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The GPS watch is the most advanced gadget for children and has become increasingly popular in recent years. Not only is it a convenient, useful piece of technology for children, but also for parents, thanks to the watch’s unique ability to keep track of the child, even when they are not within eyesight. In this article, you will learn about the capabilities of GPS watches for children, as well as the program that makes the process of setting and using your GPS watch easier.

GPS watches for kids

GPS watches for children are an innovation in the field of electronic gadgets, with evergrowing popularity. They look like an ordinary watch on the outside but contain many powerful, convenient tools for tracking and monitoring children from a distance, ensuring their safety at all times.

The capabilities of the GPS-watch for your kid


This small device contains a phone, alarm clock, GPS tracker, camera, and many more useful features, all in one package. Here is a list of functions that you can find in most GPS watches on the market:

Calling and Messaging

One of the most well-used functions of the GPS watch is the built-in phone. Children can call their parents with the help of the watch, and in turn, parents can also call their child at any given time. In addition to calls, voice messages can also be sent and received via the watch, in the event that the other party can not be reached by a phone call.

You will need to install a SIM card in the watch in order to make calls. You can choose any mobile operator that works with the 2G network. Internet connection should be available on the SIM card as well. It is necessary for the watch to have an opportunity to send its coordinates and show the location of the child on your phone. On average, this takes from anywhere from 10 to 30MB of internet traffic per day, so be sure to choose the internet package that will support these numbers.


A built-in GPS module within the watch can determine where the owner of the watch is, and send the data directly to your phone. You can see on the map where your child is in real time, and even see the history of watch’s movements for the day.

Some watches have not only a GPS module but also an integrated WI-FI module that detects the child’s location with an accuracy of within 5 meters. This function can help to find a child if they are lost in a large, crowded place, such as a shopping mall.

SOS Button

There is an SOS button on the outer case of many watch models. It is used for an immediate signal that your child needs help, or that they are in danger. By pressing this button, the watch sends a signal to your phone, and you can immediately see where your child is and listen in to find out what is happening so that you can act accordingly.

Sounds Around the Watch (Back Call)

According to a survey of parents who have used the Find My Kids app, 79% of parents regularly listen in to the sound around the device of the child to check that they don’t skip classes school, for example. This function can be especially important for parents who fear that their children may be experiencing bullying or harassment at school. This discreet function allows you to call the watch from your phone, but the call will not ring or appear on the watch, so as to alert your child.

Built-in Camera

Another important function is the built-in camera. If the watch is equipped with a built-in camera, the child will be able to take a photo, and you would then be able to receive the photo, similarly to the listening feature listed above. Both of these features can help to ensure that your child is kept safe, and does not partake in any unwanted activities, even when they are not with you.

Other Features

In addition to the functions listed above, you can also find an alarm clock feature on the watch, which can be set remotely with your phone. There is also a stopwatch feature, a voice recorder, and an integrated audio player in some of the more expensive models.

How to Set Up and Use the GPS Watch

It is important to note that GPS watches are not autonomous devices. Their work depends on the program that changes the settings, which is installed on parents’ phones. The program is required to correctly adjust the child’s watch settings, display the child’s location, make calls and send messages, listen to the sound around the watch, and get pictures from the watch. Usually, the GPS watches come with a factory Chinese application, which does not always accurately reflect the child’s coordinates outside China, for example, in the territories of Western Asia and Europe.

One of the most reliable programs for working with GPS watches is the Find My Kids mobile application. It was developed for geo-positioning solutions and has been a best-seller in the Google Play store in the Maternity and Childhood category for 6 months. It can be downloaded on both Android and iOS phones. Using the Find My Kids app, you can set up your child’s GPS watch in as little as five minutes!


The Find My Kids app not only helps you in working with the GPS watch but also significantly expands its capabilities.

List of Features:

  • Set up the GPS watch.
  • See the watch’s location on the map in real-time mode and check the child’s movements for the day
  • Listen to the sound around the watch and take a photo on the watch (for Android)
  • Make calls on the watch and send messages in a family chat
  • Receive notices when the child enters the places that you’ve specified, such as school, grandparent’s house, or home
  • Establish the safe areas where the child is allowed to walk and receive notifications if they leave these areas
  • Check the watch battery charge or make it produce a sound so you will be able to find it if you lose it in your house.
Functionality of children's gps watches


The GPS watch is a smart gadget that provides a connection between parents and kids. However, these watches should not be used as the sole safety measure for your child. It is valuable as an additional means of communication and monitoring, but the issue of security should be approached in a more comprehensive manner.

Communicate with your children, and teach them about dangerous behaviors, and the danger of strangers. Teach them about the functions of the watch, so that they can use its capabilities to remain safe at all times.

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