Top 10 Family Locators on iPhone

Families nowadays often have extremely busy and sometimes clashing schedules. With the number of activities going on with both parents and their children, it very well may be hard to keep up with one another regularly. An iPhone family locator application is a perfect tool to stay within touch daily, as well as to protect children of all ages.

Once the application is installed, it is simply a matter of choosing and clicking on the options to get the desired information about every individual in the family group.


How Family Locator Apps Work


The locator app is ideal for parents who want to be seeing their kids at any time of the day or night. You just have to select that member of the family, and then pull up their information wherein you will see their location through GPS, which will show on the map. This will be that person’s present or last known location, and the time will likewise be indicated.

Your kids can also see where you are, giving them a feeling that all is well with the world. It is important to make sure that the GPS location service is put on in everybody’s phones so their location could be known.

The application allows you to see everyone’s location at a glance. It enables you to know the specific location and track the movement of your family members continuously. You can know when a member of your family leaves or arrives at a designated place. You can likewise easily locate your kids if they get lost or in case of an emergency.

Let’s take a look at some of the best family locator apps available:

Best family locator apps for iPhone

1. Findmykids – Child Locator


Findmykids family locator app was designed particularly for caring parents. The application enables you to keep track of the location of your kids online and helps clear your worries if your kid isn’t answering your calls or isn’t close by. As the name implies, this is a GPS based location app that provides child location service.

Utilizing this service, you can quickly find their present location remotely. Also, another benefit of using this application is that it is available for free.



  • Findmykids makes real-time location tracking easier;
  • Findmykids is likewise furnished with a geofencing feature to get a notification when your kid enters or leaves a specific zone;
  • listening to the happenings around your kid;
  • receiving an SOS-signal from your child.

2. Find My iPhone



This is one of the best family locator apps around. The Find My iPhone locator app is equipped with the best iOS location tracker that will help you find the location of your kids and other members of your family in no time. It’s the ideal family locator app for you if you are constantly worried about the safety of your family. Using this app is very easy. All you have to do is turn on the family sharing feature on all the connected phones.

Also, in the event that someone on your contact list doesn’t put the location sharing feature on, you can play a sound on their phone. Presently the app is built-in on all iPhones and currently has three tabs, which are Me, People, and Device. Another amazing capability of this app is that it can help you locate another stolen or lost iPhone regardless of whether they are online or offline.

3. ZoeMob Family Locator

Zoemob - Family Locator

ZoeMob is another amazing family locator app which tells you everything you want to know about the location of your family and friends. The app also allows you to communicate with your family members when you need to organize and plan an event. Amazingly, the app is equipped with several other features that come in handy at the point of need.

Amongst these features are the panic button for emergencies and a family calendar app. You don’t have to worry about whether your kids have left or entered a certain zone, the app will let you know. Additionally, this app also notifies you when your children drive beyond a regulated speed limit.

4. Life360 Family Locator


Life360’s iPhone tracking application allows you to keep track of your family location with a helpful map display and notifications for when a member leaves or enters a particular zone. Unique features on the app incorporate its Family Channel System, helping everybody stay connected at the same time.

Other benefits are that the application enables you to track stolen or lost phones and offers a Crash Detection service, staying connected to assist a driver if their family believes they might have been involved in an accident. Life360 Family Locator app is also a completely free app. Generally, the app provides superb service well beyond a normal family locator application’s remit and basic functionality for family members of all categories.

5. Verizon Family Locator


Another brilliant family locator app is the Verizon family locator which is designed by Verizon wireless. It enables you to safely find your family member’s phones from other phones or the web. The app provides you with all the information needed to stay in touch and stay aware of the family location.

You can also set up geographic zones that notifies you when your children leave the specific zone. This family locator app lets you make schedule notifications so you can confirm all family member locations when they are all coming from different places. So it makes it easier to facilitate your day and plan your next best decision.

6. Spyzie Family Locator


Do you need an all-round handy iPhone location tracker with an easy-to-understand interface? Spyzie location tracker could be the app you are looking for. The iPhone family locator app is the ideal solution to location tracing and sharing needs.

It offers a wide scope of features, for example, geo-fencing, present location tracking of family members, a web-based interface that enables remote access, access to your social media platforms, stealth mode, and so on. You can find out about any family member’s past locations, keylogger, contacts, and call logs without any stress.

7. Mama Bear Family Locator

Top Best Child Tracking Apps | Technobezz

Mama bear family locator app is designed for iOS devices. Mama bear is an extraordinary tracking app for parents and their kids. The application enables parents to track the location of their kids and receive notifications and instant messages from their kids. It also enables parents to have watchful eyes over their kids’ social media life and driving habits.

You can set up the application to notify you when your kid starts to accelerate, or even when they are texting while driving. This is a decent app for parents who want to control the freedom of their kids.

8. Zenly Family Locator

Mechanisms in place to prevent stranger danger, says location ...

Zenly family locator is a free tracking application available on iOS. It is designed exclusively for location tracking. It offers you all the features of the ideal location trackers and that is why it is up here with one of the best family locator apps around. With the Zenly family locator app, you can track and share live GPS locations, check a target device’s battery percentage, and send them messages.

Also, you can choose to hide your present location if you would prefer not to share it. With Zenly family locator app, you can choose which location to share, the city or the exact location

9. Glympse Family Locator


This application has made it to this list because of its intuitive and simplicity nature. Glympse family locator app enables you to see the present location of your family and friends. Also, you don’t have to download or sign up anywhere to use this application. Glympse family locator application is available for free and has a basic user interface.

If you want to get your children located as they go out playing, driving, riding, or walking, look no further. This is an eminent application for utilizing on vacation also, particularly if you don’t want to be following your kids around always.

10. Sygic Family Locator



The Sygic family locator app is an advanced locating tool that accompanies several remarkable features. Aside from reporting the present location of your family and friends, the Sygic family locator enables you to know when your kid is in a zone that you consider unsafe for them. It will likewise alert you when they enter an unsafe location.

The Sygic family locator application has an SOS button for emergencies and an instant messaging feature. With this app, you can tell when a person leaves or enters a location. Moreover, you can see your family members’ location history and also track lost or stolen phones.

Put your mind at rest


These applications offer a range of features to make them stand apart from the rest especially the Findmykids app. A family locator application may never have been on your priority list, however, in the end, you want to be able to put your mind at rest. And, that is actually what family locator app can offer you.

Your kids, spouse, and other members of your family are the most valuable things in the world. It is always possible to replace a vehicle, a toy or an item of jewelry; however, you cannot replace a member of your family. These apps will tell you where your family members are at any time of the day or night. There will be situations where you need to know the location of a family member just for your peace of mind. A family locator app will let you know where they are and ease your mind.



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