Why Children Never Admit to Being Bullied at School

We encourage children not to complain and to cope with all hardships themselves. Yet at the same time we’re sure that if something very unpleasant were to happen, the child wouldn’t hide it from us. However, research shows that 64% of children that are bullied in groups do not report it!

Findmykids explains why children hide their difficulties at school.

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‘I am a loving parent! Why would my child hide their difficulties at school from me?’

There are many reasons why a child would not tell their parents:

  • ‘I don’t want to worry my parents’
  • ‘If my parents get involved it will make the situation worse’
  • ‘My parents will not understand’
  • ‘In any case nobody and nothing can help’

So, what are the signs that your child is being bullied and not telling you about it?

Signs that your child is being bullied in school

  • Spends an uncharacteristically amount of time alone
  • Comes home with bruises/beatings but blames them on being clumsy and sports
  • Loss of appetite
  • Misbehaves more, especially after school or after having spent time on social networks

What to do?

It’s important to be sensitive and observant. If a child starts to behave unusually then it is necessary to find the time to ask the right questions and figure out what is going on.

Create a trusting environment. Encourage conversations about any topic and be ready for the child to talk about unpleasant things and respond impartially about teachers etc.

Discuss safety with the child. Bluntly say:

‘bullying is bad. Sometimes there will be a situation that you can’t cope with and so you can ask for help’

It isn’t always possible to read signals since children can hide problems from their parents easily, especially if they do this purposefully. Parents must be careful because bullying can have harmful physical and psychological consequences for a child and can lead to isolation, depression, and even suicide.

Protecting them from bullying is a question of the child’s safety and not their will power, independence or ability to stand up for themselves. It’s also good if you begin to prepare the child for these types of situations early on. This will help them to understand what they need to do if it occurs at any point.

“Findmykids” advice

If you suspect that your child is being bullied by their peers but they have never come to you and asked to talk about this topic, use this life hack:

Install the app Findmykids and listen to the sounds around the phone when they are at school. You will be able to listen to everything that is going on within a radius of 1-2 meters around the child. So you will be able to figure out exactly what the child’s behaviour is linked to, whether it be bad relationships with peers, mocking from older students or conflicts with teachers.

Install the app Findmykids

To listen and record your child’s surroundings!

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