Safe Social Media Apps for Kids

Social networking can be an incredible tool for children to keep in touch with friends and family, stay informed, play games, and even express themselves. However, there are a lot of potential risks associated with its use. For children under the age of 12, parents must select a safe social media app that provides befitting content for their child’s development and protects them from any inappropriate content that they might be exposed to, and make sure we as parents have adequate control over what our children view or share online.

Want to avoid dangerous apps and learn which social media applications are best and safest for kids? Read on as we explore some of the top picks.


Kid-Friendly Apps List

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Ensuring a safe environment when it comes to children using these apps is no small feat, but certain key features can help. Parents should look for age-appropriate content and make sure the app has strict privacy policies. Other important factors include audit settings that allow parents to screen all posts before they are shared.

To identify the right social networking sites and social media applications for children, we looked into various elements such as benefits and drawbacks, pricing info, device compatibility, and popularity. These factors helped us find a great set of safe apps that are ideal for kids. Read on to find out more about our top picks.

PopJam (13 and Under)


PopJam is a vibrant community composed of creative individuals, passionate gamers, and active groups. Get connected with like-minded people who share similar interests—From Overlook Bay to Roblox tips. Kids can join groups and make new friends and explore a world where everyone is welcome in PopJam’s digital hangout space.

The best feature of the Popjam app is the secure usage that it offers, particularly for children. The social media app is moderated and fully complies with digital privacy laws, including COPPA and GDPR.

  • Price: Free
  • Devices: Android, iPad, and iPhone
  • Total Number of Users: 1 Million


  • Only age-appropriate content is permitted by PopJam.
  • The app allows kids to post only between 6 am and 11 pm.
  • No direct messaging.
  • Selfies are prohibited.
  • Offensive remarks and content are blocked.
  • PopJam promotes imagination and creativity.


  • Users can report those who have made vulgar or inappropriate comments.
  • Difficulties with age verification—people of any age can sign up for an account.
  • User-generated content is moderated, but offensive material may occasionally appear.
  • Children may become fixated on gaining followers.

Parents need to know: Constant monitoring of their kid’s activity is essential with this app. To ensure your children’s privacy, read the developer’s policy. It outlines how their data will be collected or shared and what decisions you can make in regard to this information.

Azoomee (6 and above)


The Azoomee app from Tinizine Ltd. is an exciting social media network for kids between the ages of 6 and 12. With a wide selection of engaging content, including inspiring TV shows, action-packed games, and creative activities, it’s easy to see why Azoomee has become such a popular choice among parents who want to give their children access to quality entertainment. There are various different videos, games, and activities available to explore within the app.

  • Price: Free to try and then $4.99 per month
  • Devices: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and Android
  • Total Number of Users: 5 devices at a time with a premium subscription


  • Free 7 days trial.
  • Easy to download and set up a profile.
  • NSPCC certified.


  • Not 100% free.
  • Cannot download any media or games.
  • Does not work offline.

Parents need to know: It’s critical to have open conversations with your children about internet safety. Sharing their personal information on Azoomee can be risky—make sure they understand why names, addresses, and other confidential details should remain off the platform.

Messenger Kids (6–12 years)


The Messenger Kids app is the perfect way for parents to stay in control of their children’s communication. This innovative social media platform allows kids to video chat, message, and collaborate with friends and family while ensuring that the content they see and access is age-appropriate. The app also includes a quiet mode feature which lets parents easily pause all incoming social notifications.

  • Price: Free
  • Devices: Android, iPad, and iPhone
  • Total Number of Users: 1.4 Million


  • Controlled by parents.
  • Safe playground to learn about digital citizenship with parents.
  • Data is deleted with account deactivation.
  • History can be reviewed.
  • Contacts can be blocked.


  • Inappropriate language, photos, or screenshots can’t be controlled.
  • Some data about the child needs to be collected.
  • Filters/games can distract children from talking.
  • A parent needs a Facebook account.

Parents need to know: Parents can give permission for a teacher to add their kids to an interactive group chat with other students. Messenger Kids offers this feature to facilitate communication within classrooms.

ChatFOSS (14 and above)


With ChatFOSS, kids can enjoy the benefits of communicating online and not worry about interacting with strangers. Parents need only set up a child’s account and provide parental support for safe usage—then, kiddos are ready to go!

