How to Track the Location of a Phone Number — Tested and Legal Ways

Have you ever imagined the importance of tracking a cell phone and know how to track a phone number? There can be many scenarios such as the case of theft, loss, or monitoring someone in possession of the phone.

Real-time tracking has become much easier than before, thanks to modern technology. Our guide will tell you everything about how to track the location of a phone number via specialized apps. We’ll review top applications and services to provide the most detailed info about these apps. Apart from monitoring the device’s location, these might make it possible to track calls and provide other activity data.

If you’d like to learn how to track a phone’s location by number, here’s more information!

But remember: learning how to track a phone without them knowing is a breach of privacy and goes against ethical standards.

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How Does It Work?

how to track a phone number

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Tracking the location of a phone number refers to the process of determining the physical whereabouts of a mobile device associated with a specific number. This can be done through various methods and technologies, including GPS (Global Positioning System), cell tower triangulation, and IP address tracking.

Here’s a brief explanation of how these tracking methods work:

  1. GPS Tracking: Many modern smartphones are equipped with GPS receivers that allow them to receive signals from a network of satellites. By analyzing these signals, the device can determine its precise location in terms of latitude and longitude. GPS tracking can provide highly accurate results, often within a few meters, but it requires the targeted device to have an active GPS receiver and a clear view of the sky to receive satellite signals.
  2. Cell Tower Triangulation: Mobile phones continuously communicate with nearby cell towers to maintain a connection to the cellular network. Cell tower triangulation involves analyzing the signal strength and timing of these communications from multiple nearby towers to estimate the gadget’s location. By comparing the signal strengths and time delays from different towers, it is possible to triangulate the approximate position of the device. This method is less accurate than GPS but can still provide a general idea of the location.
  3. IP Address Tracking: IP address tracking is used primarily for tracking the location of devices connected to the internet. When a mobile device accesses the internet, it is assigned an IP address by the internet service provider (ISP). By analyzing the IP address, it is possible to determine the general geographic location associated with that IP address. However, IP address tracking alone may not provide precise location information since IP addresses can be assigned to a broader area, such as a city or region.

It’s important to note that tracking the location of a phone number generally requires authorization and legal justification, such as in cases of law enforcement investigations or emergencies. Additionally, privacy laws and regulations vary by jurisdiction, and it is essential to comply with the applicable laws and obtain consent when necessary.

It’s worth mentioning that as technology evolves and privacy concerns increase, there may be limitations and restrictions on the ability to track the location of a number.

Is Tracking Someone’s Phone Legal?

The critical thing to understand is that this is only legit in two situations:

  • If you have the consent of the owner of the target gadget
  • If you are a parent tracking a minor

The laws vary from the country, but using phone location tracking to learn someone’s whereabouts illegally is subject to legal consequences. Those could include fines and time spent in jail.

Way #1 Use the App. Best 5 Apps for Tracking Someone By Phone Number

Before we continue, consider the following tips and precautions:

  • Apps that support tracking a location are technically spyware. It’s important to have the person’s consent unless you are a parent tracking a minor.
  • You might need to turn off some security-related settings, such as Google Play Protect, on the targeted device for the installation to go through smoothly.
  • Choose an app that offers the features you need, such as tracking someone’s location in real time and geo-fencing.

How Findmykids Can Help in Tracking a Cell Phone?

how to track a phone without them knowing


Findmykids provides a better and improved way to track down your smartphone. It is a secure parental control application available to track phone by number and other supported devices.

This application is awarded the KidSafe and COPPA certified seal. With these certifications seal, parents can blindly trust on this app as it comes with the highest quality of protection and services. The KidSafe program has certified that Findmykids and Pingo apps meet the online safety and privacy policy. The main advantages of this app are not just limited to the tracking, it avails other features too.

  • Notification about the visited place of a person;
  • Movement activity;
  • Listen to sounds from the surrounding;
  • Get an SOS signal;
  • Check mobile statistics.

