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From Play to Presents: Choosing the Ideal Gift for a 6-Year-Old Boy

If you need to buy a present for a special little boy, knowing what to choose can be tricky! We’re here to help—browse our handpicked list of the very best gifts for 6-year-old boys. So whether you’ve got a bookworm in the family or an intrepid outdoor explorer, below you’ll find the most popular toys for 6-year-old boys as well as a range of unique options for the perfect birthday or Christmas gift.


The Best Gifts for Six-Year-Olds in 2024

Best Outdoor Toy Best Educational Toy Best Gift Under $10 Best Useful Gift
Buddy Bumper Balls


PlayShifu Educational Globe


Instant Blizzard Kit


Pingo Track GPS Watch



+ free Findmykids app license

Indoor and outdoor use STEM toy that supports learning No mess and no melt Combines functionality with fun
Strong and durable Interactive and engaging Quick and easy to make Appealing to both adults and children
Great value two pack Includes storytelling, music, quizzes, and more Can be reused Equipped with all the features to ensure child safety

How to Choose a Gift if You’re Unsure What to Pick

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By the age of six, kids are making great leaps forward in terms of their understanding of the world and cognitive development. This means that toys and activities that appeal to this new understanding, particularly about subjects that interest them, are usually a great choice. For example, if your little one is showing an interest in the stars and planets, a space activity kit or star projector (like the one in our list below) is likely to be the perfect gift.

Boys (and girls) of this age will enjoy a gift that nurtures different aspects of their development, such as a fun game that also incorporates an element of learning, or an outdoor activity that gets their body working and their mind active, too.

If you’re finding it difficult to figure out what to gift your special six-year-old, think about something from one of these categories:

  • STEM and educational toys
  • Outdoor games and activities
  • Imaginative toys that encourage make-believe play
  • Books
  • Building or construction toys

But don’t forget to bear in mind that all kids are different, and develop at different rates, so think about the stage your child is at, and their unique skills and abilities when choosing a gift.

Toys for 6-Year-Old Boys

Looking for the best toys for a six-year-old? All the options below are kid-approved and guaranteed to provide hours of fun!

Mini Explorer Voice Changer — $19.99

gifts for 6 year old boys


Kids will love this voice-changing toy which features three fun modes: Monster, Alien, Ghost, and Robot. The device also has volume and echo settings and exciting flashing lights and is designed to fit perfectly into little hands to provide hours of entertainment.

For added convenience, this toy is rechargeable with a USB cable, making it one of the best gifts for 6-year-old boys.

LEGO Jurassic World Blue and Beta Velociraptor Capture Set — $26.99

toys for 6 year old boys


If you’ve got a Lego-loving little boy in the family with a birthday coming up, this kit is sure to be a hit. The set incorporates a pair of velociraptor dinosaur figures, Maisie and Rainn Delacourt mini-figures, a pickup truck, a bike, and an array of accessories—meaning that once the building work is done, there’s endless play to be enjoyed.

With its easy-to-follow instruction booklet, this kit is great for Lego fans of all levels.

Hot Wheels Blastaway Dual Track Racing Set — $23.99

6 year old boy gifts


One of Amazon’s Most Gifted toys, choose the Hot Wheels Blastaway Dual Track Racing Set to give your six-year-old hours of fun and racing thrills. Launchers—which can be activated by your child—get the race started, sending the cars off on their laps around the track. Flags automatically pop up for every lap completed.

This set can be attached to other Hot Wheels tracks to add to the challenge.

Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Stamp n’ Top Pizza Oven — $59.83


Kids can’t get enough of Play-Doh, and this set will really get their creative juices flowing. As well as five cans of dough, the set comprises the playset itself including a silly cheese machine, pizza paddle, cutter, and lots more. Children will love creating a range of toppings for their pizzas—the more outrageous the better—before getting them out of the ‘oven’ and slicing them up with the cutter.

Light Stax Illuminated Blocks Set — $94.99

gift for 6 year old boy


Not only do all 102 of the blocks in this kit light up but the settings can be changed so that they light up via voice activation. The blocks snap together and come apart easily and are compatible with many other Stax sets as well as other major building block brands. Designed to encourage imaginative and engaging play, this is sure to quickly become a favorite toy.

The set comes with a USB power base and cable, along with three batteries.

