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Best Free Android Apps of 2022

With so many apps on the Google Play Store to choose from, and only so much phone storage to go around, it can be tricky to know which apps should land a coveted spot on your phone. So what are the best free Android apps of 2021? We’ll go over all the latest and greatest apps you should be sure to have on your Android mobile device this year.


Must-Have Android Apps

If you haven’t heard of these apps yet, now is the time to download them. Chances are, all your friends already have. Don’t miss the boat and add these top Android apps now:

Find My Kids

best android apps

With the Find My Kids app, parents can gain precious peace of mind with services that allow you to keep tabs on your family members. From GPS location tracking and LIVE-listening to emergency paging and family chat, this app is designed with children’s safety in mind.

It can be used with both smartwatches for kids or childs’ smartphones! Download the app here right now and finally stop worrying about your loved ones!

Cash App

Gone are the days of asking for 10 different checks at a restaurant or struggling to find a few bucks to pay back that friend you owe. With Cash App, digital transfers are free, easy and instant. You can send money to your friends and family who also have a cash tag. You can also get a debit card, invest in the stock market, and donate to causes you care about. It’s the banking app you need for the 21st century.

Download the app here.


Anytime you need to know what song is playing, the Shazam app conveniently listens and displays the relevant song information within seconds! This app is also helpful when you want to know a song’s lyrics.

Download the app here.


Whether you want to try meditation or simply get some better sleep, Calm has a wide variety of nature sounds, bedtime stories, peaceful songs, breathing programs and guided meditations to help you relax. A premium subscription is also available for more content.

Download the app here.


With Tasty, created by Buzzfeed, users can discover new recipes daily to help the budding chef in all of us. You’ll find high-definition photos and videos along with step-by-step instructions for all kinds of recipes that work with your unique dietary needs.

Download the app here.


Did you know you can listen to various radio stations from all around the world – for free – from your mobile device? Everything from local sports, music, podcasts, and news stations from around the world are all at your fingertips with this convenient app. TuneIn even includes top brands like CNN, FOX, ESPN, NPR, and TED Radio Hour. A premium version is also available, though not needed.

Download the app here.

Newest Apps for Android

What are the best free Android apps of 2021 that you might not have heard of? We’ll detail some of the newest ones to hit the scene so far this year that we’ve researched just for you:


This brand-new app helps users become environmentally-conscious consumers and translate their values into real-world actions and decisions. You can track your own personal carbon footprint, get advice on making more eco-friendly lifestyle changes, and even choose to offset your carbon footprint through donations to climate-friendly organizations.

Download the app here.

Instagram Lite

After a year of rumors, Instagram Lite has finally dropped! Available in more than 170 different countries, Instagram Lite is a pared-down version of the popular social media app that requires just 2MB to run.

Download the app here.

Google Health Studies

Now available to Android users for the first time, this app from Google allows users to voluntarily and securely contribute to health research in areas that matter to them. Stay updated on the results from studies led by major medical universities and hospitals like Harvard Medical School.

Download the app here.

National Park Service

This brand new app from the United States National Park Service will have you asking, “Where has this app been all my life?”. With this app, travelers and outdoor enthusiasts can find and visit the best National Parks near them, go on self-guided tours, explore interactive maps, discover activities and programs at each park, and even download offline park data for your visit.

Download the app here.


For those who enjoy playing war strategy games, this real-time World War 2 simulation has been a huge hit since hitting Android devices last November. Users can customize and command their own historically-accurate battle units, plan out attacks, and follow along with an epic storyline.

Download the app here.


Another fun Android game released last fall, Lungo is a strategy and logic game that will test your brain skills and boost your cognitive thinking. Hundreds of unique challenges and 3 levels of difficulty make gameplay a fun experience each time.

Download the app here.

Best Apps for Kids & Parents

Kids and parents have unique needs when looking for apps on the Google Play Store. Here are some of the best Android apps on the market targeted towards families:

The main thing for each parent is their child’s safety! Use the Find My Kids app to check your child’s locations and listen to the surroundings to make sure that everything is fine with them! Download the best app for parents right now from AppStore or GooglePlay.


best free android apps

Whether you want to learn a new language for an upcoming trip, are trying to raise your children bilingually, or simply want to sharpen your language skills for fun, Duolingo is the premiere educational app for language learners.

Download the app here.

Gordon Ramsay: Chef Blast

Everyone’s favorite TV chef has come out with a puzzle game of his own, new to Android this year. Kids and adults can cook with Gordon, discover new recipes, play various puzzle games, and become a culinary master!

Download the app here.


HGTV lovers and creative kids will both love this addictive home décor app for interior design. Play with different styles, complete fun challenges, shop for virtual goods, and compete in contests to design the best space.

Download the app here.

YouTube Kids

Now your kids can browse the top video platform in the world more safely with YouTube’s kid-friendly app version. Customize kid profiles, parental controls, and enhanced content blocking features to protect your kids from seeing content they aren’t ready for.

Download the app here.

Gaming & Entertainment Apps

Sometimes you just want to kill some time and have some fun on your mobile device. Any of these apps below will be a welcome break from work, school, and the news:

Among Us

best free apps

If it seems like everyone is playing this hot new game, you wouldn’t be wrong. Adults and kids of all ages are enjoying this multi-player mystery game where you must work together to find the imposter. This wildly popular game has more than 11 million Android downloads over the last few years, and that’s not sus at all.

Download the app here.


Like reading? Let this app help you remember to put down your phone and spend some time in a book. Users can keep track of books they want to read, what their friends are reading, and how much progress they’ve made towards their reading goals. On Goodreads, you can also discover new books to read based on your current favorites and make recommendations to others.

Download the app here.


