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What to get a girl on International Women’s Day: best gift ideas

All girls love festive days, and International Women’s Day is perhaps the most long-awaited one for women. Gifts for girls on March 8th are given to everyone: to mothers, grandmothers, friends and classmates. If you want to get a more unusual addition to your usual bouquet of flowers, your gift will be sure to stand out from others. Moreover, now it is not difficult to impress even the most capricious girl, all you need is to approach the choice of a gift carefully and creatively.


International women’s day: a brief history of the celebration


March 8th began to be celebrated as a sign of femininity and spring only from the end of the 20th century. Until that time, the day marked the struggle for women’s rights. American women had their first protest against unequal conditions with men around 150 years ago. Later, they were joined by representatives of other countries, mainly European ones. Officially, International Women’s Day got scheduled for March 8th only in 1977.

In various countries, the spring holiday does not carry a connotation of a fight for women’s rights. On this day, women are rather congratulated and thanked for their love, tenderness and care.

Celebrating Women’s Day in 2021

The 8th of March falls on a Monday in 2021. This day is an official holiday in a large number of countries, from Armenia to Laos.

What to get on March 8th: ideas of gifts for girls of different ages

When choosing a suitable present, do not forget to consider the two main factors of a good gift. These would be the age of the girl and her interests. Below is a table with the most popular gifts for girls of different ages:

For preschoolers For 7-9-year-old girls For 10-12-year-old girls For 13-15-year-old girls For 16-18-year-old young women
Doll, soft toy, book. Jewelry, DIY set, smartwatch. Childrens’ make-up, jewelry, headphones. Backpack, make-up, new gadget. Photoshoot, gift certificate, jewelry.

For preschoolers

Preschool children are still in the age when they are happy with some inexpensive little things. 3-6-year-old girls would particularly enjoy dolls, dollhouses, a soft toy of a favorite cartoon character or a fairy tale, or a book with color drawings.

If you are going to buy a gift for a very small child of 0-2 years old, ask their parents what gift you can get for their baby. Perhaps the girl’s mother and father will ask for something more practical than toys, for example, a diaper package, a set of childrens’ dishes, or some clothing for the kindergarten.

For 1st graders


The competitive spirit of girls can often be even stronger than that of boys. It may occur that first-graders are already competing with each other, and something that will be appreciated not only by the girl, but also by her classmates, will be a good gift for a 7-8-year-old young lady. This could be for instance one of the following:

  • jewelry;
  • trendy sports bag;
  • hair accessories;
  • jewelry box;
  • unusual DIY sets, such as markers for textile art, jewelry, or candle-making sets.

You can get a more practical present for a first-grader, such as a notebook, a bright diary or any unusual stationery. As long as the school is still something new and exciting for children of this age, they would be happy with new educational supplies.

For 2nd graders


At the age of 8-9 years old, girls often develop new interests. Therefore, get them a gift that would be able to develop their skills and abilities:

  • bicycle or roller skates for active children;
  • a cookbook with detailed step-by-step recipes;
  • sports equipment, such as a hoop or a skipping rope;
  • a girl’s lego set;
  • sewing or jewelry-making bead set.

A great gift idea for an independent schoolgirl 8-9 years old is a smartphone or a smartwatch. Second-graders attend school and extracurricular activities unaccompanied by adults. A useful gadget will give peace of mind to parents who will be able to always know exactly where their child is at any given moment.

Buy a useful and interesting gift for a girl! A GPS watch will bring you peace of mind for your child. You will always know where your child is. Access our official e-store.

For 3rd graders

By the age of 9-10 years old, girls start to enjoy sharing secrets but still love playing. Here is what can be purchased for a third grader:

  • a beautifully adorned personal diary;
  • a children’s’ sewing machine for girls that dream of working in couture or fashion;
  • a large soft toy as 9-10-year-old girls love large cuddly teddy bears and other soft animals;
  • glow in the dark stickers to decorate the girl’s bedroom. With the use of them, the room can turn into a planetarium or into something else, depending on the girl’s preferences;
  • a piggy bank of an unusual animal shape or adorned with fairytale and cartoon characters.

One more option for an unusual gift for creative children could be a set for creating DIY perfume.

For 4th graders


At the age of 10-11 years old, girls start getting into clothes and jewelry more and more. Hence, a fourth grader’s gift could be one of the following:

  • stylish pajamas, a lighter or a warmer one;
  • special childrens’ make up;
  • hair care products;
  • jewelry: necklace, earrings and chains;
  • bright accessories: scarf, gloves, umbrella.

