10 Ways to Track A Cell Phone Location

Managing kids along with the work is quite a difficult task. But the technology has become so vast and it has come up with the solution of most of the problems. And, it has some disadvantages too. Mostly kids get easily trapped into the Internet threats. Parents should be conscious and monitor their kid’s activities.

Kids, especially teens, don’t like when parents ask them about their life and friends. They take it to their ego and then they stop sharing their stuff with their parents. So, we have come up with some child monitoring applications. You can keep track of the kid’s activities without informing them. Of course, parents also don’t want to keep an eye on each and every activity so they can choose the app according to their needs.

Here in this post, we have discussed the top 10 child monitoring applications to help parents to make their kids secure. After reading this post, parents will be able to choose the apps which can fulfill their requirements.


The top best app of our list of child monitoring application is Findmykids. This application is available free of cost for both Android and iOS platforms. You can avail of incredible features in the single application. Like other apps, it also helps you in tracking the live location of the kids. But it also helps you in tracking the path they have chosen to reach the destination. Now, it can be linked with the smartwatches also. Let’s check out some of its features.


  • Real-time location tracking.
  • Emergency call button that sends notification of the live location and also starts recording noises of surroundings.
  • Notifies you when kids reach the destination like school, home, or park.
  • Track their environment by listening to what is happening around them.
  • Get a statistical report of their visited locations and their path.
  • Available with a user-friendly and attractive interface.


Protect your kids by engaging with the FamiSafe child monitoring app. It has both Android as well as the IOS version. With this, you can track the live location of the target mobile and also can check their online history. Apart from this, you are eligible to get their data usage, browsing history free of cost. You do not need to pay for this service. It makes you able to protect your kids from online threats like cyberbullying, harassment, etc.


  • The best feature is that it blocks adult sites, images, and videos.
  • Check complete browsing history along with the site links.
  • Analyze which app is used more than others.
  • Monitor installation/ uninstallation of the apps.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • Monitor social media activities.

Kids Place

The third best application in our list, Kids Place, helps you to make your mobile totally childproof. With this lock, you are able to lock the screen, calling, texting, and many other features. It lets your kids use the phone in a limit and for a limited time. This ensures that your kids are safe from online threats and the bad habit of over mobile usage. Kids Place wins a great customer satisfaction rate and is free of cost service.


  • You can apply authentication to some apps to restrict the kids from using those apps.
  • It blocks the calls when child mode is active.
  • There is an auto-restart feature so that you can activate the app again if it is closed by kids


Another child monitoring app used by the parents is Webwatcher. It is compatible with windows, IOS, Blackberry, and Android. It can be installed easily and then you can avail of its services remotely. It cannot be detected on the phone so your child will not be aware of this application. But it is not affordable for everyone as it costs $99.95.


  • Undetectable app.
  • Can be accessed remotely and makes you monitor kid’s mobile.
  • Eligible to check all photos and videos even if they are deleted.
  • Check the history of installed and uninstalled apps.
  • Monitor social media platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp, Skype, etc.

Norton Family Premier

Norton Family Premier is launched by Norton who is famous for developing antivirus software. This award-winning application is designed to provide protection to the kids from various dangers. You are allowed to track their live locations, protection from hackers, and other online threats. It is available with 30 days of trial but is quite expensive than others. It costs you $49.99 annually and can be afforded for everyone.


  • It notifies you through an email when your kid visited any site over the internet along with that website link.
  • Also, it can block insecure games and websites from a target mobile.
  • If they tried to access blocked website it will send an email.
  • This application helps in phone usage time scheduling and also the internet usage limit.
  • You are allowed to monitor their login timings on social media platforms like Facebook.
  • Also, you can restrict the kids from sending any video or photo to someone.
  • Mobile settings can be changed remotely.
  • Monitor their browsing history without informing them.
  • Set calling and texting limits.
  • Get a report of their activities on a monthly or weekly basis.


Keep all the worries about the child’s security by installing PhoneSheriff on your mobile. It is a child monitoring app with several features in it. You are allowed to keep an eye on kid’s internet usage. You can check what videos, images they have watched and on which websites they have visited.

It is an award-winning application because of its high rate of customer satisfaction. It has two plans; one of them is $49 for 6 months and another of $89 per year.


  • Get the history of previously visited websites and other online activities.
  • Also, you can monitor messages sent over the internet with their contact details.
  • You will be notified if any contact information is saved in mobile.
  • Get geo-fencing updates about the current location.
  • It allows you to lock/unlock a screen remotely.


Protect your kids from internet threats using Kuukla child monitoring application. Simply download the app and start monitoring the usage activities of the target mobile. It is available for Android only. Parents can avail of all these features free of cost.


  • Installation and Uninstallation process is easy.
  • You are allowed to approve or disapprove the installation of the app on a kid’s mobile.
  • Phone using time can be scheduled and also can restrict internet use.

Screen Time

Screen Time works according to its name. This application is used to monitor phone usage time. You can restrict the mobile or another device usage by locking the screen. It is available at a free trial of 14 days so that parents can try it for kids’ security. It has 2 plans – one that is free and one that is premium and will cost you $3.99 per month. It has compatibility with IOS, Android, and Amazon devices.


  • Set an alarm or mobile locking at school time, bedtime or dinner time.
  • It allows you to create a list of websites for the kids which are useful for them.
  • Access target mobile’s screen remotely and set screen time for it.
  • Also, you can add other users to monitor things in your absence.
  • Make sure that kids will not uninstall this application from their phones.


The best and effective way of making your kids secure is SecureTeen. It provides security to kids from adult websites, contents, unsafe games, etc. It is specially developed to reduce the stress of parents for their child’s security. You are allowed to check the daily usage of their mobile phones. It charges $39.99 annually for the application on the Android platform.


  • Web-filtering, internet monitoring, data usage records generation like activities can be done.
  • Restrict some applications, websites that are not good for the kids.
  • Blocking adult videos, contents like features are available.
  • Monitoring social media activities.
  • The phone screen can be locked if it gets stolen.


Abeona is the last and fast parental control app of our list. You can control and monitor online activities of your kids. You will be able to protect them from online threats, cyberbullying, etc. It is an Android-based application that helps you in accessing their mobile usage. Also, you are allowed to block some apps if required.


  • Get live location updates of your kids.
  • You will be notified if any of the apps are installed in the kid’s mobile.
  • Also, you can check if they are online or not.
  • And, you have access to check their browsing history.
  • It is free of cost for all the users.


Get your mobile tracked by using the ways explained in this post. Being a parent you can make your life stress free by using one of the above-mentioned apps called Findmykids. With this, you are allowed to protect your kids from bad company, kidnapping, and from being lost. Just implement the best way to trace the mobile’s location for a security purpose.



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