PlayShifu Educational Globe for Kids — $41.79

best gifts for 6 year old boy


Gifts that spark curiosity doesn’t get much better than an interactive learning globe—like this one from PlayShifu. Your child can scan the globe with the companion app to bring the different countries to life: they’ll be amazed when 3D animals pop up on the screen! Images can be tapped on for more information, and there are more than 1,000 facts to learn as well as quizzes and puzzles to enjoy.

Mini Walkie-Talkies with a 200-Foot Range — $19.99

gift ideas for 6 year old boy


Walkie-talkies have long been a popular gift for boys of this age, but there tends to be one problem: the range can be disappointing. But that’s not the case with these devices, which have an impressive two-hundred-foot outdoor range and can even send and receive messages in Morse code. Plus, the compact nature of these walkie-talkies makes them perfectly sized for your child to pop into their pocket while on a secret mission!

LJZJ airplane Launcher Toy — $19.99

gifts for 6 year old boy


This airplane launcher is one of Amazon’s most gifted toys. It comes with four colorful foam glider planes that are so lightweight they can be used either outdoors or indoors without the risk of causing damage to the surroundings. The planes feature LED lights, making evening outdoor launches particularly exciting for kids.

Getting your little one away from his screen will never be so easy with the help of this toy!

National Geographic Glowing Marble Run — $32.47

christmas gifts for 6 year old boy


It’s the classic Marble Run with a difference: this set features glow-in-the-dark marbles! Kids will be thrilled to turn down the lights and watch their marbles race through their wonderful creations to the finish. Each of the sixty-five pieces fits together snugly, so your young designer can build structures that are as sturdy as they are outrageous! They also get fifteen marbles in this set, ready for racing.

Christmas Gifts for 6-Year-Old Boys

If there’s a special six-year-old you’re buying for this Christmas, choosing the best option can be difficult. Use the list below to identify the perfect festive offering.

Guardian Intelligent Programmable Remote Controlled Robot — $39.99

gifts for a 6 year old boy


If you’re looking for a really special toy for a Christmas present, consider this intelligent, programmable robot. As well as responding to remote control, the robot can also be programmed to respond to a variety of gestures and can sing, dance, walk, and slide. Want to get your kid away from a screen? This gift idea could be the perfect solution.

The robot is rechargeable via USB lead: taking just an hour to fully charge, it’ll provide around sixty minutes of fun play.

Doctor Jupiter My First Science Experiment Kit — $32.99

unique gifts for 6 year old boy


A STEM toy that promotes an early love of science, your child can use this set to undertake over one hundred experiments designed to spark their imagination, such as Water Fireworks, Stretchy Slime, and Walking on Water. The step-by-step, illustrated instruction manual is super easy to follow: this gift aims to help kids explore the world around them and nurtures critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

HopeRock Indoor Basketball Hoops — $49.99

what to get a 6 year old boy for his birthday


In the market for gift ideas that’ll get your soon-to-be six-year-old active? How about an indoor basketball hoop: the game can go on whatever the weather! The set includes a mini basketball hoop, LED scoreboard, and balls, and has three modes: single practice, double competition, and extreme challenge. The automatic scoring and cheering sounds that play when a hoop is scored add to the competition and thrill level.

Mondo Llama Create-Your-Own Superhero Comic Books — $15.00

what do 6 year old boys like


Comic book fans will be delighted to unwrap this gift on Christmas Day. It contains everything he’ll need to create: three 32-page comic books including two soft-cover and one hard-cover blank comic book, wooden stamp pads and stamps, markers, stickers, and stencils. So when it comes to characters and plot, the sky really is the limit. And once he’s done, he can add the masterpieces to his own bookshelf!

Doboli Kids Portable Mini Karaoke Machine — $36.99

best gifts for 6 year old boys


What better way to get the Christmas party started than with a karaoke machine? With superior sound quality and a wireless microphone, the device features multiple sound effects allowing kids to change their voice, such as to Baby or Monster, to add to the hilarity. The ambient lighting settings make for an even more immersive experience — meaning the fun will last long beyond Christmas Day!

Instant Blizzard Kit — $9.99

popular toys for 6 year old boys


If your six-year-old is disappointed that a white Christmas hasn’t come their way, not to worry: they can create their own fluffy ‘snow’ with an Instant Blizzard kit. Simply add water to make two cups of ‘snow’ (don’t worry parents, it’s no mess!), that won’t melt and is reusable after two weeks, at which point it returns to its original powder form. So whatever the season, your child can enjoy a winter wonderland!

