To Track a Cell Phone Location by Number only: Is it Possible?

Have you ever imagined the importance of tracking a cell phone? There can be many scenarios such as the case of theft, loss, or monitoring someone in possession of the phone. About all these cases things are good until the cell phone is in your pocket but when it comes to real-time tracking, things get a little challenging. Things become more difficult if someone switched off the GPS or data pack on their cell phone. Now, the only thing that remains is the mobile number. Well, you must be wondering is it possible to track a mobile number? Let’s clear it out.

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Is it possible to track a cell phone with its mobile number?



Yes, it is true. You can actively track a cell phone number. You may have encountered such scenarios in a number of movies where cops used to track location by phone number. By the time the phone gets switched on and its SIM card becomes active, the administrative department gets a signal with a red light blinking over their map. This technology doesn’t require any GPS; all it needed is the mobile number.

Now, the problem is, how normal civilians can access such an advanced system in order to track their cell phones as it gets used by the Government sectors. Well, it’s not a big deal. But, accessing someone else’s mobile phone or your stolen phone is not possible by using the government’s advanced system.

You can leverage the concept of hacking to track down your cell phone until it’s your own. You have to do it under law. You can track its location by sending a bug. This bug will hunt location for you. To do so, you need to check out the next part.

How can we hack a cell phone with its number for tracking its location?



If GPS is not assisting you to trace a cell phone which has got lost or stolen, your number can help. Let’s understand it through the following steps:

  1. Initially, check out whether the mobile phone is switched on or not? It is compulsory for performing this task.
  2. If it is on, send a text message containing a worm or bug link using the texting application.
  3. Now, your text must be attractive enough to make a user clicks over that link. Now, the main task begins. These bug with automatically initiates the installation over that device.


You need to create this bug potential enough to access the cell phone’s GPS and automatically switch it on. Now, you are good to follow the further location process. It sounds easy, but here you can encounter various obstacles such as:

  1. The bug you sent over the text message will not get activated until the user clicks on that link.
  2. Your text message should be convincing enough to make a user click over that link. There are always chances that the person will ignore the message.
  3. If that person restored the factory setting by resetting the device, the bug can be removed.

Thus, you need to make this bug powerful enough that it can auto-install itself so that it can never be removed which is a very complex task for an ordinary person. Well, don’t get confused. Here is the solution- Find My Kids. It is created especially for assisting civilians in such scenarios.

How Find My Kids can help in tracking a cell phone?



Find My Kids provides a better and improved way to track down your cell phone. It is a secure parental control application available to track phone by number and other supported devices. This application is awarded the KidSafe and COPPA certified seal. With these certifications seal, parents can blindly trust on this app as it comes with the highest quality of protection and services. The KidSafe program has certified that Find My Kids and Chat with Parents apps meet the online safety and privacy policy. The main advantages of this app are not just limited to the tracking, it avails other features too.

  • Notification about the visited place of a person;
  • Movement activity;
  • Listen to sounds from the surrounding;
  • Get an SOS signal;
  • Check mobile phone statistics.

All the above tasks can be easily handled through the other device such as your other smartphone. You can start by:

  • Downloading the app on your phone
  • Download the ‘Chat With Parents’ app on the target cell phone. This application doesn’t seem too suspicious by its name so you can easily install and explore the wide range of benefits.
  • Confirm the access to the targeted device and start using all these features.

Now, you can get rid of complex hacking codes and other alternatives. As soon as you lost the cellphone, start spying yourself. You can get the real-time geo-location and sounds from the surroundings.

Tracking a cell phone number by using Buddy Locator



The next software to track mobile using the phone number is Buddy Locator. It allows you to track the target device online without much effort. There is no need to sign up or register. You only need to select your country and add the phone number.

It provides service in most countries and is a certified GPS tracking service. You can blindly trust this service as it is one of the online certified service providers. It is compatible with all mobiles, tablets of all the famous brands like HTC, Apple, Windows, and LG, etc.


  • No need for downloading and installation.
  • Track real-time location through GPS.
  • Can be used for all kinds of mobile device
  • No sign-up is required and is free of cost.
  • Very fewer chances of error.

Using Device Tracker Plus for monitoring a cell phone number



Searching for an easy way to track the mobile phone online then give a chance to Device Tracker Plus. Simply insert the phone number of the target mobile and start tracing its live location from your browser. It is specially designed to provide peace of mind to the customers through its user-friendly interface.

This software makes the parents relaxed as they can trace their kids simply with a phone number. It is one of the most popular software as its name and features were discussed in the Huffington Post.


  • Registration and sign up can be done securely.
  • It supports both Android as well as the IOS platform.
  • Compatible with both smartphones and tablets.
  • Collects and stores all the information on the connected network automatically for security purposes.
  • Get the live location on the map and no need to check manually by the call.

SMS Gateway Center serving cell phone number tracking



SMS Gateway Center is another mobile location tracking website. Mobile tracking can be done simply by using a mobile number. Along with the location tracking, you can identify the mobile model number they are using, the network they are connected with and also its range. This service can be availed only if the owner’s registered mobile number is Indian.


  • Service available in different countries.
  • Provide real-time location tracking information on the map.
  • Allows secure online registration.
  • Works with multiple countries around the world
  • A live chat customer support service is available.
  • Simply sign up and start using it.
  • Service is free of cost.

Among all the discussed scenarios and options, Find My Kids is the best solution you can ever have. Not only in the case of phone theft or loss; it assists your whole family by providing a safe environment to live in. So, if you are looking for locating your device, Find My Kids is the best option.



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