fun food trivia questions with your kids and see how many they can get right!

  1. What sweet, sticky substance do bees make? Honey.
  2. Which state in the USA was the birthplace of the cheeseburger? Colorado.
  3. Name the most-ordered type of food in North America. Fried chicken.
  4. What is Garfield’s favorite food? Lasagne.
  5. What are “pigs in blankets”? Sausages wrapped in bacon.
  6. What are escargots—a dish that’s popular in France? Snails.
  7. In which country did deep-fried Mars bars originate? Scotland.
  8. Which soft drink was invented in 1892? Coca-Cola.
  9. What are the names of the mascots of Rice Krispies? Snap, Crackle, and Pop.
  10. What is the most popular flavor of ice cream in the US? Vanilla.
  11. What color is salsa verde? Green.
  12. Jack o’Lanterns are made from which foodstuff? Pumpkin.
  13. Calamari comes from which type of fish? Squid.
  14. Which falling fruit is said to have inspired Isaac Newton to formulate the law of gravity? Apples.
  15. Which food never rots, and keeps fresh without the use of preservatives? Honey.
  16. How many segments are inside most oranges? Ten.
  17. How many eggs are there in a dozen? Twelve.

Food and Drink Questions

fast food trivia

Hungry for more? The good news is we have another serving of interesting food trivia questions to get everyone pondering.

  1. If you suffer from Mageirocophobia, what do you have a fear of? Cooking.
  2. What type of food is a peanut? It’s a legume—not a nut!
  3. What is the most ordered item at seafood restaurants? Shrimp.
  4. How many states in the US have adopted a fruit pie as their official dish? Three.
  5. What type of milk is mozzarella cheese traditionally made with? Buffalo milk.
  6. How is steak tartare cooked? It’s not—it’s served raw!
  7. What is the most expensive spice in the world by weight? Saffron.
  8. Can you name three foods that are in season in September (in the US)? Beets, pears, tomatoes, blackberries, bell peppers, chanterelles, chard, figs, cauliflower, pumpkins, butternut squash, grapes, pomegranates, eggplants, corn, and Hokkaido.
  9. Which ingredient makes bread rise? Yeast.
  10. What is the main ingredient in hummus? Chickpeas.
  11. Which mineral found in milk is good for your bones and teeth? Calcium.
  12. What is the main ingredient in chocolate? Cocoa beans.
  13. What is tofu made from? Soybeans.
  14. Which cartoon character eats spinach to enhance his strength? Popeye.
  15. Where did French fries originate? Belgium—not France!
  16. Pink Lady is a kind of which fruit? Apple.
  17. What are dried grapes commonly called? Raisins.

Fast Food Trivia

food trivia for kids

What kid (or adult for that matter) doesn’t like a fast food treat now and then? Test your family’s knowledge of some of the most popular fast food dishes of all time.

  1. What nationality was the inventor of the hot dog? German.
  2. Which fast food chain has the most number of restaurants in the world? Subway.
  3. Which three colors feature on Burger King’s logo? Red, blue, and yellow.
  4. In which country can you buy a KFC Christmas Barrel? Japan.
  5. What is the most ordered item at McDonald’s? The Big Mac.
  6. What kind of sweet treats do Baskin and Robbins specialize in? Ice cream.
  7. What does the E stand for in Chuck E. Cheese? Entertainment.
  8. Hamburgers are named after which German city? Hamburg—where they were invented.
  9. What does the word “burrito” literally translate as? Little donkey.
  10. What is the oldest soft drink in the US? Dr Pepper.
  11. What color are McDonald’s famous arches? Golden.
  12. What kind of mythological creature is on the Starbucks logo? A mermaid.
  13. What is the largest pizza chain in the world, by number of restaurants? Pizza Hut.
  14. What was the first country that Burger King opened a restaurant in outside of the United States? The Bahamas.
  15. Which was the first food chain to introduce a drive-through facility? Wendy’s.
  16. If you want a type of burger called a Whopper, where would you go? Burger King.
  17. Which fast food chain uses the slogan, “Better ingredients. Better pizza”? Papa John’s.

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Thanksgiving Food Trivia

food trivia questions with answers

A selection of yummy food quizzes wouldn’t be complete without a round of Thanksgiving fare. Have fun testing your kids’ knowledge with the Thanksgiving-themed questions below.

