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Apps for children’s smart-watches with GPS

As a good parent, you’re torn between two options. Either risk the safety of your child in order to be at peace with him or stick your neck in their lives and be guilty of «choking” them. Not to worry, there’s actually a way to keep tabs on kids without intruding on their privacy.

All you have to do is use a mobile tracker app to monitor the activities of your kids using their GPS watches.


Install the app Find My Kids

To check your child’s locations and be sure that everything is fine with your child!

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Why mobile tracker apps?

It is accessible: These apps operate on phones and smartwatches. Having such apps on these gadgets means parents can easily access them and their activities.

It is mobile: With these apps, you get alerts of their movements at the very moment they take off. These alerts help you to take action immediately in case of an emergency.

Smartwatch apps are available for IOS and Android parent devices and for such watch models as Wonlex Smart Baby Watch d100, d99, df25, q100, q200, q50, q60, q80, q90, Abardeen, Titan Watch, JET Kid, CARCAM, KIKO, Jetix DF50, Ginzzu GZ-507, Indee D26C, ZGPAX S668. To clarify which watch a particular application supports, contact customer support.

GPS Watch Application Overview


For the full operation of the smartwatch, an application is installed on the parent’s phone. Together with the kids’ watches it helps:

  • track location;
  • listen to conversations and sounds nearby;
  • ensure that your child is attending a school, section, or other event or activity.
  • set permissible zones for child find, upon leaving which, a notification will be sent to the parent’s phone.
  • communicate with the child in a chat inside the application without using SMS messages.

The best program for children’s GPS-watch

GPS tracker apps will help you not to worry about the location of the child. Children will be able to walk quietly with friends, and you will know their location without disturbing yourself with unnecessary worries, and your child with calls. Next, we will consider in detail the services for parental control, present in the English market.

Find My Kids

Find My Kids is an application of Russian developers specializing in security. The service is already used by 800 thousand users daily in Russia, the USA, Spain, Great Britain, Latin America, and other countries. The program contains security-focused features.

By using the application you can:

  • track location online;
  • listen and record sound in real-time around the device;
  • monitor the battery and notify the child to charge the phone;
  • view application usage statistics;
  • receive notifications when a child enters and leaves established zones (school, home, grandmother’s house, section, etc.).



  • no ads;
  • no registering;
  • two options for displaying maps: satellite and map;
  • if the watch has a camera, get pictures from the camera and see where and what the child is doing;
  • function «Exact route” – the device sends coordinates every 30 seconds, and shows you the exact route;
  • technical support 24/7;
  • the application connects to the smartphone and offers the same functions as the watch application;
  • for phones, advanced functionality is provided:
  • «Application statistics» – what applications the child uses and how much time he or she spends on each of them;
  • «Signal in silent mode» – if the child forgot to turn off silent mode and does not answer calls, send a loud call.
  • make short audio recordings to listen to the sound around the device;
  • the SOS button on the watch and phone, with the help of which the child sends a signal to parents about an alarm or being in a dangerous situation.


  • each child is displayed on separate screens (not on the single map);
  • the app supports a limited number of watch models. To find out if the watch is compatible with the «Find My Kids» application, read this article or contact Technical Support;
  • 7 days of free access without restrictions. After 1 week of use, the free mode gives access to view the geolocation on the map. Full functionality is available when paying 2,99$ per month or buying a lifetime license or a license for a year.
Install the app Find My Kids

To check your child’s locations and be sure that everything is fine with your child!

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This app has a lot of features available for you to ensure the safety of your kids. The app is available on Google play store and it supports android devices. It also supports Watch models: Wonlex Q50 – Q1000, Gw100 – Gw1000,Ew100, Ew200, D100, A16, AIBEILE to mention a few.


  • it supports both phones and smartwatches;
  • with the Blackbox feature, the app records location history even when the internet is off;
  • it gives alerts for the target device’s arrival and departure from geofenced areas;
  • you get an alert when the battery of the target device is low;
  • sends loud beeps to target devices even when it is on silent;
  • through the SOS button, emergency alerts can be sent from the target device;
  • marks danger zones and receive an alert when the target device is in that area;
  • you can determine the target device location by using LBS coordinates of GSM towers with 300-5000 feet accuracy without WiFi.


  • you have to rate 5 stars to add a place;
  • the app shows offline even when the target device has mobile data and location settings on;
  • you cannot add more than two places;
  • full functionality is available only for money – £20.99 per year;
  • it does not update location fast.

Se Tracker

SeTracker, SeTracker 2, SeTracker 3 are standard free applications recommended by Chinese smartwatch sellers.


  • the application is free;
  • silent call function (LIVE-listening).


