Best Music Apps for Kids: Unleash Your Child’s Musical Talents

Does your child have access to a smartphone or other device? If so, letting them use a music app for kids could be a good way to facilitate creative play while giving them the opportunity to interact with friends online. If you’ve heard of the Musically app for kids and would like more information on this option as well as the best alternatives, we’ve got all the details you need below!


The Benefits of Music for Kids

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Listening to and creating music is great for kids. Even babies and toddlers can benefit, with studies showing that listening to music can enhance brain function and promote the formation of new neural networks in even the youngest of children.

Here are some key benefits of music for kids:

  1. Cognitive development: Engaging with music helps stimulate various areas of the brain, supporting the development of memory, attention, and problem-solving skills. It can also enhance mathematical and spatial-temporal abilities.
  2. Emotional expression: Music provides a platform for children to express and process their emotions. It can help them develop emotional intelligence, self-awareness, and the ability to regulate their moods.
  3. Language and communication skills: Listening to and singing songs, as well as learning musical patterns, can improve language acquisition, vocabulary, and communication skills.
  4. Creativity and self-expression: Music encourages children to explore their creativity and express themselves in unique ways. It nurtures imagination, improvisation, and originality, fostering their artistic and self-expression abilities.
  5. Relaxation and stress relief: Listening to soothing music or engaging in musical activities can help children relax, reduce stress, and promote emotional well-being. It serves as a form of therapy and provides a healthy outlet for emotions.

Creating music or learning to play an instrument has been linked to increased language, math, and memory skills and, incredibly, can help children develop social skills and regulate their emotions. For older kids, setting aside time to practice regularly with their instruments is also an effective way of building up the capacity for discipline, concentration, and the ability to work towards goals.

Our Top Picks: 10 Best Music Streaming Apps for Kids

Name of App Main Features Age  Price Available On Rating
Musically Now TikTok 15+ Free Android & iOS N/A
Spotify Kids Kids-friendly content, audiobooks, and a wide range of music to explore 0+ $15.99 p/m after free trial Android & iOS 4.5/5
YouTube Kids Kid-friendly way to explore music videos 4+ Free Android & iOS 4/5
iHeart Radio Family Family-friendly music and stories offering over 80 stations 4+ Free Android & iOS 4/5
ABC Kids Listen A safe space for kids to listen to music, stories, and fun educational programs 4+ Free Android & iOS 4.5/5
Kinderling Kids Radio Designed to introduce children to the world of music and creative expression 0+ Free Android & iOS 4.5/5
Google Kid Space Tonnes of quality content for kids, including music, and teacher-approved 0-9 Free Android 4/5


Beat Bugs: Singalong Fun karaoke-style app that introduces kids to the songs of the Beatles 4+ $3.99 Android & iOS 3.5/5
Baby Mozart Soothing classical music for mom and baby 0+ Free Android & iOS 4/5
Gabb Music Clean music streaming for kids and teens—no expletives etc. 4+ $4.99 p/m after free trial Android & iOS 4/5


music for children


The Musically app began life in 2014 as a platform on which users could create and share short lip-synching videos. The Musically app no longer exists… it’s now become the giant of the streaming world, TikTok! Generally, the TikTok app is suitable for those aged fifteen and over.

Spotify Kids

music apps for kids


Designed for kids from babyhood and older, Spotify Kids offers curated content, including music and audiobooks, handpicked for little ones, suitable to take your child through their day, from morning to bedtime.

The platform is a great way for kids to discover a wide range of musical genres and allows parents to control what their children can access. A handy bonus is that, as a parent, you can easily switch between tracks and playlists created for younger or older children.

A Spotify Premium Family account is required to access the Spotify Kids app. Currently, the platform offers a one-month free trial, after which it costs $15.99 a month.

YouTube Kids

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Looking for the best music app for kids that’s suitable for four-year-olds? YouTube Kids could be a great option. This app allows younger children to explore the world of YouTube—including music videos and other content—in a safer, more contained environment. The platform uses a variety of filters, as well as human review and parental feedback, to help ensure children can only access appropriate videos.