A very good option for a present that has not been going out of fashion for several years is warm winter headphones of an unusual shape, for instance, with kittens, bears or bunnies.

For 5th graders

By the age of 11-12 years old, toys become a thing of the past for children, they become replaced by fashionable gadgets. Schoolgirls in the fifth grade will be happy with a relatively inexpensive and at the same time practical gift:

  • headphones of a girly pastel color, for example, pink, light blue or lilac;
  • a watch. A fifth-grader would enjoy a “grown-up” model, without any childish decorations, such as bunnies or other animals;
  • an electric toothbrush with a timer and a reward system for the correct brushing of your teeth in the phone app;
  • portable speaker;
  • USB stick with a key chain.

A universal win-win gift for a girl of 11-12 years old would be a gadget stand.

For 6th graders


At 12-13 years old, girls get significantly more mature. When choosing a gift for a teenager, one has to be especially careful. At this age, children become very sensitive, and the wrong gift may cause resentment. Here are the best gift ideas for a sixth-grader:

  • a board game for concentrated and curious children;
  • solar energy study set if the girl is into physics;
  • crystal growing set for future chemists;
  • sketchbook for girls that are into art;
  • riddles to improve math skills in girls.

If you did not have the opportunity to define the interests of the teenager, something neutral can be chosen. This could be, for instance, a device for listening to music, e.g. a speaker, as almost all children love listening to music.

For 7th graders

13-14-year-old girls would most likely be very happy with a highly unusual gift, such as the following:

  • makeup that the girl would most likely not have, such as eyebrow gel or an eyelash care product;
  • backpack with Swarovski crystals;
  • 3D pen that could be used to make 3D sculptures;
  • an ant habitat for the home, the one that would be easy to take care of;
  • an ice cream or cotton candy maker.

Here are some inexpensive gift options: a wallet, clutch or thermocup with the initials of the recipient.

For 8th graders


Choosing a gift for almost grown-up girls of 14-15 years old is slightly more difficult as you cannot be sure whether make-up, clothes or accessories will be to their liking. In this situation, it would be best to choose the gift together with the recipient. Below is a list of potentially interesting gifts for the 8th of March:

  • notebook accessory – mouse, mousepad or speaker;
  • set of candles or incense;
  • jewelry stand;
  • candy bouquet;
  • custom fun pillow.

A good present for a modern eight-grader would be a handmade photo album.

For 9th graders

What to get a 15-16-year-old young lady on March 8th:

  • a high quality make-up bag, for example, a leather or faux leather one;
  • unusual stationery as girls enjoy to have neat notes, even in high school;
  • a handbag or a backpack;
  • makeup store gift certificate;
  • a small golden bracelet pendant.

Another gift option for a ninth-grader would be some costume jewelry, which is quite cheap, however, it is best to be chosen together with the girl.

For 10th graders


Gift ideas for young ladies of 16-17 years old:

  • a surprise corresponding to the girl’s interests, such as sports equipment, a set for painting or needlework;
  • good headphones – with a slot for a memory card and a case;
  • hair modeling kit;
  • portable acoustics device that amplifies the sound of a smartphone;
  • additional flash device for your smartphone that would allow taking better photos.

If the budget is quite small, you can get the girl with a set of stickers, tenth graders enjoy such little things no less than younger schoolgirls.

For 11th graders

An eleventh grader can receive an emotional gift as girls do not become less emotional with age, and they will definitely be happy with such a surprise. Here are some options of such gifts for girls of 17-18 years old:

  • a photoshoot;
  • a visit to an interesting place, such as the amusement park, an equestrian club or a quest;
  • a SPA salon gift certificate;
  • cinema tickets;
  • master class certificate.

In a small town where there is not so much entertainment, you can surprise an eleventh grader on Women’s day by simply inviting them to a café.

What to get for a daughter


Parents begin to get gifts to their daughters right from their birth and continue to do so throughout their child’s life. What changes are the gifts themselves, as the daughter grows up. On International Women’s Day, your daughter can get a rather expensive gift or make a pleasant surprise that does not require serious expenses. Here are some options:

  • for girls under 10 years old – a soft or an interactive toy, a set for creativity, items with the favorite character, a trip to the puppet theater or to the amusement park;
  • for teenage girls of 10-18 years old, parents can buy quite a personal gift having chosen them together with their daughter, such as make-up, a phone, smartwatch, jewelry, a personal diary with a lock;
  • for an adult daughter: a photoshoot, high-quality cosmetics or perfume, dishes, a living plant.