Whack-a-Mole Game — $33.99

what to buy a 6 year old boy


A beloved arcade classic that can now be enjoyed at home, Whack-a-Mole will have the whole family laughing. The extra-large size, three different game modes, and nine speeds mean that kids can have a go at the game at their own pace, and make things more challenging as their skills develop. With interactive sounds and lights and an automatic score display, Whack-a-Mole is durable, has soft hammers for safety, and can be securely affixed to a table or other surface with the incorporated suction cups.

The Christmas Pig by J.K. Rowling — $12.99

birthday presents for 6 year old boy


This bestselling modern classic from J. K. Rowling, the pen behind the Harry Potter series, tells the story of a little boy, Jack, who loses his beloved toy DP (Dur Pig) on Christmas Eve. Christmas Pig (DP’s replacement) however, has a plan, and the pair set off on a daring and magical adventure to find Jack’s best friend. This is sure to become a favorite—of both the recipient and maybe even their parents!

Unique Gifts for a 6-Year-Old Boy

Want to get a gift for the six-year-old with everything? Or for the child who is notoriously difficult to buy for? No problem. The options below are sure to delight you.

Space Dig Kit — $19.99

great gifts for 6 year old boy


Finding unusual gifts for 6-year-old boys can be challenging, but a Space Dig Kit totally fits the bill! The set comes with eight planetary spheres to dig, eight chisel tools, two jewelry fastenings, four necklace ropes, and eight gemstone information cards. Two crystals can be found in each planet, but your young space explorer will need to dig to get them out. Once free, they can read about each in the accompanying information cards.

Pingo Track GPS Watch — $139.99

what are 6 year olds into


The Pingo Track GPS Watch is a remarkable addition to our list of gift ideas. This watch combines functionality with fun, offering both parents and kids peace of mind. With real-time GPS tracking, parents can keep an eye on their child’s whereabouts, ensuring safety while granting children the independence they crave.

The watch is designed with a child-friendly interface, making it easy for your 6-year-old to use. It also features exciting functionalities such as location history, geofencing alerts, and an SOS button for emergencies.

Gift your child the Pingo Track GPS Watch—a blend of technology and safety, providing both entertainment and security in one stylish package! With the watch, you will receive a full Findmykids app license for free.

KiwiCo art and Craft Subscription Box — from $14.64

best gifts for six year old boy


A subscription box really is the gift that keeps on giving! Choose from one of a range of boxes to get the perfect option for your little crafter, and opt for a one-, three-, six-, or twelve-month subscription. Alternatively, select a gift card.

Every box contains all the high-quality materials needed to create a project, along with kid-friendly instructions. Prepare for hours of crafting endeavors—and not a screen in sight!

Buddy Bumper Balls — $59.99

what to get 6 year old boy for birthday


This set of two giant inflatable balls makes for one of the best gifts for 6-year-old boys: kids will love getting inside these softballs to bump, bounce, roll and, of course, laugh! Made from heavy-duty, durable vinyl, this toy could provide years of entertainment, bouncing about in the garden or happily rolling around on the floor. Beware, though: older brothers and sisters are likely to want to get in on the action, too!

Boerfmo Bubble Machine Gun — $15.99

gifts for 6 year olds boy


Unusual gifts that’ll be adored by the recipient don’t have to cost the Earth—as is neatly demonstrated by this fantastic bubble machine gun, that’ll amuse any six-year-old for hours on end. Simply press the trigger, and a stream of thousands of bubbles will waft out into the air—and the incorporated LED lights add to the magical effect. Perfect for parties, outdoor play, or to use during family events or activities, this gift will become an instant favorite.

athleria Mini-Drone Toy — $32.00


What better way to get your six-year-old moving than with this light-up flying mini-drone? The toy can be used either inside or outside and is great for developing hand-eye coordination. Parents will appreciate the fact that the spherical cage surrounding the drone both prevents injuries and breakage, as well as protects against damage to items in the home when used indoors.

A full charge provides around fifteen to twenty minutes of play.

KidzRobotix Table Top Robot — $24.26


For kids who love the idea of building their own robot, this set will be a winner. Once built, the cute crab-like robot will happily skitter along a tabletop, cleverly sensing approaching edges and obstacles and reversing its course as needed. It’s also got a few acrobatic moves up its robotic sleeves!

The kit contains everything your child will need to build their robot (apart from the battery), including easy-to-follow instructions.

