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The best sport for boys: making the right choice for an extracurricular activity

Many factors have an effect on the health of a child. It is important to have proper nutrition, a well-thought-out daily routine, and regular walks in the fresh air, present in the child’s life. One of the most important factors is practicing physical activity, keeping busy and practicing sports. The choice of a sport must be approached responsibly so that the child gets the maximum benefit from it. Which activity to sign up the boy for, how not to go wrong and to make the right decision? Let’s discuss this issue in more detail.


Choosing the right sports activity: what needs to be taken into account

Parents often opt for activities based solely on their price and distance from home. This is the wrong approach. In order to achieve a good result, it is necessary to take into account the type of physique of the boy, their interests and desires, as well as their traits of character and their state of health. It would also be a good idea to ask your pediatrician for advice. The doctor will explain the possible contraindications to you.

The body type of your son


Medicine uses a certain method to explain the main types of body constitution. Every person of a certain body type has got their right type of sports that would be perfect for them.

Asthenic type

Children of this type are thin and their muscles are poorly developed. Such a child has got a narrow chest and shoulder girdle, thin and long legs. A pronounced stoop in the spine can often be noticed, as well as the shoulder blades protruding outwards. The main criterion for such children is psychological comfort, so it is important to pay attention to choosing the right group for them.

According to this information, volleyball, skiing, fencing, gymnastics, cycling will be perfect for them.

Harmonious type (mesomorphs)

Harmonious physique, shoulders and hips of equal width, wide chest, semi-developed muscular system. Such boys are quite active, it will be useful for them to develop endurance, and to play sports in which speed is highly important.

Football, figure skating, capoeira, go-karting, kayaks – all of these will bring maximum benefit.

Muscular type

It is characterized by a broad bone structure and well-developed muscles. Children with this body type are physically strong. They are likely to be good at wrestling, hockey and mountaineering. Weightlifting and powerlifting could also be a good option for them.

Endomorph body type

Boys with this body type are usually short, have a fairly wide chest as well as some excess weight. They are not very active and are rather clumsy. For such boys, it is better to choose sports shooting or martial arts. Hockey and weightlifting would also be decent choices for them.

Character types


Achieving success in sports depends not only on the physique, but also on the personality of the child. When choosing the right activity, character traits must be taken into account. Here are the four personality types:

  1. Sanguine individuals are born leaders. They are fearless and enjoy taking risks, so you need to give them the opportunity to demonstrate their strength and superiority. For those purposes, mountaineering, martial arts, rafting, hang gliding are suitable.
  2. Choleric types of personality can be described as highly emotional. They worry not only about themselves but also about their mates, they can be happy for someone’s success in the same way as for theirs. Therefore, these boys would most likely enjoy team sports.
  3. Phlegmatic people are determined and calm; they possess a sense of perseverance. They go through the repetitive parts of training without any irritation, hence they are able to achieve good results in chess, gymnastics and figure ice skating.
  4. Melancholic people are characterized by their sensitivity and vulnerability. They are easily offended, and a strict trainer can deprive them from the desire to carry on. Such children may succeed in equestrian sports, sports shooting and dance.

When choosing the right sports activity for your son, take into account the proximity of the sports club from home as well as other safety factors. In order not to worry about your child when they are walking towards their destination and to have the opportunity to get hold of them at any moment, download the Findmykids app or purchase the kids’ smartwatch for your beginner sportsman!

What changes await the child


Sport is beneficial not only for the physical health of the child. In addition to increasing endurance, strength and other indicators, the boy’s personal qualities also change as they become influenced by the following sports:

  1. Martial arts help the boy to become patient and humble. The child will be able to choose the right tactics of their behavior in different situations and to learn to think logically. Moreover, their reaction, self-confidence and flexibility will improve drastically.
  2. Team sports will teach the child to act collectively and will allow developing the ability to communicate. They will be particularly useful to the timid child that is finding it difficult to make friends.
  3. Creative sports, such as dance or rhythmic gymnastics, will influence the development of the artistic feel and the sense of rhythm. The child’s body will become more flexible and well-built.
  4. Winter sports teach the child to strive to achieve their goal and to overcome difficulties. They build character and leadership skills.

Apart from these qualities, the boy develops a strong discipline, becomes more committed and concentrated.

What sports activity to sign the boy up to

When deciding on which activity to sign your child up for, you need to consider their age and physiology. For example, significant loads on the musculoskeletal system are unacceptable for children below the age of 5 years old. During the first five years of the child’s life, the bones of a child are actively formed, and intensive training will only harm them. Nevertheless, flexibility can be developed starting from an early age.

The following table lists the age segments at which a certain type of sports is appropriate:

We will now discuss the advantages and disadvantages of various types of sports. This information is very important in order to make a weighted decision.

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Figure ice skating

This is a skating type of sports that can be classified as a complex activity that requires highly developed coordination skills.


  1. Allows to improve movement coordination, develop the eye and improve flexibility.
  2. The load is evenly spread across all muscle groups.
  3. Strengthens immunity, develops the endurance of the child and allows them to become more hard-working.
  4. Beneficial for the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.


  1. Risk of injury.
  2. It is hard to sign up for classes with a good and reputable coach.
  3. Requires significant financial outlays.


  1. Flat feet.
  2. Neurological problems.
  3. Bag eyesight.
  4. Lung diseases.
  5. Problems with the vestibular system.


A sport in which two players or two teams act as competitors. Each team is comprised of a minimum of two participants. The tennis player uses rackets to send the ball to the opponent’s side, their goal is to prevent the opponent from reflecting the ball on their playing field.


  1. Has got a positive effect on the cardiovascular system.
  2. Develops coordination, improves reaction time and endurance.
  3. Lower risk of injury.
  4. The child learns to choose the tactics and the strategy.


