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Phone Missing? Here’s How to Find Any Lost Phone

We all know that panicked feeling you get when you suddenly realize your cell phone isn’t where you left it. You frantically pat your legs to check your pockets, and do a police-style raid of your home overturning furniture and demolishing drawers, with no sign of your device. So, you’ve officially lost your phone. Now what? Keep calm and read on! We’ll share with you some tips and tricks to not only find your lost phone, but also keep you from having to go on a panic-stricken search.

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How to Find a Lost Android Phone

Tech giant, Google, runs the most popular operating system for mobile devices worldwide. As of 2017, Android was the operating system of 81.7% of smartphones sold globally. Being the most popular operating system ever, you can imagine how Android users feel when they lose their devices. Lucky for you, we’re here to ease those worries with a step by step guide to locating your lost device.



Believe it or not, there is a way to find your lost or stolen Android phone without having to take any preventative measures. However, in order for the system to work, you’ll need to enable the “Find Device” function. Check if the location service is turned on and if the history is being saved to ensure the accuracy of the search. Your phone must be connected to a network or have access to Wi-Fi. If the network search is turned off, Google will not be able to locate your phone.

  1. Using a browser on any desktop or tablet or another phone, go to https://www.google.com/android/find
  2. Sign-in using your Google account info and follow the directions on screen.
  3. View the map to see the approximate location of your phone.
  4. If you believe your phone is close by, select the “Play Sound” option to make your phone ring, even if your phone is on silent.
  5. If your phone is in the wrong hands, choose the “Secure Device” option to lock your phone and sign out of your Google accounts.
  6. If all else fails and you know you’ll probably never see your phone again, click “Erase Device” to completely and fully erase all content from the device.

How to Find a Lost iPhone

Apple’s iPhone was the phone that sparked the great smartphone revolution. Introducing the world to touchscreens and everyday photography in 2007, the iPhone was ahead of its time in all the right ways. With 216.76 million iPhones sold globally in 2017, and people itching to get their hands on the newest versions, it doesn’t appear that Apple will be slowing down anytime soon. Given the well-known, expensive proce tag that comes attached to these popular devices, losing them is not an option.



Unfortunately, there is no way to locate your iPhone via Apple services without already having “Find My iPhone” enabled. So unless you’ve taken this preventative measure, you’re out of luck. You can turn it on in iCloud by going into your settings. We also recommend you activate the toggle that will define the last geo-location even when the battery is low. But if you currently have “Find My iPhone” switched on, here’s how to find it should it become lost or stolen.

  1. Go to https://www.icloud.com/#find via browser and login using your Apple ID info. Or open the “Find My iPhone” app on another i-device.
  2. Choose a device from the panel on the left to see it’s location on a map.
  3. Select “Play Sound” if you believe your phone is closed.
  4. Choose “Lost Mode” to lock your device and create a lost message to appear on the screen.
  5. You may click “Erase iPhone” as a last resort in order to completely clear your device of all data. Unfortunately, once it’s been erased, it can’t be used.


How to Find a Lost Microsoft Phone


Not too many people own Microsoft phones anymore given the fact that they are now obsolete. Unfortunately, Microsoft no longer makes smartphones, but this doesn’t mean that people don’t still own them. Nor does it mean that people have stopped losing them. No, not at all. Microsoft smartphones users suffer from the same agonizing experiences of losing a device as anyone else.

Follow the following steps to locate your Windows phone:

  1. Use a computer or another device and go to https://account.microsoft.com/devices and sign in with your Microsoft info.
  2. View the map to see your device’s current location.
  3. Select the ring option to ring your phone.
  4. Lock your phone to keep your information protected.
  5. Erase all data if you’re sure you’ll never get your phone back.


How to Find a Lost BlackBerry

Thanks to smartphone giants like Google and Apple, Blackberry phone sales have been on a steady decline in recent years. Back in the day, during the height of its popularity, BlackBerry was seeing unit sales in the billions. 19 billion in 2011 to be exact. Just like Microsoft smartphones, however, there are still users out there who remain loyal to the vintage brand and as such, are prone to losing track of their phones.

blackberry phone


In order to begin tracking your BlackBerry, you would have had to already have BlackBerry Protect installed on your device as well as having “Location Reporting” enabled. Assuming your phone is properly configured for this, here are a few steps to follow in order to find your cell.

  1. Go to https://ca.blackberry.com/apps/blackberry-apps/protect and sign in using your account info.
  2. Click “View Location”. BlackBerry’s locator will only properly locate your device if it is turned on and online (has a wireless connection).
  3. Allow BlackBerry to play a sound, display a message, lock your device or wipe it fully.


