Is Justalk Kids the Safest Messenger for Your Child?

There are many different video chat apps out there nowadays, and JusTalk is one of the most popular examples. The kid-friendly version of JusTalk, JusTalk Kids, could be an option for parents to consider for their children to communicate with friends and family. But how good and safe is it? Find out in our detailed JusTalk Kids app review.


What is JusTalk Kids Messenger?

What exactly is the JusTalk Kids safe messenger? The full version of JusTalk is a popular and completely free social networking app, used for video, voice, and group calls, similar to the likes of WhatsApp.

The kid version of JusTalk, JusTalk Kids, offers a similar experience, but aimed at younger users, with additional privacy and security features to keep them safe. And it has proven popular with many young people.

A lot of kids appreciate JusTalk Kids’ ease of use, as well as its fun features. Unlike WhatsApp and other video call apps, which are more aimed at adults, JusTalk Kids has clear kid-oriented features, like games, “doodling” during calls, and more of a strong social focus.

Just like the full adult version, JusTalk Kids is completely free. It can be installed on both Android and iOS devices (smartphones and tablets) and can work with the adult version, so kids can connect with their parents using JusTalk Kids, without the parents needing to download and log in to the kid version.

Some of the key features include a friends list, which users can easily expand with new pals, text messages, voice calls, and video calls. There’s also a “Memories” feature, allowing kids to store their favorite photos, videos, and recordings, as well as basic editing or “doodling” features to edit images in fun ways.

Of course, as a child-oriented app, JusTalk Kids also comes with various privacy and security protections for young users. It encrypts all personal info to keep your child’s identity safe, and it has a special system for adding contacts to make it very difficult for strangers to add or contact children, as well as a block list to block any spammers or suspicious people.

Is It Safe for Kids?

Safety is the No. 1 concern for many parents when it comes to which apps their kids can use. How safe is JusTalk Kids? It does have some decent safety features and design quirks to help keep young users safe.

For instance, all communications on the app are always encrypted, which helps to ensure that personal information won’t be leaked or lost. In addition, there’s the aforementioned block list, so parents and kids alike can block anyone they don’t want to speak to.

Plus, in order to add someone to your friends list on JusTalk Kids, they need to know either your number or your JusTalk ID. You have to approve all new contacts, so you can easily reject anyone who you don’t know or who seems suspicious.

What Are the Risks?

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Despite having some smart safety features and elements, JusTalk Kids does have some weaknesses that prevent it from being considered a truly safe video call app for children. These risks include:

  • Unwanted Contact: Even though JusTalk has a system in place to try to stop strangers from contacting your children, there’s still a risk of unwanted messages and contacts from people your child doesn’t know. Strangers can guess or access your child’s ID or number and try to speak with them.
  • Cyberbullying: A lot of apps are rife with cyberbullying among children and teens, and an app like JusTalk can be used by bullies to intimidate, abuse, and harass their victims. Kids may receive unwanted calls or mean messages from classmates or other kids they know, for example.
  • Errors: Unfortunately, JusTalk has suffered some serious encryption errors in the past. In 2022, a major security lapse was revealed in the app, and millions of its messages were found to have leaked, potentially letting strangers around the world read through entire conversations that users had been having.

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Pros of JusTalk Kids

The pros of JusTalk Kids include:

  • Easy and fun for children of various ages to use
  • Let kids keep in touch with their friends, classmates, and family members
  • A decent level of security and privacy protection

Cons of JusTalk Kids

On the downside, the negative factors of this app are:

  • Still not as safe as it could be, in terms of protecting children from grooming or predators
  • Like any social app, can be used irresponsibly for bullying and so on
  • Has a risk of possible addiction or overuse among children

Ways to Keep Your Child Safe on JusTalk Kids and Online

Kids360 app

Parents who want to make sure that their kids stay safe on JusTalk Kids should ensure that they’re fully aware of the features and functions of the app, and don’t simply let children use it without any kind of supervision or guidance.

Instead, teach children about using the app responsibly, ask them to let you know if any strangers try to speak with them on JusTalk Kids, and discuss cyberbullying and what your child should do if they feel bullied online.

In addition, moms and dads can also make use of trusted parental safety apps, like Kids360. Kids360 is designed to let you block access to certain apps on your child’s device, or limit how long each app can be used. It gives you control over your child’s screen time.

Concerned about your child’s online safety? Enhance their digital protection with the Kids360 app. Learn more about how Kids360 can help you ensure a secure online environment for your children today.

JusTalk Kids — A Popular But Flawed App

Overall, JusTalk Kids isn’t a bad app, and it’s easy to see why it’s so popular among younger generations. It’s good to see a big social brand like JusTalk putting in the effort to make a kid-friendly version of its app, JusTalk Kids has some handy safety features but still isn’t perfect. It needs some improvements before it can truly be considered safe, and parents still need to exercise caution if they let their kids use this particular video calling app.


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Is JusTalk Safe for Kids?

JusTalk’s standard version is not recommended for children, nor is it considered safe for children to use. Instead, kids should opt for the JusTalk Kids app, which is specifically designed for young users.

Do You Have to Pay for JusTalk Kids?

No, JusTalk Kids is completely free, just like the adult version of JusTalk.

What Is the Age Rating for JusTalk?

13 is the minimum recommended age for JusTalk. JusTalk Kids can be used by younger children.

What Is the Difference Between JusTalk and JusTalk Kids?

JusTalk Kids is designed with kids in mind, while JusTalk is mainly aimed at adult users. JusTalk comes with additional security features to keep children safe, along with fun additions like the option to “doodle” on images.

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