If your kid’s smartphone is Meizu, then for proper functionality of Find My Kids app you need to change some settings. By default, Meizu devices restrict working of applications in background and data transfer in background. In this article you will learn how to disable this restrictions and give the app «Find My Kids» all the needed access.

  1. Open Settings > Location services:

meizu_en_1 meizu_en_2

2. Check «Use both networks and GPS» (this option must be enabled). Tap «Location access». In the opened applications list tap «Find My Kids» app and select «Allow» in the opened dialog:

meizu_en_3 meizu_en_4

3. Close settings and go to home screen. Open Security > Data > Network access control:

meizu_en_5 meizu_en_6 meizu_en_7

4. You will see three tabs: «Mobile network permissions», «WLAN permissions» and «Background». Check that switches at the right of «Find My Kids» app are turned on at «Mobile network permissions» and «WLAN permissions» tabs:

meizu_en_8 meizu_en_9

5. Open «Background» tab and tap «Find My Kids» app. On the opened screen tap «Allow background data connection»:

meizu_en_10 meizu_en_11

6. Go to main screen of Security application > «Permissions» > «Run in background». Find «Find My Kids» app, tap it, and select «Keep running in background» on the opened dialog:

meizu_en_12 meizu_en_13 meizu_en_14

7. Go back to the «Permissions» > «App notifications». Find «Find My Kids» app and make checked the left switcher:

meizu_en_15 meizu_en_16

8. Go to main screen of Security application > «Battery» > «Super saving mode» > «Apps allowed in super saving mode». Find «Find My Kids» app and make the switcher checked:

meizu_en_17 meizu_en_18 meizu_en_19 meizu_en_20