  • not available for use with a computer or laptop;
  • complex device binding and configuration. If parents connect the same watch, they will have to log in from one account;
  • it is difficult to register and restore the application if you forgot your username and password to the personal account;
  • communication with servers is periodically interrupted;
  • some functions malfunction or are periodically disabled;
  • lack of technical support;
  • sophisticated interface with incorrect translation;
  • connection of only one watch;
  • advertising inside the application;
  • full functionality is available only for money – $4.99 per year.

The NOMI Kids Watch

This is another app for watches. It supports android devices with version 4.0. It is available on Google Play and AppStore and has free subscription.


  • it has a large contact list and can make and receive calls with up to 20 parent-set numbers;
  • the app sends automatic reminders to your device, based on signals given by the target device;
  • you can automatically set or update the location of the device or do it manually;
  • the app also supports geofencing, so you get alerts on the arrival or departure of your kids from such locations;
  • the app supports voice chats and vivid facial sessions;
  • it allows for more than one person to check the location of the target device;
  • the app allows the SOS button to be used to send emergency alerts.


  • push notifications may not work sometimes;
  • it may crash when trying to add a device;
  • you may not see emergency alerts from SOS until you open the app on your phone.

Myki watch

This app allows you to track the target device and communicate with your child. The app supports iOS and Android devices and is available on Google Play and AppStore.


  • you can locate the target device and get location history of up to thirty days;
  • the speed limit feature allows you to set a speed limit for your child and get notified when it exceeds that limit;
  • you can send voice messages and text messages through the app;
  • the app allows you to add emergency and authorized numbers, and notifies you when a number which is not in that list calls the target number;
  • the app also allows geofencing, so you can be notified of the arrival or departure of the target device from the marked area;
  • you can find the watch when it’s lost, by sending an alarm that rings off for 20 seconds to alert whoever is close, of its location.


  • the notifications are delayed;
  • location is not accurate when the watch is offline;
  • you cannot register the same target device on two accounts.

Step by Step

The Step by Step app helps users monitor children with their Smart Baby Watch, beacons, smartphones and tablets.


  • supporting for the large number of watch models with GPS;
  • sending voice and text messages in a chat;
  • listening to the sound around with the «Hidden Call» function;
  • availability of a web application for computers.


  • a free trial period of 5 days;
  • full functionality is available only for money – £149.99per year;
  • no function of viewing statistics on the use of applications by children.

Children watch 520

The app is also available for android devices and on google play. The subscription is free and it is a good child locator app.


  • with Bluetooth security, you can set speed limits and get notified when your children exceed such limits;
  • it supports RFID in schools;
  • it allows for communication through the app;
  • it supports a pedometer to help your kids set targets for exercise and meet them;
  • you can track the location of your child.


  • the app cannot change time zones;
  • it has issues connecting with watches;
  • it has issues adding contacts;
  • it has issues with sim cards and app settings;
  • the internet may have issues outside China.

Lil tracker

This app which also has a sister device is suitable for children smartwatches and supports android and IOS devices. It is available on Google play.


  • you can set a hypersensitive mic to listen to the surrounding of your children;
  • geofencing lets you know the arrival and departure of the children from the marked area;
  • a long press on your child’s SOS button dials you for help;
  • you can call or text your child who can also do the same for you;
  • it also tracks fitness;
  • it can store 3 months worth of steps for fitness tracking;
  • with the GPS, LBS and WI-FI positioning, you can track the real-time location of your child.


  • it has issues connecting with the device;
  • emails do not deliver;
  • you must create an account for the demo;
  • time zone selection is confusing;
  • it brings up spelling errors and messages that make no sense;
  • the app mainstream flips five pictures as its decorative banner, above the map. These pictures cause distractions;
  • when you launch the app even with push notifications, it displays an ad that covers the whole screen.

Find My Kids Watch Usage Instructions

The application is installed on the Android or iOS smartphones of the parents, then the GPS watch is connected. To connect the watch, check:

  1. SIM card balance and the Internet connection;
  2. Watch settings – send the first or second SMS command to the watch number.
    • PW, 123456, ts #
    • PW, 523681, ts #
  3. The ip_url and port settings, which will be as follows:
    • ip_url:;
    • port: 8001;
  4. Internet access settings in the watch.

If you can’t connect the watch, read the step-by-step instructions – How to connect the watch to the application «Find My Kids».

Find My Kids GPS watches can call and send short messages. They can work without recharging up to 100 hours.

The telephone is connected in the same way, having previously installed the application «Chat with parents» on it. How to install the program on the children’s phone, read here.

Observe the movement of children using GPS trackers and send them voice messages. The SOS button is located in a conspicuous place and, in case of an unforeseen situation, the child can easily notify parents that he or she is in danger. After that, a notification will be sent to the parent’s phone number that the child needs help with!


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