The Best Games Like Wordle to Play

Wordle is one of the most popular online games of recent years, taking the world by storm. If you enjoy the concept of Wordle, you might be looking for similar games to play. This guide will look at some of the best games like Wordle to check out.


What Is Wordle and Why Is it So Popular?

games like wordle

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Wordle is a popular online game that was released back in October of 2021 and developed by a Welsh software engineer called Josh Wardle. Wardle originally made the game as a fun little distraction for himself and his partner, but he shared it with the public, and it proved hugely popular, attracting millions of players from all over the globe.

The game is regarded as simple but addictive. Essentially, players are given six attempts to guess a five-letter word. Each time they guess, the game responds with colored squares to let them know which letters are right and which ones are in the right place. Players can then use that to narrow down the possibilities and find the word.

One of the reasons why the game is so popular is due to its accessibility. Anyone can play, as it’s a simple guessing game that anybody can understand. There are also lots of different tactics and techniques to experiment with, along with social media integration. Users can share their daily results on sites like Twitter/X and other platforms to compare their performance.

Top 20 Games Like Wordle

Wordle’s a ton of fun, but it’s far from the only game you can play to test your word-guessing skills. There are lots of other options out there. Here are 20 of the best.



If you feel like Wordle is a little too easy for you, you might like to try Absurdle instead. This is regarded as one of the most challenging Wordle alternatives, as the word you have to guess actually changes as you go along, depending on your guesses. That makes it really difficult, as you might think you’ve got the word figure out, only for the game to surprise you at the end.


word games like wordle


Next up, another Wordle alternative that is said to be more challenging and tricky than the original game on which it is based. Dordle is essentially like having two Wordle boards to solve at once. But you only get seven guesses in total, just one more than Wordle. It’s basically twice as hard as the original game.


wordle variants


If you thought Dordle sounded difficult, meet Quordle. As you may be able to guess from the name, this word game takes Wordle and multiplies it by four. So, instead of having to guess just one word, you have to figure out four of them. You do get a couple of extra guesses—nine in total—but it’s still really hard to succeed in this game and solve all four of the words each day.


wordle type games


Next, we have the epitome of Wordle multiplication. Octordle, as you once again might be able to figure out from the name—which sounds a little like octagon or octopus—multiplies Wordle by eight! It gives you eight different words to guess every single day, and you get guesses to do so. This adds a whole new level of strategy and tactics to the game, and it can feel very satisfying to figure out the full set of words.


wordle variations


Next, we have Crosswordle, which is marketed as “Wordle meets Sudoku.” If you love puzzle games and wordplay, you’ll definitely enjoy this game. It takes the concept of Wordle and modifies it into crossword format. Basically, you are given the answer at the bottom of the screen and then have to work backwards to figure out the rest of the Wordle grid, guessing words that match the colored squares.

Hello Wordl


Hello Wordl is another interesting take on the Wordle format. The trick here is that the game gives you the option to set how long you want your mystery word to be, all the way from four letters (which is obviously quite easy to guess) to 11 (which is much more difficult). It’s basically like giving Wordle a difficulty slider to suit players who find the standard game either too tricky or not challenging enough.


different wordle games


What is Wordle had numbers? Well, that’s basically the premise behind Nerdle, which is fittingly aimed at a “Nerdy” crowd but can appeal to almost anyone. It takes the basics of Wordle, but uses numbers instead of letters. Players have to work out a mathematical formula or equation to get the final result in a limited number of guesses.


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We’ve seen Wordle with numbers, but how about Wordle with acronyms? That’s what IYKYK (If You Know You Know) is all about. It plays on the modern world’s obsession with acronyms, giving players a daily mystery acronym that they need to figure out using the standard Wordle guessing formula. The game gives you the first letter of each acronym, and you have to figure out the rest, but you only get a few attempts per day.


wordle games to play


For something totally different, but still familiar for Wordle players, you might like to give Artle a try. This one was designed by the National Gallery of Art and is based around art, as the name suggests. It shows you four pictures of artworks all by the same artist, and you have to figure out who the artist is. Perfect for art lovers.


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Phoodle is one of the many Wordle variants that are basically just themed versions of Wordle. Games like this one play exactly like regular Wordle, except the mystery words are always related to a certain theme. In the case of Phoodle, the theme is “Food” so you have to guess a word that is related to food each day, like “Pizza” or “Apple”.


wordle spinoffs


Queerdly is another Wordle variant that plays just like the original, but has a theme of “LGBTQ+”, with words that are connected to or relevant to the LGBTQ+ community in some way or another. However, it’s worth noting that some of the words are “not safe for work” (NSFW) so you may have to be careful when playing this one.


