Find My Kids presents the most necessary SMS commands for kid’s GPS-watch.

1. How to set and reset the password in watches

When we buy a phone or a computer we all think about how to secure ourselves, so we set up a graphic password, PIN code or use any other available method for protection. The GPS-watch also has its own protection mechanism to exclude the possibility for an unfamiliar person to connect to your child’s watch. In order to set a password, you need to send the SMS command


where PASSWORD is the new six-digit password. If you forget the new password, you can reset it. To do this, please send this SMS-command pw,123456# to the phone number in watch.

If the parent has an Android, you can change the password in the watch directly in the «Find my kids» app.

Please open the kid’s profile with the watch, then «Watch settings» — «Change the watch password.»

2. How to disallow to turn off the GPS-watch via the button

If you worry that your kid can accidentally turns off the watch while walking and playing with friends, we have a solution for you! You can prohibit the GPS-watch from turning off when you press the button and then your kid will always be under your care. Send the SMS command


to the phone number in the watch for it. After this command when you press this button, the watch will start to send you a voice message.

3. How to set the time and date on the watch

The time and date sometimes are not automatically updated after connecting the GPS-watch to the Internet. In this case the SMS-command


where PASSWORD is your password, which you set or the password that is set automatically (123456, 523681)

4. How to reset the watch settings

To reset the watch back to factory settings, you need to send an SMS command to the watch. Send SMS-command


to the watch sim-card, where PASSWORD is your password, which you set or the password that is set automatically (123456, 523681). The command should be sent as it is written above (in bold), without inserting spaces or omitting any characters. After the reset all contacts, sms and other information from the watch will be deleted. And after that you need to reconnect the watch to the «Find my kids» app once again.

5. How to disallow to send SMS from your SIM-card in the watch

We were approached by users with this problem for several times. They told us that before our app, they tried some other. And even after successful connection to our service parents still continue to get different messages with notifications from the previous app to the kid’s watch. It will be for sure displayed on the balance of the SIM-card in the watch. So, if you do not want this to happen, you can prevent the GPS-watch from sending SMS. Send SMS-command


to the phone number in the watch and you will no longer receive SMS, where PASSWORD is your password, which you set or the password that is set automatically (123456, 523681).