Effective Ways to Break Free from Phone Addiction

Smartphone addiction is a growing problem affecting many children and young people all over the world. It can have troubling consequences, and many parents, teachers, and guardians are rightfully concerned about their kids’ well-being. This guide will look at some methods and tips for how to stop phone addiction.


Phone Addiction — What Is It?

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Phone addiction, as the name suggests, is a phenomenon in which people can become obsessively attached to their smartphone, using it for excessive amounts of time per day, not being able to enjoy or participate in other activities, and needing to have their phone on their person at all times.

There isn’t any official recognition or definition of phone addiction yet with any of the big psychological bodies around the world, but it’s becoming a bigger and bigger problem and is widely talked about in psychology circles. It can affect people of all ages but is most prevalent in young people who tend to use and rely on their phones more than older generations.

Key Statistics

  • 47% of americans admit to being addicted to their smartphone. (Reviews)
  • The average person in the US checks their phone over 350 times daily. (Asurion)
  • Close to 2/3s of children use their smartphones for 4+ hours daily. (Italian Journal of Pediatrics)
  • 72% of parents feel their teens are distracted by phones during conversations. (Pew Research)
  • 44% of americans feel anxious without their phones. (YouGov)

Why Are Kids Addicted to Phones?

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Children tend to be more likely to be addicted to phones as they’re growing up in a digital, technological world and often receive phones quite early in life. Many or all of their friends will have phones and use them to keep in touch with each other, play games, and so on, and children often succumb to peer pressure and don’t want to miss out on trends.

Kids are also very likely to use phones for entertainment. They can watch videos, chat with their friends, play a range of games, download and use various apps, browse the web, listen to music, and more. These devices can meet a lot of their entertainment needs, making them very desirable and popular.

Recently, we conducted a large-scale study involving children to determine how much time they spend on gadgets and what activities they engage in. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the results!

Symptoms of Phone Addiction

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Spotting the signs of phone addiction can be tricky, but here are some of the most common symptoms to watch out for, either in yourself or in your children:

  • Feelings of anxiety when the phone isn’t nearby or has no service.
  • Finding that daily tasks and activities don’t get done, due to excessive phone use.
  • Needing to look at or use a phone even during face-to-face discussions.
  • Physical effects, like neck aches, headaches, and eye strain.
  • Losing track of time while on the phone.
  • Fewer real-world social relationships and connections.
  • Losing friends or having trouble with family members due to phone use.
  • Attempts to limit phone use tend to fail.

How Can Smartphone Addiction Impact Your Life?

Smartphone addiction can have a wide range of negative impacts on a person’s life. It’s common for social relationships to suffer if the person spends so much time on their cellphone and fails to engage with friends and family in reality. They can also develop stress and anxiety when they aren’t able to use their phone, and it can harm their social development, career prospects, and physical health, too.

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Useful Strategies to Stop Your Phone Addiction

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Fortunately, even though phones can be very addictive, especially for teenagers and children, there are many ways in which addicts can take steps to control their addiction and stop it from having too big of an impact on their lives.

Here are some tips and tricks for how to stop your phone addiction.

Hobbies and Activities

Those who feel they spend too much time on their phone could consider engaging with other hobbies and activities. There are many different ways to spend your free time, and it’s healthy to have a balanced mix of tech-related activities, like phones, and real-life hobbies, like playing a sport, taking walks, or joining a club.

Other Devices

Another interesting and effective way to cut down on the amount of screen time you have on your phone is to spend time using other devices. While this may seem counter-intuitive, it can be very beneficial for easing people away from their phones. You could try reading an eBook on an eReader, playing games on a console, watching films on TV, or using a computer.

Screen Time Rules and Boundaries

Setting rules and boundaries is a clear and efficient way to get phone usage under control. Try to set precise rules for how and when your phone should be used. For example, you could try to limit your screen time to a certain amount of hours, or set a rule that you never use your phone at the dinner table or when chatting with a friend or family member, face-to-face.

Phone-Free Times

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Following on from the previous point about rules and boundaries, another method you can try is to designate times of the day when you don’t use your phone. For example, a lot of people try to switch off their phones in the evening, after 7 or 8 pm, so that they can spend quality time with the family and get into a more relaxed state of mind before going to bed.

Digital Locks

If you find that simply making up your own rules and boundaries doesn’t work, because you have a habit of breaking them, you could also try a technological approach by using digital locks. There are various apps and features you can use on your phone to effectively lock it at certain times of the day, blocking you from using it, except in emergencies. You can also block certain apps or websites to prevent procrastination.

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Device-Free Rooms

A family that wants to cut down on phone usage might also like to designate device-free rooms of the home. The dining room is a popular example. You might decide, for example, that your family will keep all phones out of the dining room, allowing you to all eat together without any distracting calls or messages.

Change Your Mindset

A big part of overcoming any addiction is to change your mindset and adjust the way you think and feel about the source of your addiction. Think carefully about how you use your device, and try to identify the root factors or triggers that make you rely on it so much. If you can adjust some of those triggers, you’ll be able to stop your phone from having such control over you.

Opt for Real-Life Interactions

Speaking to people on the phone can be fun and convenient, but it shouldn’t be your only source of interaction with others. Hanging out in real life can be much more fulfilling, and there’s so much you can do with other people if you actually meet up with them. Try to find a balance between chatting with people online and meeting them in reality.

Guiding Your Kids Away from Smartphones

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For parents, it can be frightening and frustrating in equal measure to see that their children are suffering from smartphone addiction. And it may feel like there’s little you can do, but there are steps you can take to help guide your kids away from their devices and help them enjoy healthier, happier, and more balanced lives.

Set the Example

Kids often copy their parents and look up to them as their main role models. If your kids grow up seeing you stuck to your phone all the time, they’ll assume that it’s natural, normal behavior, and they won’t see anything wrong with behaving the same way. Parents and guardians should set an example by not using their phones in excess.

Use Helpful Apps

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There are also many different apps you can install on your kids’ phones to help track and control their usage. Kids360, for example, allows you to set screen time limits for your kids’ favorite games and apps, which will lock once the limit is reached. This is really helpful for letting kids keep on using their phones, but preventing them from using them too long.

Ready to take control of your child’s screen time? Discover the power of the Kids360 app and help them build a healthy relationship with technology. Get started today!

Have Rules

Ultimately, it’s up to parents to set rules for their kids to follow. If you feel that your children are using their phones far too much, set a rule for how much screen time they can have each day, or create rules and times when the phones need to be switched off and put away. If the children refuse to follow the rules, discipline, and communication can help them understand.

Go Offline

Having an “offline day” of the week or “offline hours” each night where you disconnect the internet and avoid using online devices can be a great way to bring the family back together. This forced period of offline time can help children see that they don’t need to have their phones to have fun and that there are lots of other ways to spend their time.


One of the best ways to get through to your children and help them understand the risks of phone addiction is simply to talk to them. Try to find a time when they’re available and open to discussion, and speak with them about how much they’re using their phones and why it might not be healthy in the long term. Through communication, you can find compromise and resolution.

Offer Alternatives

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Some kids simply pick up their phones so much because they’re bored and have no other source of interest or entertainment. If you can give them alternative ways to have fun, they’ll be much more likely to leave the phone behind or use it less often. Plan family days out and activities, like games and sports, to show your child that there are so many more ways to spend their days.

Phone addiction can be damaging in more ways than one, and it’s so easy for kids to fall into the trap of using their phones excessively. But, parents don’t have to simply suffer and watch their kids succumb to this addiction. As this guide shows, there are plenty of ways to help your kids use their phones less and get back on track for a healthier life.

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