The app features lots of tools to help you customize the platform to your kids’ ages and needs, as well as those to limit screen time and block videos as necessary. You’ll also find plenty of resources with advice on how to help your children develop healthy long-term digital habits.

iHeart Radio Family

music app for kids


With a roster of over eighty family-friendly digital radio stations on its books, this ad-free platform is a great way for you to enjoy music, singalongs, and stories together, either at home, in the car, or on the go. It’s free, parent-approved, and easy to use, ticking all the boxes for an accessible and safe app designed for kids.

The music collections and stations your kids can explore on the iHeart Radio Family app include Disney Resorts Radio, Lullapop, the Winne the Pooh official playlist, Halloween Radio, and Music Club Kids.

ABC Kids Listen

kid friendly music app


This app offers all kinds of listening experiences, from lullabies, bedtime stories, music to move to, and tunes from popular kids’ shows such as The Wiggles, Sesame Street, Playschool, and Giggle and Hoot. You can choose to play live music or enjoy one of the platform’s huge library of programs.

Want a sample of the sort of music your child can discover on ABC Kids Listen? Well, there’s the Bassoon Concerto performed by the Vienna Mozart Academy, Morning Reverie (chilled-out piano music), Lullaby for Nick, from the My First Lullaby album, and the main theme from Cinema Paradiso—and that’s just for starters!

Kinderling Kids Radio

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Kinderling Kids Radio is a music, stories, and educational programs app for kids that has received multiple awards and been created specifically as a way for parents and their children to enjoy music and other content together. Programming is cleverly designed around kids’ days, taking them through from wake-up time to settling down to sleep at night—and everything in between!

For the makers of the Kinderling Kids Radio app, the aim is to give parents a screen-free alternative for their kids that will support getting active in the daytime, relaxing when needed, and winding down at bedtime.

Google Kid Space

music apps for 10 year olds


Aimed at children from babyhood up to about the age of nine, Google Kid Space is a vast resource that offers a plethora of high-quality content—including music and music-making features and tools—that is safe and has been designed with children’s curiosity in mind. Whether you’re looking for an app offering music-themed single player games or for music content that will support your older child’s school learning, you’ll find it on this platform for Android devices.

Beat Bugs: Singalong

apps like musically for kids


Beat Bugs: Singalong is an interactive music app based on the popular, Emmy award-winning Beat Bugs kids tv show. Each program showcases a much-loved Beatles song, and kids can join in with the app to sing along, move with the music, and engage with their favorite characters from the series.

There are lots of fun features, too: your child can record their voice and play it back, explore over one-hundred interactive elements and sounds, and trigger a range of vibrant animated sequences.

Baby Mozart

best music app for kids


Designed to soothe, relax, and inspire babies—and their parents!—the Baby Mozart app is a well-known platform that could even help your little one’s developing brain. As well as chilled-out classical music, you’ll also find children’s songs and white noise (that may help babies and toddlers settle to sleep), as well as features such as listen mode, repeat, and timers.

The app can help calm a baby’s nervous system and promote feelings of calmness and safety, preparing your little one to nap peacefully. Some parents have found that Baby Mozart has even helped with frequent night wakings, therefore ensuring happier mornings all around!

Gabb Music

toddler music apps free


tIf your kids love listening to music, but you’re fed up with having to dash to hit ‘pause’ to skip an expletive, the Gabb Music app could become your new best friend! This app is a safe, clean music streaming service for kids, featuring music from every genre and era as well as all the latest hits.

The creators of the app work with major record labels to create a constantly-updated library of tracks, both old classics and music that’s fresh off the press. The platform currently offers a thirty-day free trial, after which it’s $4.00 a month.

Ready to unlock a world of fun and educational content for your kids? Download Kids360 today and give them a safe and engaging digital experience. Don’t miss out on this amazing app—get started now!