Nickelodeon Slime: Slimey Fun Kit — $14.99


If you’ve got a six-year-old who loves slime in the house, then they’ll go mad for this make-it-yourself slime kit. Not only does the kit include everything needed to make funky slime—including the neon and glitter varieties—but it’s simple enough that even young children will enjoy conducting experiments without the need for adult help. Made with safe materials and designed to support STEM learning, this gift covers all bases.

Electronic Piggy Bank — $25.99


Keen to find ways to encourage good savings habits early? This electronic piggy bank, which takes both coins and notes, will have your six-year-old wanting to squirrel away as much cash as possible.

Designed to resemble a mini-safe, your young saver can set a four-digit password to secure their growing funds. The bank can hold six hundred coins or one hundred pieces of paper money.

What to Get a 6-Year-Old Boy for His Birthday?

Whether your soon-to-be birthday boy loves dinosaurs, is fascinated by space, enjoys construction toys, or adores reading, you’ll find the gift inspiration you need below.

Why? by National Geographic Kids — $9.18


A book that provides endless fascination, Why? has the answers to 1,111 questions, such as the reasons the Earth doesn’t simply float off into space and why snot is yellow! Your young reader will also find an array of top-ten lists, amazing facts, explorer profiles, and lots of cool activities. Illustrated throughout, the book’s bright and bold format will keep kids turning the pages on a voyage of discovery.

Discovery #Mindblown Planetarium Projector — $19.97


This wonderful gift, perfect for age five plus, allows kids to discover the wonders of the universe from the comfort of their living or bedrooms. This clever toy is double-sided and has two different modes: moving and stationary, to fill a room with stars, creating a magically immersive experience. If you’ve got a birthday boy who is fascinated with space, the Planetarium Projector is sure to be a hit.

Magna-Tiles Dino World Set — $69.41


Magna-Tiles are known for their high-quality and durable design, and kids will be occupied for hours with these playsets. This option incorporates four dinosaur figurines, twenty-four small squares, eight triangles, and four quarter circles, so your child can let their imaginations run wild in their constructions.

A certified STEM toy, the set is great for helping develop fine motor, cognitive, teamwork, and creative skills.

Prepop Remote Control Excavator Toy — $49.67


The birthday boy won’t believe his eyes when he unwraps this remote control excavator toy on the big day! The excavator can move, dig, carry, and drop loads, can be used on sand, gravel, dirt, and other terrains (without getting stuck), and can withstand rough play, too. The extra capacity batteries add to the power, so your mini-construction worker can tackle even the biggest project with ease.

Scavenger Hunt Wacky Search and Retrieve Game — $14.99


This fun and fast-paced scavenger hunt game will get the whole family dashing about the house searching for items. Players spin the wheel and then have two minutes to find and return with everyday items such as a hat, paperclip, or shiny object. With fifty cards and one hundred items to find, this game, for two or more players, will make rainy-day boredom a thing of the past.

As well as the cards, the set includes a spinner, sand timer, and full instructions.

Kidzlane Electronic Dance Mat — $49.99


Have you got a six-year-old in the family with some seriously good dance moves? If so, the Kidzlane Electronic Dance Mat is the perfect birthday gift. The blinking, colored arrows light up to show kids where they need to step, hop, or jump, or they can opt for the Free Dance Mode to bust their own moves in style! Moms and dads will be relieved to know that the volume is fully adjustable, with a range from full blast to whisper quiet.

Pokemon Ultimate Book Collection — $28.49


Can he read them all? A bumper fifteen-book box set that Pokemon fans will love and return to again and again. Easy to read and full of action and adventure, each book is also packed with eye-catching illustrations to keep young readers turning the pages as they follow Ash and their favorite Pokemon characters. For reluctant readers, this set could be the thing that gets them started on their reading adventures.

Nate the Great by Marjorie Weinman Sharmat — $6.22


A great book makes for a wonderful birthday gift—and one that’ll help support your special six-year-old’s lifelong love of reading. The first book in the Nate the Great series, this volume introduces readers to the world’s greatest detective, Nate, who is called upon by friend Annie to solve the mystery of her missing picture. Nate must use his problem-solving and logical skills to narrow down the list of suspects and close the case.

Geosafari Talking Microscope — $47.79


Featuring the voice of well-known wildlife conservationist Bindi Irwin, the Geo Safari Talking Microscope is a must for kids who are curious about the world around them. The two eye-pieces mean that children don’t need to squint through one eye, making for easier viewing. This educational toy comes with twenty pre-prepared slides to help kids get started, and two learning modes: Fact and Quiz.