All the above tasks can be easily handled through the other device such as your other smartphone. You can start by:

  • Download the app
  • Download the Pingo app on the target gadget. This application doesn’t seem too suspicious by its name so you can easily install and explore the wide range of benefits.
  • Confirm the access to the targeted device and start using all these features.

Now, you can get rid of complex hacking codes and other alternatives. As soon as you lost the cellphone, start spying yourself. You can get the real-time geo-location and sounds from the surroundings.

Top Apps to Track the Location of a Phone Number

Our quick comparison of the top options to track a cell phone’s location by number are listed below:

App Why choose it Price Rating
mSpy Comprehensive monitoring features, user-friendly interface, real-time data updates $11.67 monthly 4.8
Umobix Advanced tracking features, discreet mode, real-time GPS tracking $49.99 monthly 4.5
EyeZy Powerful GPS tracking, real-time location updates, user-friendly interface $47.99 monthly 4.5
MinSpy Wide range of monitoring features, real-time data updates, supports Android and iOS $9.99 monthly 4.25
CocoSpy Comprehensive monitoring features, real-time data updates, supports Android and iOS $39.99 monthly 4.0

Now, let’s get into detailed reviews of each app!


how to track someone location with phone number

mSpy is an all-around activity monitoring app for Android and iOS. You can do everything from reading messages on social media to seeing the list of calls. As for the phone’s location, mSpy shows current data and GPS history and routes.

The installation is a bit easier on iOS since you’ll need the iCloud account details of the target phone. Unlike that, you need physical access to an Android device to install an app and initiate the service. After setting everything up, you can monitor calls, location, and other details from a personalized control panel.


how can i track a phone number without them knowing

Umobix is a comprehensive tool for parents to monitor their children’s activity. You can check phone calls and message lists, and even stream video and audio of the surroundings. The GPS location tracker is available on Android and iOS. You can see the current location, but also the recent history of places your child visited.

Parents can also benefit from the Geofinder, which helps track the device’s location by using only the phone number. A single SMS is enough and you’ll receive information on the kid’s whereabouts in seconds.

After signing up for a subscription, install Umobix on the target gadget and follow the instructions to complete the setup.


eyezy location tracker

EyeZy is another all-around activity monitor that specializes in tracking the phone’s location and providing real-time data. You can get info on the current whereabouts of the target phone as long as that device has access to a mobile network or Wi-Fi data.

After paying for a subscription, you’ll receive an app download link. Use that to install the app on the target phone. Once you set everything up, access the location tracker from the control panel on the EyeZy website. Apart from monitoring the current location, you can also see detailed history, along with when the owner visited a particular location.


minspy location tracking by number

A great advantage of Minspy is that it’s capable of monitoring SIM cards. That gives you the option to check someone’s location whether they are using a smartphone or tablet. Your web-based dashboard is nicely designed and intuitive. It will be easy to receive location information but also track calls and other device owners’ activity.

Minspy is convenient since it doesn’t require jailbreaking or rooting a phone to track someone’s location. Instead, you install the app on the chosen device and enter the required details, which means you are good to go in minutes.

Please note: Exploring methods on how to track a phone without the person’s knowledge raises serious concerns about respecting privacy and consent.


Cocospy is another way to track a phone’s location that uses the information sent from the device via Wi-Fi or GPS. You can see exact coordinates, along with exit and entry times to a certain place. And the great part is that you can see the details without jailbreaking or rooting the phone.

For Android, you need to download the app and register for an account. But for iOS, you only need to know the iCloud credentials, so there’s no need to install anything. It’s a perfect way to discreetly monitor the current location of the target phone. As an all-around monitor, Cocospy can also track calls and other device activity.

Way#2: Websites That Find a Location with a Phone Number

If you’d like an alternative to specialized apps for tracking a phone’s location by number, you can also use websites that serve this purpose. Here are the top suggestions!


Max-Geoloc is a premium service, but there’s a trial that allows trying it at an affordable price. If you feel like the platform is the right choice, it’s easy to sign up for a full subscription.