What to get for a teacher

Gift ideas that a school or kindergarten teacher would particularly enjoy:

  • the standard gift set – sweets, a bouquet of flowers, tea, coffee;
  • an encyclopedia or deluxe edition book;
  • stationary: a diary or an expensive pen;
  • decorations for the class or the kindergarten, a clock, lamp or vase;
  • an unusual bouquet, for example, made from fruits or sweets;
  • an eternal rose – flowers that retain their attractive appearance for several years;
  • plant in a pot;
  • photograph in a beautiful frame;
  • small household appliances, such as an iron or a multicooker.

Inexpensive gifts on Women’s day


Here are some gifts that can be purchased with no harm to the budget, these are all below the price of $15:

  • face and body massage device;
  • night light;
  • towel;
  • set of essential oils;
  • set of makeup brushes;
  • slippers;
  • USB stick;
  • smartphone accessory;
  • jewelry box.

Non-trivial gifts

Here is a list of the most unusual gifts for those who wish to particularly impress a girl on International Women’s Day:

  • a decorative element for gadgets that can be customized for the girl;
  • glow in the dark shoelaces;
  • hair chalks that would allow to easily create colorful highlights that are washable;
  • natural stone bracelet;
  • nail decor set: crystals, stripes and stickers.

DIY gifts and one-of-a-kind presents for the child

It often happens that handmade gifts become the most memorable and dearest to the heart. Some surprises can be made on your own, whereas more complex ones will require professional assistance.

DIY gifts that are easy to make:

  • photo collages: photos can be placed in cardboard frames;
  • flower pot – can be decorated very easily;
  • postcard: 3D or pop-up card with a drop-down flower;
  • woven cup holder, requires some basic sewing skills.

Exclusive gifts that can be purchased in store:

  • designer doll;
  • topiary tree;
  • designer pillows.

Gifts for classmates

Here are some ideas of universally useful presents for classmates that would be useful to any girl:

  • phone case;
  • neon earphones;
  • gloves compatible with the sensor screen;
  • gadget stand;
  • lunch box;
  • set of hair accessories;
  • unusual stationery: adjustable pencils, black paper notebooks, customized diaries;
  • board games, such as “Monopoly” or “Twister”.

The most practical gifts


There are girls that are very practical, especially in their phase of growing up. Here are some gift options for the most serious ladies:

  • warm blanket;
  • sleeping mask;
  • fabric shopping bag;
  • pretty sugar bowl;
  • umbrella;
  • audio system for the shower;
  • fitness bracelet or a smartwatch (for younger girls);
  • home slippers.

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Sweet treats for March 8th

Sweets are a to-go present for International Women’s Day. However, if a box of chocolates seems a bit too trivial for you, opt for more original sweet treats:

  • flower shaped chocolate;
  • box with unusual sweets and treats from other countries;
  • jelly beans;
  • a set of macarons;
  • “medicinal” candy with inscriptions, such as “from bad mood”, “from bad grades” and others.

What should not be given as gifts?


Here are the gifts that are not applicable to receive for the occasion of the 8th of March:

  • money;
  • personal hygiene products, such as soap, deodorant and toothpaste;
  • gym membership.

It is appropriate to get money as gifts if the girl or the young woman is your close relative and you have confirmed with her parents that this would be appropriate. When it comes to personal hygiene products or a gym membership, such gifts may not be taken well as they can be considered as a hint to a lack of hygiene or excessive weight of the recipient.

Congratulating girls on Women’s Day

Creative greetings from male classmates would be a great addition to a gift. A celebration for girls can be organized in a classic way and may include the following elements:

  • decorating the classroom and preparing a festive table;
  • performing songs for classmates and reciting poetry;
  • arranging the entertainment part, for example, an impromptu beauty contest in which every girl receives a prize;
  • complete the party with some dancing.


More non-trivial ways:

  • organizing a photoshoot and adorning the place with reflective balloons, rose petals and other elements of decor that are appropriate to the event;
  • recording a music video for female classmates in which every boy from the class will congratulate girls whilst being in an unusual place, for instance, in the biology lab next to the skeleton;
  • organizing a quest with a treasure hunt for the gifts.

Girls are always sensitive, regardless of their age. Choose their gifts for March 8th with love. This would leave solely pleasant impressions from your present! It would work even if you limit yourself to just a conventional flower bouquet, however, this would need to be a bouquet of their favorite flowers.

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