Best Android Family Locator Apps

The safety of our friends and family is of great importance to us. We cannot deny the possibility of getting worried when we are unable to get across to them. That’s why we download the best family locator app for android.

Sometimes, you give them the freedom they desire, and next, you need them to always be in your line of sight, using the best family locator app for android to keep a view on them. There are various family locators that you can have on your android device.

For this article, allow us to walk you through some incredible locators that you can make use of. These apps are top-rated with a proven track record.

Here we go…

The best family locator app is “Find my Kids” app from AppStore and Google Play. It provides amazing features like live location tracking and listening to surrounding noises. The best part is that you can use it for your family.


TOP 10 family locators on Android

Find My Kids App


Find My Kids app is one of the top-rated family GPS locators ensuring parental guidance and child safety. The app helps the parent to be assured of their children’s safety when they are not around them, or can’t hear their names when called. It is comparable to all your devices. You can connect GPS watch or simply install the program on your child’s phone.

Features include:

  • GPS locator – with this on, you can track your child’s exact location on the map and also notice the movements he or she made for the day.
  • Sound around – be sure that your child is in a safe place by listening around for strange movements or sounds.
  • Loud signal – if your child can’t hear your call or left their device in the bag pack, simply send a noisy message.
  • Application Control – with the Find my Kids app, you can keep a tab on your child’s day if they played all day or focused on studies.
  • Security Control – get alerts when your child comes home from school, goes to a friend’s place or to see a movie from apps generated safe zones feature.
  • Battery Control – enable you to be aware of your child’s phone charge and remind him or her to charge the phone before it goes off.
  • Family chat – the app enables you to chat with your child. Funny stickers are available to enhance your chatting experience.

Working principle of the app:

  • First, download and install the Find My Kids app on your device from AppStore or GooglePlay.
  • Pick a device to connect with, either your child’s phone or GPS-watch.
  • Get the Chat with Parents app installed on your kids’ phone.

Access to contacts, photos, microphones, and cameras would have to be granted for the application to function better.

With this application, you can keep track of our kids. Any technical problem can be sorted out by contacting our support services. This service is available round the clock.



life360 family locator usa

Sometimes, certain events occur that make us resolve that the world is a scary place. Thankfully, innovations have led to the development of specific applications like Life360, family locator. Enabling you to keep a tab on your family members at will.

This application makes life easy and simple with the digital advancement in today’s world to stay connected to people in your circle that are important to you.

The Life360 sends an automatic alert to family members who are quite forgetful about kinds of stuff. It is also possible to plot your location on a map, and also allow a certain number of people to find it. Private chats are enabled; you can also send photos.

With Life360, you can track your lost android device. Driving safe tips and a Crash Detection service is also part of the app. Talking about stability, this app happened to be at the top of the list.

The app works on both iPhones and Android devices, with divers’ manners of features and benefits.



This application is a free, fast, and efficient way to keep abreast of the location of friends and family using the GPS tracking system. It is simple, send a glimpse informing your family about your movement when you set out. Or better still, request for an overview from a friend who is running late for an appointment.

This app enables people you share with to view you glimpse for any location as long as they have a web-enabled device. You can also control how long you want your place to be tracked. Certain features include:

  • Easy to use, no need for a sign-up.
  • It is global; all you need is a GPS and an internet connection.
  • It is enabled to run in the background.
  • You can share the location in real-time.

Foursquare Swarm


Foursquare Swarm is designed to entice your kids as you keep a record of places visited. It doesn’t make them uncomfortable or resentful towards the idea of being monitored. Just like foursquare City, the app allows seeking for points as you check into different places.

You can generate more points into a family game or offer ideas that would aid the participation of your kids. Kids could also message friends who are in the same locations as long as they also have the app. They offer no-real time tracking.

Family Locator


Looking for a real-time locator with incredible unique features, the family locator app is your best shot. With this app, you can set an unsafe zone for your kids. Dangerous zones are places where you do not want your children to get to. A notification would be sent to you when they trespass into such areas.

However, if, unfortunately, your kid gets missing, all they need to do is press the SOS button, and their exact location would be revealed to you. Family members have the privilege of disclosing their positions. It has to be of mutual agreement.

