Vizio TV Parental Controls: A Comprehensive Guide

Smart TV has become a standard for viewing all your favorite content on a single device, ranging from live channels to on-demand movies and TV shots. Vizio TV offers a range of smart TVs equipped with instant access to the Vizio streaming app. If you’d like to learn how to set Vizio parental controls, check out our guide below!


What is Vizio TV?

parental controls on vizio tv

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Vizio is a California-based company that makes and sells smart TV sets and soundbars and also owns a streaming service. The company’s streaming app is called WatchFree+, and it’s pre-installed on all Vizio smart television products. You can also enjoy other apps like YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime Video, but you’ll need to have premium subscriptions to access some of them.

You can pick from many different models and series of Vizio smart TVs. They range from 43” and 70” to fit everyone’s preference.

WatchFree+ has over 260 channels in news, comedy, game shows, movies, sports and other categories. Some notable mentions include NBC News Now, Game Show Central, The Design Network, Vevo music channels, NFL Channel, and True History. The library has over 6,000 video titles, including movies and TV shows like The Walking Dead, Scream, Godzilla, and The IT Crowd.

Does It Have Parental Controls? How Can That Help?

All Vizio devices come with parental controls. These settings are integrated, so you don’t have to think about installing extra software. Turning on parental control settings ensures you can pick which channels and content require a PIN code.

It’s easy for a parent to adjust this with the remote controller. Channel access can be controlled by your preference, and a PIN will be necessary every time someone tries to watch the channel you picked to be restricted.

You can also restrict access to programs based on the rating. It remains a question if there’s no smarter way for this to be done, but at the moment, you need to trust the ratings given by the administrators.

How to Set Up Parental Controls on Vizio?

parental controls on vizio smart tv

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Setting parental controls on Vizio TV is simple, but the steps depend on your device. It’s why the best path is to check the instructions that came with the product.

We’ll review the usual steps in the sections below!

1. Use Your Remote to Enter Settings

Turn on your Vizio TV and grab the remote controller. Check out the layout and find the Menu button. Press it, and you’ll see the main navigation appearing. Your next task is to scroll down to the parental control section by using the arrow buttons on the remote.

2. Pick Parental Controls and Set a New Password

Once you mark the Parental Controls menu, access it and insert the default password. On most devices, the standard password is “0000.” It’s always a four-digit numeric code, and you can find it in the instructions.

We strongly suggest changing the default password to reduce the risk of your child figuring it out. You will find the Change PIN option in the settings. Click OK and insert the new PIN.

Here are some tips to create a strong PIN:

  • Don’t use simple strings like “1234”
  • Never enter your child’s birthdate or something they could easily figure out
  • It’s best to pick a random number and change the code every few months

Enter the same passwords in the New and Confirm PIN fields, and don’t forget to remember the code. The PIN is now turned on, and you can adjust the channels and program ratings to place access limitations and require this passphrase to watch.

3. Check If Everything Works

We suggest confirming that everything works by trying to watch some of the channels you planned to lock. If the system requires a PIN, you’ve managed to finish the PIN setup correctly.

If you have any issues, you can always use CH+ and CH- buttons on your remote to perform a factory reset and switch back to the default PIN code and adjustments.

How to Block Apps?

vizio smartcast parental controls

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Another feature of parental controls on Vizio Smart TV devices is that you can block applications like YouTube on the system. This requires a different approach, which means you’ll need to create a limited profile for your child.

Here’s how you can do that as a parent:

  1. Use your remote to enter Settings, and then access Security & Restrictions.
  2. Pick the option to make a restricted profile. It will require entering a PIN code.
  3. Once you finish setting the profile, choose the options your kid can access. Pick the app to lock and mark the “X” button to ensure it’s inaccessible with that profile.

You can also delete an application by using your main profile. Navigate between the apps, and then press the yellow shortcut option. Delete the app and confirm your decision to complete the process.

How to Turn Off Parental Controls on Vizio TV?

There’s no option that turns off parental controls, but you can eliminate the need to use the PIN code to access any channels:

  1. Grab your remote and enter the parental control menu found in the navigation.
  2. After inserting the PIN, if necessary, make sure to choose that no content requires a code to access it.

It’s also possible to revert to your TV’s factory defaults. Depending on the device, you have two options to do this:

  • Press the Input and Volume Down buttons and hold them for a few seconds. Follow the instructions on the screen to release only the first button and keep holding the other until you see the TV entered a factory reset process.
  • Press and hold the CH- and CH+ buttons for ten seconds to enter the factory reset. Enter the main menu and choose System. Find “Reset & Admin” and choose factory reset from that menu. Some devices require turning off your router to execute this step.

Alternative Ways to Keep Your Child Safe Online

vizio tv parental controls time limit

Kids360 app

Vizio TV does allow some controlling of what your children can access, but the options available are quite basic. Parents shouldn’t neglect that these settings can be combined with other tools that ensure their kid stays off screens, including TVs and mobile phones.

Kids360 is a unique tool that can help ensure your child doesn’t spend too much time on their mobile device. The app is available for iOS and Android devices and it allows setting daily restrictions to access different apps. That includes social media, games, and apps to watch videos like YouTube. Considering that there’s a Vizio mobile app that allows launching content from the streaming service on TV, you can also limit access to that utility.

Thanks to the app lock feature, you can easily prevent your kid from even opening unwanted apps. You can set timetables for using the smartphone and set certain tasks for your kid to complete to increase their daily limits.

Kids360 is freemium, meaning you get the basic features for free. It’s also incredibly easy to use, so don’t hesitate to give it a shot!

Vizio TV: Basic But Sufficient Parental Controls

Good news is that Vizio integrated parental controls on their televisions. It’s easy to adjust the settings, and it’s great that you can restrict access to channels and content based on program ratings. You should always change the default PIN, and ensure to switch the code at least several times annually.

Don’t forget that there’s a mobile app to control Vizio TV from a smart device. It’s why you should combine the default parental controls with the Kids360 app. That all-around solution to reduce time your child spends on the phone can also ensure they can’t access the mobile Vizio app and control the device from there.


how to set parental controls on vizio smart tv


Can You Put Parental Controls on a Smart TV?

Vizio smart TVs come with integrated parental controls. The same is true for other smart TV models, ranging from Sony to LG.

What Is the Passcode for Vizio TV?

The default PIN for most Vizio TVs is “0000.” If it doesn’t work, check your instructions. Also, you can perform a factory reset on the TV if you suspect someone changed the PIN. The reset will revert the PIN to the original one.

Can Vizio TV Be Controlled by Phone?

Yes, there’s a Vizio Mobile app to control the TV from a smartphone. It’s why we suggest using Kids360 to limit your children from accessing the app.

I Can’t Find Parental Controls on Vizio TV. What to Do?

Check the remote and look for a button that depicts gears. It’s the common icon that refers to Settings, so try clicking on that button and you should see the parental control menu among the available options. You can also click the Home or Menu buttons, which might be available on some devices.

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