With its iPhone compatibility, ChatFOSS allows young people freedom while ensuring they will never have a conversation that’s out of bounds: all conversations remain securely between just them and their buddies.

  • Price: Free
  • Devices: iPhone
  • Total Number of Users: 1.8 Million


  • Secure environment for all, providing an extra layer of security and peace of mind to younger kids.
  • Parents stay in the loop and safeguard their child’s online interactions by offering consent or being notified.
  • You will need help finding or viewing who your other contacts are. Everything remains confidential.


  • Parental involvement is vital. Besides children, young adults also cannot sign up for an account.
  • Children may become fixated on chatting and messaging.

Parents need to know: Every time a child makes a new buddy on the ChatFOSS app, parents are either notified or need to provide their permission. Once a friendship has been formed, kids can talk to one other privately, and in the event of a problem, parents can view all of the child’s communication history and reset the child’s password.

iTwixie (12 and above)

Credit: is the ultimate hangout for young girls looking to have fun, build their self-esteem and connect with like-minded peers without risking their safety! This social network provides age-appropriate activities while ensuring complete moderation of content & personal information—so tweens can stay safe but still enjoy a great online experience.

  • Price: Free
  • Devices: Android, iPad, and iPhone
  • Total Number of Users: 10 Million


  • It provides original theme tunes and an up-to-date Top Ten Tween Female Hit List maintained by iTwixie Tweens.
  • Opportunities for attention and self-expression. Girls can vote for contest winners, post, express themselves, meet girls from all around the world, and display their own ideas.


  • iTwixie ranks 43rd among 106 active competitors.
  • Launched in 2008; thus, minimum support and updates are available.
  • Not easily downloaded through app stores.

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GeckoLife (4 and above)


GeckoLife is the perfect way to stay in touch with your friends, family, and acquaintances without worrying about safety. Its private platform brings you closer together for unrivaled convenience—easily chat, share media, or plan activities all on one user-friendly app.

  • Price: Free
  • Devices: Android, iPad, and iPhone
  • Total Number of Users: 8 Million


  • Aimed towards promoting private and secure online communication.
  • Users of the software can quickly interact on canvases organized by themes of interest or by a specified audience group.
  • Users continue to connect, work together, upload files, and store information, mostly using Geckolife Canvases.
  • Users can search within a canvas by subject or user function, making it simple to identify and retrieve earlier content and ensuring that nothing is ever lost.


  • Does not support the latest versions of Android OS or iOS.
  • Not easily downloaded through app stores.

Maverick (10–20 years)


At Maverick, users can unlock their creative potential while connecting with other dynamic leaders. It’s more than just a social network—it is an interactive online community that rewards participation through its unique progression loop system, so users are empowered to become Catalysts and empower others.

Maverick is shaking up the way we interact online. Instead of ‘likes,’ users on this app can receive points for taking part in challenges, commenting, or being awarded special badges! There are currently four awesome badges you can earn—Unique, Creative, Unstoppable, and Daring—with more sets to be added as Maverick expands.

  • Price: Free
  • Devices: iPhone
  • Total Number of Users: 9 Million


  • Maverick conforms with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act; therefore, guardians must give permission for kids under 13 to use the service.
  • Parents may keep tabs on what their kids are doing and learning via the dashboard.


  • Not only targeted to children but also to young adults.
  • Girls may get over-involved in completing the app’s challenges.

Parents need to know: Girls can soar to their highest potential with the help of inspiring Maverick challenges. The app offers tasks that showcase your talents, such as funky dances and cool creations. It’s an opportunity for young girls to learn from real role models in a variety of exciting fields. But parents need to be careful in case their young girl feels demotivated for not succeeding in a challenge.

Mazu (12 and above)


Mazu is a revolutionary way for families to use social media! It’s a platform that brings together parents and kids alike, fostering an environment of respect with manners at its core. Through interactive activities focused on emotional intelligence-building, Mazu encourages individuals to explore their identity rather than chase likes online.

  • Price: Free
  • Devices: iPad and iPhone
  • Total Number of Users: 10 Million


  • Fun for the whole family, including kids.
  • Messenger to create family groups to send messages, photos, and videos privately.
  • Club Area features for kids to make new friends and discover new interests.


  • Not available for Android OS.
  • The app may be detected as malware if the download link is broken.
  • App last updated in 2019.