We get it, you’re tired of social media. But with TikTok, it is easier than ever before to scroll through a selection of short videos uniquely targeted to you – thanks to TikTok’s algorithm. The more time you spend on the app, the more it gets to know you and suggests the best videos for you, making this platform highly satisfying but also highly addicting. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Download the app here.


One of the newest content platforms on the market, Tubi is becoming an increasingly popular place to go for free streaming TV and movies. No subscription is required, and ads are minimal compared to cable TV.

Download the app here.

Productivity Apps

Today’s smartphones are capable of so many utilitarian services, and app developers just keep upping the ante. Download these top free useful apps for Android that will make your life easier:


must have android apps

This handy password manager not only keeps all your login information in one place, but also allows you to log in automatically, and sync all your passwords throughout all your devices. Securely store up to 50 passwords for free. With Dashlane, you’ll never get locked out of your account again!

Download the app here.

Sleep as Android

Let your phone wake you up with this award-winning sleep cycle smart alarm. Since how you start your mornings can make or break your day, this app aims to wake you up gently – at the optimal moment for you. Wake up with the music or nature sounds YOU want – not what your phone’s preset alarm choices limit you to. Most of this app’s features are free, and a paid version is also available.

Download the app here.


best apps for android

As one of Google Maps’ biggest competitors, where HERE WeGo really shines is with its selection of offline maps. Whether you’re traveling in a remote area with no cell service, exploring new places around the world on limited data, or preparing for a local or national emergency, offline maps can be an extremely beneficial tool. You can also get local information on public transportation for more than 1300 cities around the world and can even book a taxi in select locations.

Download the app here.


If you need to take any medications, a prescription tracking app like Medica can be very beneficial. You can enter your medications, track your doses, stay on top of refills, take notes, create a schedule, and receive reminders.

Download the app here.


Investing in the stock market has never been made easier than with the Robinhood app for casual investors. Despite recent controversies, many users still enjoy the Robinhood platform for day trading or casual investing.

Download the app here.


Track your spending, set financial goals, create a budget, apply for new credit cards and more with this free, all-inclusive personal finance app. Unlike other apps, Mint actually syncs up with your existing accounts to automatically pull in and categorize all your purchases for you. Never wonder how much money is left in your grocery budget again!

Download the app here.

Travel Apps

As 2021 kicks off, many people are starting to feel comfortable with traveling again. Go ahead and plan that summer vacation (or post-pandemic 2022 trip) with these top convenient and money-saving travel apps:


top android apps

The Hotwire free travel app makes searching for travel deals fun! You can save up to 60% on exclusive deals with top-secret hotels that will be revealed upon booking. Feed your adventurous side or play it safe with low prices on hotels and rental cars all over the world.

Download the app here.


As one of the industry leaders in discounted travel, Expedia has long been a top choice among budget-savvy travelers. You can book your hotel, flight, rental car or complete vacation packages with Expedia’s price comparisons.

Download the app here.


For years, millions of travelers have trusted Tripadvisor with their next vacation. Plan, book, and save on your next trip with Tripadvisor. In addition to travel deals, you can discover reviews, photos, and ideas on tons of places to go, things to see, and attractions to explore.

Download the app here.


What’s that plane flying overhead? Why is there a helicopter circling your neighborhood? When will your family member’s flight arrive? Will your flight be delayed? What is the weather on the ground at your destination? All of these questions can be answered with this simple, free flight radar app.

Download the app here.


top 10 must have android apps

Everyone’s favorite travel app now includes local events and activities in addition to places to stay. When you’re ready to travel again, Airbnb’s extensive selection of properties will be there for you!

Download the app here.


Kayak allows you to search for, save, and track the flights and hotels you want in order to get the best deals. This award-winning app’s private deals, price forecasts, price alerts, and flexible date searches help you determine when to buy and when to go.

Download the app here.

Local/Community Apps

The best ways to connect with your local community have all gone digital. Download these free apps for Android phones to stay on top of events, browse business reviews, and keep in touch with your neighbors:


useful apps for android

Chat with your neighbors, find the best contractors, get information on local happenings, post lost and found pets, and more with this popular networking app. Subscribe to your interests and connect with verified community residents for free.

Download the app here.


Got pets? Now you can find boarding, dog walking, and pet sitting services all from a free app. Get connected with animal lovers in your area who would love to care for your pets!

Download the app here.


latest apps for android phones

Though it’s been around for years, few review websites can compete with the content of Yelp. Yelp has made great efforts over the years to stay relevant and innovative, with the ability to browse restaurant menus, make reservations, redeem special offers, and even order takeout from your favorite spots – all within the app. From hair salons and doctors to restaurants and hotels, it always pays to check the reviews before you go.

Download the app here.


Groupon is another brand that has stood the test of time. With more than 1.5 million app reviews, this shopping discount app offers deals of up to 70% off products, places, and events all over the world. From restaurant discounts and half-price concert tickets to cheaper salon services and discounted travel, there is something for everyone on Groupon.

Download the app here.


useful android apps

Looking for things to do? Eventbrite lets you browse local events, sign up to attend, buy tickets, and even create your own community event. Virtual events are also now available! Never be bored again and discover new things to do with Eventbrite.

Download the app here.


Another great way to discover new places and meet new people is the popular Meetup app. With a focus on free local community events and groups, you’ll find a group for every interest you can think of – from yoga to business networking. You can join and attend as many groups as you like – all for free!

Download the app here.

Whether you’re looking for the next big gaming app to kill time, the latest free Android apps to up your productivity, or the best app to keep your family safe, this list of best free Android apps of 2021 should have something for you. Share this helpful list with a friend, let us know your thoughts, and comment on your favorite applications for Android phones below!

Find out more useful apps for your family and yourself:

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