  1. Which president was the first to pardon a turkey? John F. Kennedy.
  2. A sauce made of which fruit is traditionally served alongside the turkey at Thanksgiving dinner? Cranberry.
  3. Although not common on Thanksgiving tables today, which type of food would have probably been served as part of the first Thanksgiving meal: Seafood, sausages, tomato soup, or pancakes? Seafood.
  4. Approximately how many pumpkin pies are eaten every Thanksgiving? About 50 million.
  5. What meat is the most popular alternative to turkey for Thanksgiving dinner? Ham.
  6. Which state consumes the most turkey every Thanksgiving? California.
  7. According to statistics, what is Americans’ favorite Thanksgiving dinner side dish? Stuffing.
  8. What sweet substance is typically used to glaze a Thanksgiving ham? Brown sugar or honey.
  9. Which spice is pumpkin pie traditionally flavored with? Cinnamon.
  10. Which town in New England once canceled Thanksgiving due to a lack of pumpkin pie? Colchester, Connecticut.
  11. In the animated movie A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, what does Charlie serve for Thanksgiving Dinner? Toast and popcorn.
  12. How many green bean casseroles are made every year as part of Thanksgiving Dinner? Around forty million.
  13. What utensil would the pilgrims not have used during the first Thanksgiving meal? Forks—these weren’t regularly used back then. Instead, diners would have used just their spoons, knives, and hands.
  14. Which state provides the most turkeys each year? Minnesota.
  15. How long did the first Thanksgiving feast last? Three days.
  16. What is the most popular dish made with Thanksgiving Dinner leftovers in the US? Turkey sandwich.
  17. According to the Guinness Book of Records, what did the heaviest turkey to date weigh in at? A massive 86 pounds!

Christmas Food Questions

trivia questions about food

Christmas isn’t Christmas without a tempting array of delicious food—so let’s continue this bumper quiz selection with a series of questions on festive fare. Bon appetit!

  1. The traditional Christmas drink, eggnog, is made from which two main ingredients? Milk and (raw) eggs.
  2. Which sweet pie usually filled with fruit and dried spices is traditionally eaten in the UK at Christmastime? Mince pies.
  3. What type of sauce is usually served with Christmas pudding? Brandy sauce.
  4. In the Christmas movie Elf, what does Buddy cover his spaghetti in? Maple syrup.
  5. In the song, “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas” what sweet festive treats are mentioned? Candy canes.
  6. What does it mean, according to tradition, if you find a coin in your Christmas pudding? You’ll have good luck all year round.
  7. Which Christmas treat consists of hard sugar candy embedded with nuts? Peanut brittle.
  8. What type of cookie is used to create small houses decorated with frosting and candy at Christmastime? Gingerbread.
  9. Which type of log is often burned during the festive period and is named for the ancient winter solstice custom of burning a log to welcome the lengthening days? Yule Log.
  10. What is also known as figgy pudding or plum pudding? Christmas pudding.
  11. What does Scrooge surprise Bob Cratchett’s family with on Christmas Day morning in A Christmas Carol? A goose.
  12. What is the most popular vegetarian main dish served for Christmas Dinner? Nut roast.
  13. Which type of fruit is traditionally put inside a Christmas stocking? Oranges.
  14. Which traditional Italian Christmas cake is eaten at Christmas? Panettone.
  15. Is a sugar plum a type of fruit or a kind of candy? It’s a kind of hard candy.
  16. What is “roasting on an open fire” in “The Christmas Song”? Chestnuts.
  17. In which country is it traditional to eat the Feast of the Seven Fishes during Christmas? Italy.

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Tricky Food Trivia Questions and Answers

food trivia facts

  1. What type of pasta has a name meaning “little worms”? Vermicelli.
  2. Which country produces the most bananas? India.
  3. What is the national dish of Hungary? Goulash.
  4. The KFC recipe uses how many secret herbs and spices? Eleven.
  5. What type of food is basmati? Rice.
  6. Which nut do you find in pesto? Pinenut.
  7. What is laver? Seaweed.
  8. What kind of oranges are used to make Marmalade? Seville oranges.
  9. Poutine is the national dish of which country? Canada.
  10. Which ancient civilization used cocoa beans for money? The Aztecs.
  11. What is the name of a tall chef hat? A torque.
  12. What was the first food to be microwaved? Popcorn.
  13. Wasabi is a snack traditional to which country? Japan.
  14. “Love apple” is another name for which fruit? Tomato.
  15. Which country has the lowest meat consumption in the world? India.
  16. What is the one US state that grows coffee beans? Hawaii.
  17. What type of food is a “bear claw”? A donut.
  18. What staple food of Korean cuisine is made from salted, fermented vegetables? Kimchi.