EzRoller Inovtex Go-Kart — $74.99


Make his birthday or Christmas dreams come true with this super-fun scooter and bike combination. One of the best things about this toy is that it can grow with your child: the extension bars and adjustable nature of the frame mean that kids from ages four all the way to fourteen can ride. The sturdy design, with its low center of gravity, makes it very difficult for this go-kart to overturn, while the comfortable seat guarantees hours of enjoyment.

Hasbro Battleships with Planes Strategy Game — $19.99


All kids love the original Battleships game—so why not surprise your six-year-old with this twist on the classic, which sees players try to crash their opponent’s planes as well as sink their ships? The portable cases allow children to play while traveling or away from home, and the game is easy to pick up, so even kids who have never encountered Battleships before will quickly get the hang of it.

Creative Forts Glowing Fort Building Set — $70.99


This STEM toy—great for indoor or outdoor play—has been designed to encourage basic building and engineering skills and promote teamwork and cooperation. Kids can use the 130 pieces to make a glow-in-the-dark fort—the rods simply need to be exposed to light for fifteen to thirty minutes to charge them up. Once the fort is built, simply add a thin sheet or a blanket, and it’s ready to become whatever their imaginations can dream up.

Learning Resources STEM Explorers Pixel Art Challenge — $14.00


This may seem like a fun craft kit, but it’s actually designed to teach young kids essential early coding skills. Children have the opportunity to create their own video game-like 2D pictures and solve more than forty STEAM challenges. The images get increasingly more tricky to create as the user’s skills develop.

The set comes complete with a design base, four hundred brightly colored ‘pixel’ cubes, challenge cards, and a guide.

Lite-Brite Mini Drawing Board — $6.80


The popular Lite-Brite set is now available in a handy mini travel version—helping to avoid the regular ‘Are we there yet?’s on a long journey. Kids choose the picture they’d like to create, insert the colored glow pegs into the board, and watch them magically light up. With seventy colorful mini pegs, a drawing board, and four design templates, this gift will provide a huge amount of entertainment bang for your buck!

Locomoto Electric Train Set with Lights and Sounds — $15.99


Train sets have been a popular gifting option for six-year-old boys for decades—and things get even more fun with this set, which incorporates trains with lights and sounds to add to the realism. The track can be assembled to form a 26.6-inch circular track, and the set comes in a handy carry-case for ultimate portability. As a first train set, this is a great—and affordable—option.

Circuit-Blox Build Your Own Burp and Fart Machine — $14.81

The name alone of this kit tells you that your six-year-old is sure to love it! Kids can get creative with the colorful building blocks embedded with the electronic components that make hilarious sounds. Your child will be having so much fun that he won’t realize he’s learning the fundamentals of electronics—and the easy-to-understand instruction manual means he’ll be up and running with this kit in no time.

The Takeaway: Choosing a Special Gift for a Special Six-Year-Old

If you have a six-year-old boy to buy for, the good news is that there are more choices than ever before. However, the sheer number of options on offer can make selecting the perfect present a challenge. That’s where we come in: use the guide above to find the gift that’ll delight the recipient, and provide hours—if not years—of entertainment, which is great for everyone!

What is the most loved gift that your six-year-old has ever received, or the most successful present you’ve ever gifted a six-year-old? Was there anything that surprised you? We’d love to hear your stories and recommendations—drop us a line in the box below!


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Which gift is best for a six-year-old boy?

The best gift for a six-year-old boy will largely depend on the interests and likes of each child. However, many children of this age enjoy toys that combine learning and fun and encourage imaginative play, books, and outdoor toys and games.

What is trending for 6-year-olds?

Gifts trending for 6-year-olds include LEGO and similar construction sets, bikes and scooters, active toys, and science and craft kits.

What do boys age 6 like to play?

While all children are different, many six-year-old boys enjoy play that involves large muscle activities (such as ball games, bike riding, and jump rope), as well as that which promotes fine motor skills, like drawing, cutting, and jigsaw puzzles. Toys, games, and activities that encourage collaborative and imaginative play also tend to be a good choice.

What do 6-year-old boys like for Xmas?

If you’re looking for a great gift for a six-year-old boy for Christmas, consider toys that spark their imagination and reflect their interest, such as a science kit, or a book on a subject that fascinates them.

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