One of the most popular ways to check the balance is inserting a SIM-card from the watch to your mobile phone and check the balance. However, a kid is not always with you and checking the balance can be necessary. That is why we offer you four alternative ways to check the balance on the kid’s GPS watch.

Keep in mind! Before you purchase the SIM-card, make sure that this mobile carrier provides 2G networks where you plan to use the watch.

1. Short number to check the balance

Many operators have a number that can be called «checking the balance», the balance will be reported to you by voice. Save the number in the phone book of the watch and after that you can check the balance just by calling to this number.

  • Altel (KZ) – 811
  • Vodafone (UK) – 2345
  • EE (UK) – 150
  • Globe Telecom (Philippines) – 222
  • Free Mobile (France) – 555
  • T-Mobile (USA) – 611

You can send an SMS-command to the watch and the balance verification number will call you back. To do this, please send 2 SMS by turns (if the watch did not make a call after the first SMS, send the second one):



Instead of number, substitute one of the numbers presented above. If your operator is not on the list, contact your operator’s help desk to find out the number to check the balance.

2. Check the balance through the personal account on your operator’s website

If your telecom operator does not have a number for the call, you can check the balance of the SIM-card through the operator’s personal account by registering there. Before you insert the SIM-card into the watch, you need to register the SIM-card number with your phone and get a password to enter your personal account. After registration you can use the services of your Personal Account. Websites for operators:

For example, on the giffgaff website, to enter your personal account, you need to click on My giffgaffLog in/Register here.


For subscribers of the Movistar telecom operator on the site you need to click on Mi Movistar, select country (Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica or Panamá) and follow the instruction.


3. Сheck balance through the mobile application

Almost all of us have smartphones today and we install entertainment applications and the applications to check the balance of our bank card. So why not to use the applications from telecom operators to control the balance of the mobile account?

You can download the applications from the Google Play or App Store. Before inserting the SIM-card into the watch, you need to register the SIM-card number with your phone and get a password to enter. If you have already registered a number for your personal account, you do not need to register it again.

Vodafone – My Vodafone. Get it on GooglePlay or AppStore.

U Mobile – MyUMobile. Get it on GooglePlay or AppStore.

Movistar – Mi Movistar. Get it on GooglePlay or AppStore.

Giffgaff – my giffgaff. Get it on GooglePlay or AppStore.

4. Use a special service of telecom operators

Some telecom operators have additional services that will help you to control the SIM-card’s balance of your kid. 

First, ask your mobile operator about the cost and methods of connection. By connecting these services, you can request a mobile account balance directly from your phone. More accurate information you can find on the website of your telecom operator or in the cellular salon, as well as in the help desk of the telecom operator.