Best Music-Making Apps for Kids

Name of App Main Features Age  Price Available On Rating
Sesame Street Makes Music Allows kids to listen to and create music 4-8 Free Android & iOS 4.5/5
Musilla Music Kid can learn to play piano on their mobile devices 5-11 $7.99 p/m after free trial Android & iOS 4.5/5
Baby’s Musical Hands Encourages creative play through touch 2+ Free Android & iOS 4/5
Street Music Academy Helps kids create beats using everyday objects 9+ Free Android & iOS 4/5
Loopimal Kids can make sound sequences using cute creatures and soundblocks 5+ Free Android & iOS 4.5/5

How Parents and Kids Can Connect with Music

kids music app


Parents and kids can connect with music in several ways:

  1. Firstly, they can listen to music together and explore different genres and artists. This can spark discussions about the lyrics, melodies, and emotions evoked by the songs.
  2. Parents can also introduce their favorite music from their own childhood and share stories and memories associated with those songs.
  3. Another way to connect with music is through singing and dancing. Families can sing along to their favorite songs, whether it’s in the car, during family gatherings, or at home. Dancing to music together can be a fun and energizing activity that allows parents and kids to express themselves and bond through movement.
  4. Additionally, parents can encourage their children to learn to play a musical instrument or take singing lessons if they show interest. This shared pursuit of music can create opportunities for joint practice sessions, performances, and even family jam sessions.
  5. Attending concerts, music festivals, or local performances as a family is another way to connect with music. Experiencing live music together can be a memorable and enriching experience, exposing kids to different styles and performers.

Overall, engaging with music as a family can strengthen the parent-child bond, create lasting memories, and foster a shared appreciation for the power and joy of music.

Safety Tips for Using Music Apps

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It’s important to exercise caution regarding any app you allow your child to download and use. To this end, check the age suitability carefully to ensure that any app or software your child will be using is age-appropriate—while also bearing in mind your kid’s unique personality: after all, you know best what they’re ready for and the content that’s most likely to appeal to them.

Regularly review the music playlists or stations created by your child. Ensure that the songs and artists align with your family’s values and that there are no explicit or inappropriate content included. Make adjustments as necessary to maintain a safe and positive music experience.

It’s especially important to be careful regarding any apps or platforms that’ll allow your child to interact with other users online. It’s a good idea to use any parental controls that are present to best keep your child safe and ensure they enjoy a healthy, happy online experience.

The Kids360 app is a great option: it features a range of parental controls and is packed with features and tools to help manage your child’s online activity. If you’re thinking of installing a kids music app for your little one (or bigger one!), you can use Kids360 to monitor their online use, including how long they’re spending on specific apps.


musically app for kids

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Is there a kid-safe music app?

If you’re looking for a music app for kids, making sure it’s as safe as possible for your child to use is vital. There are plenty of options available, and you can find our pick above.

What is the best music app for eleven-year-olds?

Street Music Academy is a great app for eleven year olds, who will like the contemporary style of the platform and the opportunity to make music using everyday objects.

Is there an app like Spotify for kids?

Spotify Kids is an arm of Spotify that caters specifically to babies, preschoolers, and young children. The platform boasts a huge and ever-changing library of music to stream, as well as audiobooks and more.

Is there a kids’ version of Apple Music?

There is no specific version of Apple Music designed for kids, but there is a family and kids section on the platform where you can find family-friendly music, games, and other content.

Music Apps for Kids: The Takeaway

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Music can be extremely beneficial for kids and adults alike. Whether it’s creating basic sounds with household objects, learning to play an instrument, or simply listening to music and discovering new genres, music offers endless ways for your child to relax, express themselves, explore, or take on a challenge.

Use our guide above to find the music app that’s a perfect fit for your family and discover how to ensure your child stays safe while enjoying it.

We’d love to know the ways that you introduced your little one to music—if you have any tips for other parents on ways to instill an early love of sound, why not drop us a comment in the box below?

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