Basic Cell Phones (Non-smartphones)

If you’re trying to retrieve a phone that is not a smartphone, you can pretty much just forget about it and get yourself a new one. Without the ability to connect to a wireless network, data gathered by basic phones (including geolocation, account information, nearby networks) aren’t viewable by the user. Your best hope is to contact your phone provider and hope they stored your cell’s info somewhere in their database. Yet, even if they have, it may be impossible to retrieve such information without the help of local authorities.



Preventative Measures


Our phones hold large pieces of ourselves and our lives in the folds and cracks of its RAM. The annoyance of losing those pieces cannot be overstated, and that’s putting it mildly. The stress, the worry, the panic… it can all be avoided with a few preventative measures. While no one can ensure that your phone will not be misplaced, lost or stolen, there are several third-party apps that you can use to help you get it back quickly. Let’s take a close look at a few of these apps.

Cerberus Phone Security – Antitheft


cerberus app logo


is a highly sophisticated phone security device that has multiple features that aid in the peace of mind of knowing where your phone is at all times. Also compatible with the Android smartwatch, you can control specific operations remotely. With a 4.3 out of 5 ratings in the Google Play Store, Cerberus Phone Security is a viable option for an anti-theft app.




Features include:

  • Remote control access to locator and tracker
  • Device locking
  • Warning alarm
  • Audio recorder and automatic photo capture
  • Power menu blocker to prevent a shutdown
  • SIM checker alert sends you a new number of switched SIM
  • Works without internet access
  • Uninstall protection
  • Compatible with Android Wear


Prey Antitheft


This 4.2 rated Chilean app is on a level all on its own as it covers the protection and retrieval of not just smartphones, but any device you may have, including Chromebooks, Macs, Linux, and even Ubuntu devices. What makes Prey different is its reporting. The information that it collects from your phone after it has been stolen is shared with the police in an attempt to put an end to phone and device theft.



Features include:

  • Available for multiple devices
  • Device locking
  • Warning alarm
  • Front and back facing camera to take a picture of the thief
  • Multiple device management available
  • File retrieval allows files from your phone to be sent to you/
  • Geofencing allows for alerts when your device enters or exits the boundaries you set
  • Security camouflage hides your app from being viewed on your device


Anti Theft Alarm



Acting as a deterrent rather than a “Find My Phone” application, the Anti Theft Alarm is exactly what the name suggests. Sounding a loud and annoying alarm when your phone is unplugged or moved, gives this app a leg up on the potential thieves. A 4.5 rating on Google Play gives you a bit of insight into how well this app works.



Features include:

  • Alarm activated by motion sensors
  • An alarm sounds when the phone is unplugged from the charger
  • Customizable alarm sounds

What About Child Devices?

It’s no secret that these apps are quite sophisticated and formulated for adult use, but what about our children? Do we need such complex apps for our children’s devices such as smartwatches and kiddie smartphones? Feel free to answer this question for yourself, however, we believe that children’s devices require their own safety and retrieval apps. As parents, we’ll want our child’s device to be equipped with monitoring, geolocation capabilities, parental controls and much more. There are numerous apps available that offer these features, however, only a select few give us peace of mind as well as bang for our buck. Apps such as Find My Kids and Life 360 are reliable and reasonably priced apps perfect for your family.

Find My Kids, the best of the two has a grand assortment of features that makes it easier to monitor your kids and their locations. Available for Android and iOS as well as compatible with smartwatches, the Find My Kids app allows parents to control their children’s activities with friends without you feeling like a spy.

Features include:

  • Family chat (perfect for families with multiple children)
  • SOS alarm button
  • GPS Locator
  • Movement alerts (Know when your child enters or exits school and activities)
  • App notifications (Know when your child uses apps during class)
  • Compatible with Smartwatches
  • Has “economy mode” (Saves on data)
  • kidSafe Seal Program certified
  • Automatic photo capture
  • Warning alarm
  • Audio recorder


There’s no debating that the best way to find your lost phone is to prepare and configure your phone BEFORE it disappears. In our opinion, Cerberus Antitheft is the best preventative measure you can take. It seemingly covers every potential issue from app uninstall, device shutdown, and SIM card change.



For children, the Find My Kids app is the best solution for tracking not only the device, but your child as well. Similar to Cerberus, Find My Kids takes preventative action with its features to launch a preemptive attack on any potential harms against your child. Like sending your child to school with a shield, this app protects them by sending you real-time information, letting you be their sword. With a certified safety seal from kidSafe, you are guaranteed to have the best and safest app available.



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