  1. The activity may prove itself to be quite costly.
  2. If the load is spread incorrectly, it increases the risk of scoliosis.


  1. Stomach ulcer disease.
  2. Eyesight problems.
  3. Problems of the musculoskeletal system.



A type of sport that consists of swimming at various distances with the smallest time indicator.


  1. Strengthens immunity.
  2. Good rehabilitation method for children that have undergone surgery or injury.
  3. These activities prevent colds and spine diseases.
  4. Swimming is good for blood circulation.


  1. Pool water with a high concentration of chlorine may be the cause of allergic reactions and the development of chronic rhinitis.
  2. Colds are likely to appear after the beginning of regular exercises.


  1. Acute stage of any chronic disease.
  2. Heart diseases.
  3. Viral diseases.
  4. Skin issues.
  5. Kidney diseases.
  6. Convulsions.


Sports team activity taking place on ice or grass that involves clubs and a ball (or puck).


  1. Develops a sense of balance, endurance and coordination.
  2. The immune and musculoskeletal systems are noticeably strengthened.
  3. Has got a positive effect on the nervous system.
  4. Fosters responsibility, the ability to organize oneself and discipline.


  1. High risk of injury.
  2. Good equipment options require substantial financial outlays.


  1. Eyesight problems.
  2. Flat feet.
  3. Аsthma.
  4. Various digestive illnesses.
  5. Heart diseases.

Martial arts

Martial arts are conventionally divided into three groups: Chinese, Japanese and Thai. Chinese martial arts involve, for the most part, self-defense, and the main strategy is to use the opponent’s strength against oneself. The most famous are wushu (kung fu), tui show and sanda.

Japanese martial arts are characterized by the use of throwing techniques and forceful loads on the joints. The most famous of them are jiu-jitsu, judo, karate and aikido.

Thai boxing involves some strong combat punches, therefore, it is recommended to start practicing these sports no earlier than the age of 12 years old.


  1. The development of the ability to defend oneself.
  2. Active work on oneself, the ability to cope with fears and inner limitations.
  3. Development of courage.
  4. Harmonious physical development.


  1. Success in mastering martial arts depends entirely on the coach, so it is crucial and always hard to find a good mentor. It is highly important for the child not to get used to resolving problems through fighting and to adopt the basics of Eastern philosophy which form the basis of martial arts.
  2. A small, but nonetheless existing risk of injury.


  1. Musculoskeletal system diseases.
  2. Eyesight problems.
  3. Kidney diseases.
  4. Cardiovascular illnesses.


A few types of dance exist: latino (rumba, samba, cha-cha-cha), European classical dance (tango, waltz and others), contemporary (RnB, Hip-Hop, Jazz).


  1. The development of agility and flexibility.
  2. Beneficial for movement coordination.
  3. Fostering a good taste.
  4. A great prevention method for colds.
  5. The development of the respiratory system.


  1. Requires substantial financial outlays.
  2. Risk of injury.
  3. This type of sport is highly competitive; negative experiences are possible.
  4. Requires a significant strain placed on the heart.


  1. Flat feet.
  2. Cardiovascular illnesses.
  3. Spine hernias.


This is a type of martial arts in which punches with hands and feet are both allowed.


  1. Good muscle development.
  2. The child gets rid of fears, complexes, stress and other negative emotions.
  3. Has got a positive influence on the development of coordination, reaction and posture.
  4. Good strength training.


  1. High injury rate, especially during competitive events.
  2. Issues with organizational aspects (training programs are not well thought out and there are no clear rules for fighting).


  1. Acute stages of any chronic disease.
  2. Joint and spine problems.


Credit: Author: bongo vongo

Capoeira is the Brazilian national martial art that combines elements of dance, acrobatics, and games.


  1. Efficient development of the muscles.
  2. The child gets rid of fears, complexes, stress and other various negative emotions.
  3. Positive influence on the development of coordination, reaction and posture.
  4. A great work out.


Capoeira has got only one main drawback – it is not easy to find a good professional coach for this type of sport. This sport is still gaining in popularity, hence there are only a few good mentors available.


  1. Injuries.
  2. Cardiovascular illnesses.


One of the types of gymnastics which include exercises for agility and flexibility as well as for maintaining balance.


  1. Acrobatics are good for getting rid of excess energy.
  2. Improves metabolism.
  3. Has got a positive effect on the child’s psyche and mental activity.
  4. Provides a uniform load on all muscle groups.


The biggest disadvantage is the high risk of injuries. The most common of them are various sprains and bruises.


  1. Epilepsy.
  2. Cardiovascular problems.
  3. Diseases of the musculoskeletal system.
  4. Myopia.
  5. Rachiocampsis.

Horseback riding

This sport involves competitions and sports games during the process of riding a horse.


  1. Regular interactions with animals have got a positive effect on the psychological well-being of the child.
  2. A good method of relaxation.
  3. The development of muscles, stability and coordination.


The only drawback is that this kind of sport is not always available. There may be no stables nearby, and the classes themselves will require significant financial outlays.


  1. Heart diseases.
  2. Risk of thrombosis.

Tips for boys’ parents


Sport has got an invaluable effect not only on the child’s body, but also on their mental state. One cannot neglect the power of education. Leadership qualities, self-discipline, and responsibility are all particularly important for a future man.

The child’s hobbies should influence the choice of sports activity, however, parents have the last word in the decision-making process. It is necessary to pay attention to the development of the boy and their personality.

The boy can start playing sports starting from an early age as physical activity is interesting and beneficial for both toddlers and older children. It is important that the child does not have to be forced. The main task of parents is to stimulate the boy’s interest. Classes that are forced upon the child will not be beneficial. On the contrary, they will become a source of irritation and aggression.

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