More Interesting Food Facts

food trivia

Gladskikh Tatiana/

And if all that food trivia for kids has whetted their appetites, we’ve got just the thing! Below you’ll find some of the most fascinating—and unexpected!—facts about food, from killer fish dishes to bouncing cranberries!

That’s Berry, Berry Weird

Did you know that bananas are actually a type of berry? Whaaaat? It’s true, though—and kiwis and cucumbers are also in the same club! But it gets even weirder: according to botanists, blackberries, strawberries, and raspberries aren’t actually berries at all. Technically, they’re classified as aggregate fruit.

A Dish to Die For

Fugu is a Japanese dish made from pufferfish—it’s considered a delicacy and is super expensive. Before trying to find it out Just Eat, though, beware: the pufferfish contains an incredibly powerful, deadly toxin that’s said to be 100 times stronger than cyanide. Meaning this dish could kill you. Only very experienced chefs can prepare the dish without risking bumping off their customers. It’s so dangerous that there’s a total ban on eating or importing it throughout the European Union.

Crooks Love Cheese

Did you know that cheese is the most stolen foodstuff in the world? It’s estimated that around 4% of all the cheese made around the globe gets stolen. Much of this amount is a cheese that’s stolen in bulk for mass resale—cheese heists if you like. In 2017 Italian police foiled such a heist, recovering 168 pilfered wheels of parmesan, worth around $110,000.

Broccoli Contains More Protein than Steak!

While this seems unbelievable, it’s true! There is a caveat, however. Broccoli contains more protein by calorie, rather than gram, than steak—meaning to get all that yummy protein, you’d need to eat an awful lot of broccoli. To give you an idea, you’d have to eat about twenty cups of broccoli a day to meet your daily protein needs.

Bouncing Cranberries

Want to know if your cranberries are fresh? Simply drop them on the ground! Ripe cranberries will bounce. This is such a foolproof way of checking for freshness that even farmers use this method to make sure a shipment of cranberries is ready to go out. Fancy another cranberry fact? They’re one of the very few fruits that are native to North America.

What’s the Red Skittle Made Of? Don’t Bug Out, But…..

Do you ever wonder what gives candies their shiny, lustrous colors? Well, perhaps it’s best not to. The bright color of the red skittle comes from carmine. Doesn’t sound too gross, right? Except that carmine is made from boiled cochineal beetles. Suddenly those carrot sticks your mom’s pestering you to eat instead are looking more tempting, huh…

The Heat’s in Your Head

You know how when you take a bite out of a chili pepper you get that burning sensation in your mouth? The feeling is actually an illusion. There’s a chemical in chili peppers called capsaicin that tricks your mouth into feeling that distinct sense of burning. The Scoville Scale is used to designate the spiciness of peppers, with bell peppers being at the mildest end of the scale and the famous Carolina Reaper on the hottest end—it contains a phenomenal amount of capsaicin.

Space Potatoes

And finally, did you know that potatoes were the first vegetables planted in space? They were planted in October 1995 by astronauts in the Space Shuttle Columbia’s Microgravity Astroculture Laboratory. More recently, scientists were able to successfully grow potatoes in Mars-like soil. Tomatoes, rye, garden rocket, peas, radish, and garden cress have now all been grown in soil designed to mimic the harsh dirt on the Red Planet.

Why Tucking into a Great Food Quiz is a Great Activity for Kids

food trivia questions


Quizzes are great activities for kids, or to enjoy as a family. They’re good for getting children thinking—often outside the box—and boost knowledge, as well as being an easy means of entertainment.

Why not work your way through the food trivia quizzes above, and see how many you and your kids can get right? Do you have a tidbit of amazing food trivia? We’d love to hear it—drop us a line in the comments box below and astound us with a fascinating food-related fact!

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