The coders don’t sleep. They leverage modern trends in their product. Share your location — how often you want it.

What can Telegram do?

The popular messenger has released the update. The Telegram has learned to identify the location in real time. You can find each other on the same map and calculate the distance between you. The location will update depending on the selected period of time. The translation possibles at 15 minutes, 1 hour or 8 hours. There is no notification about changing location, you open the app and see where your talk partner is. If you change your mind and don’t want to share your location, you can delete the message with location, and you will have a choice: delete only for you or delete for both. Translation “to take French leave” without any notification. It’s handy when you want to hang out or people have problem with spatial of orientation.


About Find My Kids

The application Find My Kids let you know where your kid in real time is. You don’t need to ask the child where he is now, just open the app and get the information. Has the location of the child changed? Is there a low battery on the device? You will receive a notification.

The application has the ability to identify safe zones — places that the child visits. School, sections and grandparents – all these are safe for baby locations. You will receive messages when a child come to a safe area or out of it. And what is more, detailed history of movements will be always in the app. We have the special option Signal. It is useful for kids who use silent mode. Users tap this function and the kid gets sound notification and message.

Movements Function


In WhatsApp you can send the static location or you can share your location with the friend. You should choose the period of time for sharing (15 min, 1 hour, 8 hours). The period of time in Whatsapp the same as in Telegram. Maybe it is coincidence or not. You can stop sharing the location in any time. You should delete messages for it or you can wait some period of time and stop sharing location. After it if you tap the button “location” you can see the accuracy. When we use this app we have different results in the same place. You don’t get the notification about stop sharing. If you have several dialogs, you can’t find someone whom you gave your location and for how long.
Map displays to what time it actively transmits in the message. There is a button “stop sharing” to stop sending data.



You can send the location using this messenger, but without a time period, it’s like a message. You can delete the message only at your chat or everywhere. After you delete there will be the message “You delete a message” and your friend will be able to see it.


It is also possible to send location in this app, but it can not remove or stream online.



So, to sum up, team Find My Kids thinks that “sharing the geolocation” function in the messengers can’t compete with our app. It only means that it is present-day technology, and every company wants to realize it in their product. Does the Telegram can replace the geolocation app? No. The most messengers are created for communication between adults who responsible for their safety and they are ready or not for sharing their geolocation. Find My Kids is an application for adults who are responsible for their children and who want to know that their kids are in safe. Take care of yourself and your family.