The features available ensure you can geolocate a mobile number worldwide, so there are no country limitations. Max-Geoloc allows creating a contact list and mutual contact sharing, if you want to connect with the family via a single app.

It’s easy to start using the service. Enter the desired phone number on the homepage, along with your e-mail address. The platform will take you to the screen where you need to register and pay for a trial, and you’ll then get the information you wanted.


CellTrack is a GDPR-compliant tool and it provides a wide range of data about the targeted phone number. It’s easy to use the website, but after entering the number, you’ll only get limited data without registering. After you sign up, you’ll see results like the exact current location, which is done by using GPS technology.

This tool has other useful features, too, such as retrieving information from public WhatsApp profiles, including photos and statuses. You can even send anonymous voice messages, making CellTrack an extremely useful utility. However, don’t forget that this is essentially a premium service, and the subscription price isn’t that low.

TechWelkin Trace a Phone Number Tool

The last tool we’ll discuss is the one made by TechWelkin. It’s completely online-based, but it’s only available in the USA, India, UK, and Canada. You will need to pick a country first, and then enter the phone number. It’s vital that there’s no need to enter the country code, only the number. For example, in the USA, these numbers have five digits.

After conducting a search, the tool will take a few seconds to display results. It provides information about the city, state, and country, but only if it’s available. The database has some limitations, so it could happen that the tool isn’t capable of providing the desired info.

Way #3: SMS Gateway Center Serving Cell Phone Number Tracking

SMS Gateway Center is another mobile location tracking website. Mobile tracking can be done simply by using a mobile number. Along with the location tracking, you can identify the mobile model number they are using, the network they are connected with and also its range. This service can be availed only if the owner’s registered mobile number is Indian.


  • Service available in different countries.
  • Provide real-time location tracking information on the map.
  • Allows secure online registration.
  • Works with multiple countries around the world
  • A live chat customer support service is available.
  • Simply sign up and start using it.
  • Service is free of cost.

Among all the discussed scenarios and options, Findmykids is the best solution you can ever have. Not only in the case of phone theft or loss; it assists your whole family by providing a safe environment to live in. So, if you are looking for locating your device, Findmykids is the best option.

Other Methods to Locate a Phone by Number


Let’s see the other two methods you have available to enter a phone number and find the owner’s location:

  1. CNAM Lookup. It stands short for Caller Name, and you can find these services online. While they show useful details, they won’t provide the current location.
  2. Use Whitepages. While you also can’t search for real-time location, you can find the address where the number is registered, which can be helpful. Whitepages is a website partnered with SS7 networks, so it provides info about those users.

The article has explored various tested and legal ways to track a phone number. While it’s crucial to be aware of these methods for legitimate reasons such as safety or finding a lost device, it’s equally important to acknowledge the potential misuse of such information. Our emphasis remains on responsible and ethical use, discouraging any attempts to track a phone number without them knowing and consent of the individual. Striking a balance between necessity and respecting privacy is key in navigating the world of phone number tracking


How to track someone’s phone number for free?

While you have free tools that track location by phone numbers, it’s not recommended to use them. They might be unsafe, and you can’t rely on the information they provide too much. Instead, look for a premium subscription-based app, or even use parental control software like Findmykids to track a gadget’s location.

How can I find the exact location of a mobile number?

It’s best to use specialized apps that can track phone numbers for this purpose. You’ll find free and premium apps, with the latter offering more reliable information and maximum security when using the software.

Can I track a phone number location on Google Maps?

It’s necessary for the numbers you want to monitor to have the location-sharing feature active on their devices. After activating this, you need to send a request to the device you want to share the location with. Now, you can use that device to track the phone number’s location from Google Maps, by using the search feature.

Can I track a number location without them knowing?

The answer is technically yes, although installing a corresponding app or providing user credentials of the target device will be necessary to use location tracking and phone monitoring apps. While this is possible, don’t forget there’s the question of the legality of tracking someone’s phone without them knowing.

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