Parents need to know: Parents are an essential part of the Mazu app experience—setting up not only a safe and secure environment but also the ability to tailor each child’s experience. Thanks to COPPA-compliance verification measures, parents can rest assured that their kids’ privacy is always a top priority.

Edmodo (7–18 years)


Edmodo is an educational app designed to facilitate learning for teachers, students, and parents. It has some great features that can help make teaching and learning easier.

  • Price: Free
  • Devices: Android, Windows, Xbox
  • Total Number of Users: 18 Million


  • Ease of use.
  • Simple to set up.
  • Opportunities for collaboration enable teachers, students, and parents to share resources.


  • It does not have encryption and is relatively open to cyber-attacks.
  • The notification system can sometimes be unreliable.

Parents need to know: With Edmodo, you need one Parent Account—no matter how many kids are using the platform. Easily link each of your children to a single account and get access to all their activity in an instant.

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Club Penguin Island (6–14 years)


The Club Penguin Island app offers players an alternative way to access the Club Penguin game. It is home to a diverse range of activities. Players can explore and make their way through the various zones in exciting adventures. As they progress through levels by completing Daily Challenges, they are rewarded with packs containing emojis or blueprints.

  • Price: Free
  • Devices: Android, IOS
  • Total Number of Users: 330 Million


  • Offline playing mode.
  • Players can use their mobile device’s camera to take pictures of real-life items and insert them into their game.
  • Kids can customize their penguin’s look with exclusive clothing and accessories.


  • No online multiplayer mode is available.
  • Offline playing mode is single-player only.

Hidden Features Of Popular Social Media Apps That Parents Need to Know


Popular social media apps for kids can be a great way for them to stay connected and even build skills, but with the potential for online safety risks, it pays for parents to learn about the hidden features of these services. Some apps contain hidden in-app purchases or age-inappropriate content, so parents should always do their research first and check out reviews on websites like Common Sense Media before allowing their children to use an app.

It’s no surprise that children are often drawn to apps that feature colorful visuals and games. But beneath the surface, some of these seemingly harmless apps can pose a real danger to kids. Hidden within many of these apps are features that can allow predators to gain access to children’s personal information, or even track their location.

Snap Map


With Snapchat’s Snap Map feature, users can physically locate themselves and find their friends. Although Snapchat claims the Snap Map is for constructive reasons like connecting with friends, it can be a dangerous tool that puts young Snapchat users at risk. By enabling a Snap Map, strangers can see your exact location, therefore putting your safety and privacy in jeopardy.

Parents must be aware of Snapchat’s Snap Map feature and how it could put their children in a vulnerable position. Keep an open dialogue with your kids while always enforcing the importance of online safety.

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Calculator apps

Many fake calculator apps are actually vault apps that allow children to hide their sensitive data, such as inappropriate photos. Unfortunately, this type of application poses a real danger to kids since it gives them an opportunity to access material that isn’t suitable for their age.

To protect children from fake calculator apps, parents should keep an eye on what their kids are downloading, establish clear rules about what is appropriate online and implement parental control services when necessary. By doing so, they can ensure that their children aren’t exposed to the potential risks fake calculators present.

Tip for Parents to Make Using Social Media Apps Safe for Kids

As a parent, it’s essential for you to be aware of your child’s access to social media. Ensure they’re using age-appropriate platforms and protect them from cyberbullying or other unwanted communications.

Thankfully, Kids360 provides a great solution for parents looking for a safe and kid-friendly social media app. With parental control settings and an age-appropriate multimedia environment, the app offers an ideal platform for your kids to learn more.

Whether used alone or together with parents, this app is an excellent option for ensuring kids understand the right way to use social media apps safely. Kids360 can be downloaded from Google Play and Apple App Store.



Is there a kid-friendly social media app?

One of the most popular kid-friendly social media apps is Kidzworld. It is an extensive social media site that provides everything from the most recent movie and television reviews to free online arcade-style games and secure chat rooms. It’s known as a “safe moderated website” and offers chat rooms and messaging to identify and safely connect with peers having similar interests.

Is there a kid version of TikTok?

Although there isn’t a TikTok for kids version, there are plenty of options that are far safer and more enjoyable for your child to utilize. If you wish to ensure your child isn’t using the app to access objectionable material, then utilize the TikTok Restricted Mode, which restricts the app’s ability to display objectionable media.

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