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Semantle is similar to Wordle once again, as it asks you to guess a daily mystery word. However, instead of telling how close you are based on the letters of the word, it tells you how close you are based on the word’s meaning and how it is used. It will really test your knowledge of the dictionary and it can take many, many guesses to solve each puzzle.


different wordles


As the name suggests, Heardle tests your hearing, rather than your spelling or knowledge of words. It’s basically the musical version of Wordle. Each day, you get to listen to a small snippet of a mystery song. Then, you have to figure out who the artist is and what the song is called. It’s perfect for people who love music and want to test their knowledge.


daily games like wordle


Waffle is a wacky Wordle alternative. It’s got elements of crosswords and sudoku puzzles mixed in. Basically, you are given a grid of letters, and that grid contains all the letters you need to solve the puzzle. But they’re all jumbled up. Your job is to organize them accordingly into the right positions, and you only get 15 moves to swap letters around.

Wizarding Wordle

wordle alternatives


If you’re a fan of Harry Potter and the magical universe that goes along with those famous books and movies, this is the game for you. It’s a themed version of Wordle where every word is based around Harry Potter. You have to guess wizarding-related words like “Broom” and “Magic” to figure out the answer.

Words with Friends

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Words with Friends is quite different to Wordle in many ways, but it’s a very popular and free-to-play online game based around words. It’s a lot like Scrabble, the classic board game, except you can play it on your phone and challenge your pals or other people from all over the globe, building words and racking up points as you place letters on the board.


game like wordle


Wordle is another clever and quirky take on the Wordle concept. Each day, you see the outline of a country from around the world. You have to guess which country or territory it is. Some are obviously quite easy, like the U.S. or Italy, but other smaller and lesser-known countries are much harder to figure out, putting your geography skills to the ultimate test.


different types of wordle


If you’re a big fan of movies, give Framed a try. In this game, you get to see a still image from a movie, and you have to guess the movie based on the image. If you get it wrong, the game will show you another still from the same film, and you can repeat the process up to six times until you get it right.


games similar to wordle


Globle is a lot like Wordle, as it’s basically Wordle with countries. You get to see the shape of a country each day and have to guess which one it is. However, it’s a little different to Wordle, as each incorrect guess shows up in a color that lets you know how close you are to the mystery country. The deeper the color, you closer you are, which can make it easier to figure out the answer.


other wordle games


Last but not least, we have another number-based Wordle alternative called Primel. This one asks you to guess a prime number. Specifically, you have to figure out a five-digit prime number, instead of a five-letter word, like on Wordle. It’s a fun one for math fans, but those who struggle in math class might find this a little difficult to figure out.

How Can Such Games Be Useful?

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As well as being fun to play, games like Wordle offer other benefits. For starters, games like this are quite educational. They teach players, both kids and adults, a range of skills, like problem-solving. Players have to think cautiously and choose their guesses with care to narrow down the options and complete each daily puzzle.

These games can also teach children a range of other interesting things, like geography (in games like Worldle), as well as expanding their vocabulary. Sometimes, for example, Wordle answers might be quite unusual or rarely-used words that players can look up and learn more about to broaden their knowledge.

There are also social benefits to these games. They’re give players a fun way to compete with their friends or engage with discussions online. Plus, puzzle games like these are not violent or scary like so many mass-market video games. Therefore, they’re safe to play for almost all age groups.

However, there are some downsides, even with healthy, educational games like Wordle alternatives. For instance, players can start to take the games too seriously and become addicted, wasting lots of their time on lots of different games when they should be studying or doing other activities.

Because of this, parents may wish to monitor and control the amount of time their kids spend playing games like Wordle with the help of third-party apps, like Kids360. Kids360 gives you the power to see what apps are installed to your child’s device and limit the amount of time they spend playing games, browsing social media, and so on.

Summing Up: The Best Wordle-Like Games

As you can see, there are lots of fun alternatives out there that you can try in addition to or instead of Wordle. Many of them are based on the same concept but twist it in fun ways, like asking you to guess more than one word at a time or even testing out your skills at guessing a country or piece of music. Give them a try to find your favorites.


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Are there any games similar to Wordle?

Yes, there are many similar games to Wordle, such as Octordle, Dordle, and Absurdle.

What is the game you can only play once a day?

Wordle is the most famous game that you can play just once a day, with a new word to guess every 24 hours. Lots of other games have copied this format too.

What is the popular word game called?

Wordle is the name of the popular online word game, but there are many other popular games based around words, like Scrabble and Boggle.

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