With the premium version, you can track the location history for the past weeks. Full address, time, and dates are made available.

Find My Friends


Find My Friends is now available on android, and you have never seen an app like this before. With it, you can:

  • Locate your friends
  • Give your location out to a friend
  • Engage your friends in a chat
  • Share gist
  • Get directions

With the aid of Google Maps, it provides plotted mappings. There is a display of fire department, hospitals, and police stations on the app which your child can turn to if they are unable to get through to you. What a wonder!

Talk about the emergency; this android app can be a lifesaver. In an emergency, the app is programmed to display your location. Downloading this apk is free, but you could upgrade to a premium version that you have to pay for. Excellent detailed location history, roadside assistance, and other service are available to you when you get this app.

Verizon FamilyBase


Verizon FamilyBase is an app with lots of incredible features. With the Verizon FamilyBase, you can track the exact location of your kid, or friends. Unlike other android family locators, this comes in handy when they are in a position, and they can’t describe to you. Simply follow the tracker as it leads you to their exact location.

Other features of this locator that make it stand out are that parents can block unwanted contacts, could childproof the child’s internet, and go through your kid’s calls and messages to ensure they are not engaging in anything illicit or illegal.

Sprint Family Locator


An incredible app that permits you to locate any device on the sprint family plan. With sprint family locator, you don’t need to download any software on your phone, simply download the application and start tracking directly from your smartphone.

This locator can help locate up to four phones, support texts, and websites. It includes time stamping, performing check-ins, and many other features. Also, all this can be accessed with your computer if you don’t have a smartphone.

T-Mobile FamilyWhere


This app is rated among the best. It gives you the privilege of free check-ins when you download the premium version. The premium version goes for $10 for each month. You can also try the free 30-day trial version. But if you need the extra perks, get the premium version.

With the paid version, the app takes a new swing. It makes the whole locator experience fun and less of a job for kids. Several options, like emoticons, are included to gain the attention of the child and make them want to use the app. They were making it easy for the parent to keep a tab on them.

AT&T FamilyMap


With AT&T, you get the trail and premium version. The premium version comes with a price that is quite similar to T-Mobile’s – $10 each month for about ten lines. Any device supports this app. Provisional check-ins are available, maps and texts, or mails correspondence.

On the app, you can add up contacts or places that are frequently visited by your family. This makes the work easy when you choose to find them.

AT&T is rated as one of the top apps on android devices. However, it is not cheap, but you are sure to find peace when you subscribe to it.

Always safe


With these apps, you are assured that your kids, friends, and family are always safe. For children, you can select their location setting, and this is transmitted through the family link, which enables you to keep track of them.

Several accidents have been avoided, kids trying to get past barriers set up, and other incidents. These devices are quite helpful in today’s world, whereby both parents are busy trying to make ends meet.

For parents, these apps have a general working principle. These includes:

  • click on the family link app;
  • choose your target; preferably your child;
  • get the location card on by going to set up;
  • enable the setting that allows you to know your child’s exact location;
  • then turn it on. This might take a while to come up.

In short, a vital part of our lives is our families. Therefore, we would always want to keep in touch with them anytime or every time. Keeping in touch makes us put-call across to them daily. Often, we slack on these things—that why we need a smooth and efficient means to stay in touch.


To solve these challenges, family locator application was created. Helping you bridge the gap between friends and families at a cheap cost.

Parents should understand that the family locating apps are essential. They ensure that their children are safe and in a safe place – out of danger. They stand to benefit the following:

  • parental peace of mind;
  • space;
  • accountability;
  • safety.

Furthermore, parents can choose not to share their location with their children. This gives them space when they need to study or research and do not need disturbance. They can research and also be aware of their kids through the app.

With the aid of this app, the parent does not need to worry about their children because the app can aid the protection of your child. Parents can be confident that their children are in the right place at any specific time.

Family is a priority to everyone, and it is natural for parents to worry about their kids. Sometimes, parents may seem troublesome or annoying to the kids. However, the good news is that you can simply install these apps to pay close attention to your children’s movement and exact location, keeping your family safe.



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