How Do You See Someone’s Locations on Your iPhone?

There are various reasons to track the location of someone like for criminal inquiry, to find a lost phone, or for the security of the kids. Parents use tracking features to make their kids safe and out of the bad company. With child monitoring applications, you can not only track the live locations but also can remotely monitor their daily life activities.

Download now the best tracker app to track your iPhone.

Here in this post, you will learn how you can track someone with your smartphones. iPhones have an inbuilt tracking feature but we have shared some best apps which can be used to track iPhone location.

Location tracking on iPhone with Find My Friends App

Find My Friends is designed for iPhone users and allows them to track their loved one’s location easily. If the user has IOS 8 then he or she needs the phone with the same IOS version to run this app. You simply need to download the app from the App Store. But if they have IOS 9 then it is an inbuilt feature. It will be a part of the features of the phone.

  1. Its icon will be shown on your home screen otherwise will be in the extras folder. Click on the application and then start clicking on the Share My Location.
  2. Change the settings of the application according to your requirements.
  3. Also, you need to activate the Airdrop feature so that everyone can find you.
  4. An airdrop should also be activated on the target mobile too. Both devices must be connected to each other. From the contact list, choose the contact need to be searched.
  5. If you select ‘share indefinitely’ then you can share location without any limit.
  6. Every time it asks for permission. It depends on what you want to choose.
  7. You will be notified about the location of the target mobile when they reach or leave the destination.

How to get iPhone’s location by using Find my iPhone

  1. Select the settings to option on your phone.
  2. Sign-in into the device using Apple login credentials.
  3. Enter your Apple ID.
  4. Then select iCloud.
  5. After this, choose ‘Find My iPhone’ from the menu list.          
  6. Activate this feature by swiping to gets your phone tracked by other iPhone mobile.
  7. Also, it has a feature named ‘Send Last Location’ but it sends notifications when mobile is switched off or the battery is low.
  8. You need to download this app on IOS devices from iTunes.
  9. But you need to add your Apple credentials to other devices.
  10. Then your phone will be shown under the map application. If you click the device name, it will show the location updates.
  11.  And if your mobile is switched off then it will display the last collected location data.
  12.  It is compatible with the browser also. You can fetch this data on your Mac or Windows by logging into iCloud.
  13.  iCloud displays the record of all the devices you entered for tracking. You can select the specific device from the list. And, if the mobile is in motion then it will not provide live updates.
  14. You need to check again and again by refreshing to get the live location updates.

Get live location updates with Findmykids

Being a new parent taking care of a child a very challenging task. And if you are working then it adds more to your problems. You cannot give your 100% time to your baby along with the work. Technology has a solution to this world’s common problem. You can simply track the activities of the kids by using Findmykids. With this application, you can track the live location of the kids along with their path.

You can access each and everything remotely without informing kids. It will help you in reducing your stress for kid’s security. It is free of cost and is compatible with both IOS and Android. You can record the voices nearby your kids. Also, you can get a statistical report of previously visited locations.

You just need to download it for free. Then purchase a minute package as per the need. There are three packages available at different prices. With this, you will be able to listen to the nearby noise in school or park.


  1. Track live location with GPS.
  2. Geo-fencing is available.
  3. Record a surrounding’s noise.
  4. SOS signal for an emergency.
  5. Smartwatch is available.
  6. Statistics report on mobile usage.
  7. Track the path they chose along with the location.
  8. Notifies when kids reach or leave the place.

Track your loved ones from your iPhone without much effort. Simply download an app like Findmykids which not only helps you in getting the live location but it also allows you to get the report of previously visited location. Rest, here in this post different location tracking applications are discussed to help you in taking the right decision.



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